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Last Updated: March 31st, 2012

Let's be honest, there isn't exactly a shortage of Android apps. What there is a shortage of, though, is quality Android apps. You know, apps with great interfaces, support for new features (such as ActionBar), and formats (tablets, TV, etc.) Part of the problem could simply be that a lot of the people developing (cr)apps for Android aren't experienced developers... or if they are experienced devs, they don't know how to get the most from the OS. Luckily, Apress has just just updated one of their most popular books, Pro Android 4, which is written for developers looking to move into mobile - and to teach them the finer points of Android.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  • Jason (glisson)
  • Paul (pawel)
  • Jorge (rasillo)
  • Van Neil Tan Seng
  • Martin Kemp
  • Fareed Ahmed
  • Almir Osmanovic
  • ANkh
  • Ismael Esparza
  • Jonathan Weltback

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Apress was so impressed by everyone’s response that they’re offering an exclusive discount on Pro Android 4 to all participants. Use code DRP325 at checkout when purchasing the E -version of Pro Android 4 to save 40% off the original price. The coupon expires April 6th, so you have about a week to redeem it.

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The Book: Pro Android 4

Komatineni 3930-7 POD.indd

Pro Android 4 is written by Satya Komatineni and Dave MacLean, and spans  an astounding 1,020 pages(!).

Pro Android 4 shows you how to build real-world and fun mobile apps using the new Android SDK 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), which unifies Gingerbread for smartphones, Honeycomb for tablets and augments further with Google TV and more.

This Android 4 book updates the best selling Pro Android 3 and covers everything from the fundamentals of building apps for embedded devices, smartphones, and tablets to advanced concepts such as custom 3D components, multi-tasking, sensors/augmented reality, better accessories support and much more.

  • Using the tutorials and expert advice, you'll quickly be able to build cool mobile apps and run them on dozens of Android-based smartphones.
  • You'll explore and use the Android APIs, including those for media and sensors.
  • And you'll check out what's new with Android 4, including the improved user interface across all Android platforms, integration with services, and more.

After reading this definitive tutorial and reference, you gain the knowledge and experience to create stunning, cutting-edge Android 4 apps that can make you money, while keeping you agile enough to respond to changes in the future.

The print book is available for $49.99, and the eBook is $34.99.

The Contest

We've teamed up with Apress to give 10 copies of Pro Android 4 away. To enter, drop us a comment below and let us know what you're planning on making with the book's help. Note that you must include a valid email address in the email field of your comment so that we can reach you if you win. Winners can choose either a print copy or eBook. The contest is open to everyone in the world (internationally), and will run from today (Thursday, March 22) until Sunday, March 25 at 11:59 PM PST. Winners will then be chosen at random and contacted via email.

Good luck!

Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • Darwin

    I would love ot contribute to the community with better apps!

  • Austin Brown

    I would like to develop a computer algebra system for Android. It doesn't make sense that my 10mhz touchscreen-less calculator should do more than my Android phone. This book will help me make the application that changes this.

  • Jorge

    newbie in the process of writing some running (trail and road) applications

  • Micko

    How about another weather widget? Pick me *cross/fingers*

  • B-Rad

    I'm going to build an app that will scan for nearby bluetooth devices, not actually connect to them, and remember the ids to alert you the next time you are around them.

  • Ben Teichman

    I've been designing a game that I'm itching to put up on the market, this will help me see that become a reality

  • 19Kilo

    I'll be making a sort of tactical programming game ala Carnage Heart :)

  • SChen

    May be a position based mobile application

  • http://utahtechsolutions.com Clayton Reeves

    I would love to make a native app to access the admin of my fav CMS

  • Aleksandar

    I'll build some game with great graphics.

  • http://eltonkola.com elton

    the book is mine

  • http://meatcastle.com bwbloom

    please? This is all I want in the whole wide world

  • Elviss

    I'm planning to make near-real-time local network information exchange engine (useful for "connect-and-play" type of games, local chats etc).

  • Corwin

    I'd make a custom mortgage calculator maybe. And then an app to track fitness exercises

  • Mark

    This Newb would definately love some formal training.

  • Ryan O.

    I'm planning on making a online tournament manager, that could be accessed on your phone.

  • Braden

    I would love to have the book to help me develop a new ROM for the Galaxy Nexus

  • Wolfram Rittmeyer

    I have some ideas for puzzler games. So one of these it would be.

  • Drew Nusser

    I'm actually currently in the process of making a couple of Android games - I don't really want to give away any of the juicy details. I'd love to take some ideas from the book to improve my skills though!

  • Ron D

    Haven't decided an an app yet, but would like to learn how to create one.

  • Michael

    Always open for some more literature regarding development.

  • Jon brookings

    I would like to make an app that gives true outlook compatability within android not on top of.

  • Giuseppe Cosentino

    I'd make an application that integrates with a game (Action RPG) I'm making with other colleagues showing HP, Mana, Spells Cooldown s etc :D

  • Chris

    Going to make the best news reader you could ask for. All Holo of course.

  • Ilan Sean

    Would love to learn but also have idea for some fun camera and image adjusting/enhancing apps.

  • Harris Kreloff

    I have to be honest I'm not sure on what ill be developing with the books help. Actually I'm about to start school next month and my major is programming. Id like to learn how to develop applications for smart phones and mobile devices and I think this book will help me out a lot


  • Andrew Lam

    I want to make a RPG or maybe some tool for engineers on the go :)

  • Daniel

    I'm a teacher @ ITSC, I teach Ubuntu Linux and I'm starting to teach android development too, this book would be very helpful for me, I already have a couple of books, but this books seems to be more advanced.

  • Randall

    Going to make an app to block all mentions of apple products

  • Mayank

    I'll be developing an ICS based Android application and it will be a utility for people.

  • http://dreamhawk.se Stefan

    I would love to improve my apps with more accurate techniques and with the latest "tips and tricks".
    Read more about developing for android and learn more.

  • lucek_86

    Can't say ;->
    Others may be hearing.
    But it surely will be awsome ^_^

  • Martin Kemp

    I would create a 2D version of Kerbal Space Program for phone and tablets.

    • 19Kilo

      That's similar to another idea I had. Sounds awesome, let us know if you start working on it!

  • Florin Virdol

    I want to implement a Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) application for Android.
    I'm already developing the back-end processing with Matlab, and i really want to learn how to make a front-end in Android for my app.
    Thanks in advance! God help me!

  • Jonathan Hagberg

    Would like to do something with augmented reality.

  • David Grant

    I would like to build an app capable of connecting to and administering a CRM (CiviCRM) without having to go throough the web interface

  • Clint P

    I want to work on an app that calculated trajectories for various items.

  • Ludwig

    Yes, please. I'd like one copy to improve my work on apps.

  • Capt.Trout

    I would like to work on my programing skills that I am devloping while going to school, I would also like to devlop an app for the company I am at.

  • Benjamin

    I'm making an application that communicates to an Arduino via Bluetooth. :D

  • Giorgio Aresu

    I already tried to develope some simple android app, and with this book I can realize some projects I have, you will notice it! =)

  • http://www.flexlabs.org Artiom Chilaru

    I've got a couple projects that I've planned for, but didn't get to start on yet. One of them I managed to get a demo out, and won a tablet for it! It's a cloud-powered data sharing/control app, to allow sharing/accessing data between your different Android devices over the net. Now I just need to actually work on it, and release it..

    With this book I'd manage to get a good quality project out!

  • Mario Lo

    I am hoping to develop an app for my company to access Sharepoint applications hosted on our Intranet.

  • Ankit A.

    I plan to develop Android apps for the next startup to hire me. On my spare time I'll probably be messing around with simpler projects just to get familiar with the tool set.

  • Jeremy

    A decent Disk Golf Score app. And a Custom website Forum app

  • Travis Balke

    Actually have started looking into development with plans of creating an app for a local podcast. Push notifications for new podcasts (with ability to download in-app, cast bios, links, soundbytes, events, etc.

    These guys were let go from a local radio station due to budget cuts and have been doing the podcast (since August) free of charge. Listeners have donated to help out and this would be my donation. A book like this would definitely help me out.

  • Luly

    I'm planning to make an app for my closet.

  • Chris W

    I have a great idea for a scheduling app that I haven't seen in any other application currently on the market.

  • Max Caplow

    I am still in school so it would be nice to do some development in my free time to get a job when I graduate.

  • http://www.martynhaigh.com Martyn

    I'm just about to start making an app for a leading Cinema in the UK - this would be awesome as a reference book

  • wyngo

    I want to create a meditation timer with a unique UI.

  • Andrea Nasuelli

    My immediate plans are to develop a modular sports/games scorekeeper/statkeeper app and a little game in collaboration with a freelance artist.

  • Antonio Oroz

    Looking after this book, so i can start making some apps

  • http://notcurrentlydeployed gispy

    I want to develop an augmented reality application for indoor position system and would be wonderfull to have this book help my technics

  • Shrek

    I want this book which help me understand the UI designing better and there by help me build pixel perfect applications for the given requirements .

  • Almir Osmanovic

    What I plan on doing with the book? I'm new to Android and programming, so right now I'm playing catchup with code working my way up. This would be a great addition to start writing quality interface apps

  • kevin bedford

    awesome contest, i have thought i should learn to develop for android

  • http://facebook.com/smsmycarandme Force

    Another Fart App! There are so many Fart apps for iOS, but none for Android????? Market gap!!!1one

  • http://profiles.google.com/kittu.info kishore

    I'm planning to build a memory management app called 'second memory'

  • Boby

    The book will be a great help to upgrade my shopping app to ICS.

  • Emmanuel Sandoval

    This book would help me to make a map app that I have in mind, but I'm a Newby and need help :-)

  • Davor

    I'll expand my knowledge and release an even better version of Weatherlove! :)

  • Polux

    With the next integration with Linux the possibilities are endless. So many ideas so little time.

  • Hoang

    I hope to revise my Weather app to keep up with Android 4.0.3 UI if I receive this book or not. Good luck everybody!

  • Ram Marpaka

    I want to improve my Android skills. I will build nice apps which should take ICS adavntage

  • Jose

    I need to start a little mobile developer group pick me please

  • James Brett

    I'm looking to make a geofencing app! Creating profiles and settings depending on where you are and changing to those settings automatically when entering :)

  • Vishal

    I want to develop an app that allows a colorblind person to use their phone's camera to recognize the color of an object.

  • Mike D

    I want to explore the new API for Wifi Direct

  • https://market.android.com/details?id=com.estudio.cheke.game.flamma cheke

    Make apps and games was my dream, now my dream is make great apps and games, i need this book for goal my dream.

  • Paul

    I'm going to write a game in which you will "be able to become more awesome than a monkey wearing a tuxedo made out [of] bacon riding a cyborg unicorn" if you only try hard.

  • Gene

    Can't really talk about what app I am going to develop, don't want anyone to take my idea. I could use this book to make it even better. Hint the app has to do with the 80s.

  • masius

    I would create a slim client to connect to my pc

  • Matt Johnson

    I can't tell you the app I'm going to make because it's so amazing that someone will probably steal it. There are boats involved though. That's all I can say.

  • http://www.odiamicy.ccom Dev

    good to have this book

  • Dennis Heffernan

    I'd write an appointment/task list app...and maybe some games.

  • Barnett Hsu

    Make a mobile app to supplement the content on some personal web sites my brother and I have.

  • Philip

    I've been fiddling with an Arduino lately and would like to get it talking with Android.

  • Irish_iiii

    Trying to work on task app that randomly picks one task to work on. Gestures can delay, complete or prioritize. I'm just tired of looking at list after list of todos.

  • Mathias

    I will try to find stuff I don't already know ;o)

  • Allen

    I would love to develop a radar detector app

  • Ryan B

    I was given Java For Dummies for my birthday, to try and learn how to do this from the ground up. I think this would really help me with the design side. I already have ideas for anĀ IM app. :)

  • David

    I'd use it to get some ideas on the best way to update my current apps to work nicely with ICS.

  • Jean

    I would love to make some type of wine app.

  • http://martin.cubeactive.com Martin

    I have developed two apps a Wish list app and a notes app, I would love to have this book and improve them. This could really help me out learning more about the Android platform.

  • Alejandro Yepes Serrano


    Me and my cousin are computer science and engineering students always think of doing some project together. Maybe we could start doing great things with this book in summer: P

  • Ben Baggley

    This would be a great help for my University project! Sort of an oscilloscope using Android Open Accessory

  • Dantell

    Sign me up, I've just started working on my first apps.

  • Andrey Ogrodnik

    It would be great to know how to get the best from android

  • Phil Fernandez

    I will develop a new blood pressure tracking application after winning this book!

  • Courtney

    I am currently going to school to become a music educator. I want to teach at the elementary and beginning band level and I want to use all the resources available to me to help interest kids in music and teach music. I would like to develop teaching aid apps for mostly tablets, but I have some ideas for phones as well.

  • Alex B

    I'm intrigued as to how this book compares with Reto Meier's...

  • http://humberto.us Humberto Verdugo

    I want to learn more about Android application developing.

  • charles guardino

    newbie in the process of writing some running (trail and road) applications

  • Martin Rajniak

    Order food in restaurant application

  • JamesRamone

    I have some ideas for apps but I'd also like to make some cool games :)

  • Aaron

    I'd want it for a music-type app. (not giving away my ideas)

  • Luis Morice

    I want to start building apps!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.mooproductions.org Casey Borders

    I want to make a Puzzle Adventure Game.

  • Ian Stoianov

    Actually, I have 2 games I've been designing for the past few months, and this book would ensure they become a reality.

  • http://wyldtek.samsession.com Sam Session

    Improving my existing apps and finishing up one for frequent moviegoers

  • Marty Hammel

    An app to display Jazz improvisation chords, scales, etc.

  • http://soulstructures.com Ismael Esparza

    I would love a copy of the book so I can actually make our app without the help of an app maker. The app would include streams of our DJ's audio/mixes, a beautiful & fluid UI, social integration, videos, pictures and many more features.

  • Guillermo Herrera

    I really want to create an app that will list gas prices in the area around me.

  • Subra

    I have downloaded far too many free apps, used up all of my Karma. Now it is time for me to give something out, and earn a little of it. I want to create an app, which pairs a tablet and a phone, and uses the phone camera to stream video to tablet, but entirely on local network making it sort of a nanny cam or a cctv. May be extend it to store the video to a network drive of sorts.

  • Scott

    I just started working on my first app to mute media so I can poop and play games with ease. It's a pain with ICS to turn off the media seperatly. It would be great to have a learning tool that would help me learn more than the basics I have picked up from online tutorial videos.

  • http://ohlulz.com Mike

    I have no idea what I'd make. But I'm sure the book can help with that.

  • Johnny Vu

    i want to learn.

  • Mike Saunders

    I am a Windows developer who is an Android enthusiast. I would really like to start developing my own Android Apps. This book would really help.

  • http://www.samsung-updates.com/ Adam Lange

    Getting more knowledge on app optimization, new tricks and code ideas. :) As the book says, i want to be PRO :)

  • MajDroid

    i want to get back to Android development and i need this book to refresh my memory, the one that i currently have is really outdated.
    I promise you if you give me this, i'll deliver an application for you in the near future.

    by the way, i'm an Android fanatic since the HTC G1.

  • David

    The prettiest music player you ever saw :)

  • Pseudozach

    Going to improve my existing applications. I promise no FCs ever!
    Also going to come up an awesome website+ app combo for movie fans.

  • Matt C

    I would like to build a tablet and ICS optimized Competition BBQ app. Would help store and manage recipes, temps, cooking times, etc. Could also port over to a Homebrewing app to help with the same kinds of items. Potential future upgrades could be bluetooth integration to manage the grill from a distance.

  • DT

    I'm gonna make an application to organize food competitions!

  • Jon Carey

    Just dumped some old win/mobile 2003 books and could use an upgrade..

  • bricKed

    I'm currently working on my second "big" Android project and would love to improve my skills. Advanced Async Task sounds very interesting.

  • John Struemph

    I would dearly love to design / port over a linux app or similar program like FLDigi for a tablet. It would benefit ham radio operators to run this on a tablet as the equipment is rather bulky if a whole laptop is involved. Smaller and lighter is always a plus. ICS should work just fine as a stable OS for this. Thanks

  • Srinath Obla Speedyos

    Im looking forward to developing in ICS!! just looked up on the source code!!

  • http://dev.mexdroid.com Daniel Calzada

    lots of users here in mexico have very limited data plans (there are not in fact real unlimited plans) I would like to create an app to allow users (not only ICS users) to set data usage by application on mobile networks and schedule times for enable and disable mobile data access, compatible with Table UI and with advanced functions for more experienced users, Please Pick me!

  • Nicole

    Having this book would greatly enhance my knowledge and skills on building more wonderful android apps!

  • srkelley5

    I'd use this book to help me get the most out of both a touch and the Android interface. I'm developing a competitor to games like Tetris, Columns, Bejewled, etc.

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

    I'm not going to give the app idea away, but I have a plan for riding on the coattails of a popular game by re-implementing it - but with a very unique and game-changing twist (keyword: twist! Bwahahaha).

  • LayZee

    I want to make something evil >:]

  • Kirk

    Creating an ICS app that will change the world. This book will help!

  • http://www.iangrey.org Ian Grey

    I'm not promising anything but I have some Telecoms related helper apps in mind. Eventually...

  • http://vitiate.me twodogs

    I'm hoping to work up an app that fetches and parses some asterisk, openSIPS, and Firewall logs to make my life a little easier.

  • http://twitter.com/four8fifteen16 Ben B

    I tried to get my local library to buy this book but they declined :( Hopefully you guys will give me a copy!

  • Andres V

    I would design a game , because i love games :3

  • Ben M.

    I have some good ideas for new apps...

  • kuyote

    I plan on making a cloud server management app.

  • sungam

    tic-tac-toe that would take over the world

  • http://www.sebrasil.net Davi Alves

    I will make an app to recover deleted files from sd card.

  • Kai Unewisse

    I would like to make a recipie collection app so beautyful like gojee.com.

  • Jeremy

    I want to make a bunch of card games that work on any Android device (I'm currently working on one.) This sounds like a great book that will help me understand what I need to do to accomplish this.

  • sriracha

    i just want a free book to study for now before i go dump hundreds of dollars in classes and books. what ever app i make will have quality up front.

  • Bailey Sandlin

    Want to get into android programming and this will help me dive into it easier....want to make a couple theme widgets and some other apps as well... the Android dev guide desperately need updated but this would help me as well

  • Eduardo

    Just want to learn about android programming

  • Joaquin Perez

    I want to create a software for restaurants to make it easier to make orders and close checks, and do everything from your phone and/or tablet.

  • http://flaz3r.com Flaz3r

    I would not only just create new famous apps but shape up my old existing ones with some ICS love.

  • ralphwiggum1

    I want his book to be able to make an app that can... Not entirely sure but I would love a book with the latest SDK info and how to use them practically. And also a good process from start to finish on working on an android app.

  • Rabbit

    Maybe with this book I will find out why ICS wont run on my device?!?

  • Mark Twain

    I'd make the next "Draw Something" and sell to Zynga within a week!

  • Helten

    I bought Pro Android 3 a year ago, it's time for an update :)

  • Patrick Mahoney

    Oh man, this is just what I need! I have the crappiest Android development book that taught me nothing that I couldn't have learned by just reading some free tutorial online. I can use this to finally make my ideas come to life!

  • Drew Dennis

    I would use this book to help my development for my university applications. I am currently developing an application to do meal plan tracking for my school's students, and I would continue improving this app among my other 20 applications if I had this book.

  • agusti bau

    i want to improve my skills, inspiration will come later

  • Amar

    I am at the time in my life to move from my professional job to part time. Hope to create apps that support children and parents health needs as well as introduce children to the wonderful of nature.

  • Jason Learst

    I would use to book to develop my application that keeps track of my running, and gives notifications to people who are interested.

  • http://blog.salty.uk.com Stephen

    I've got lots planned, specifically for tablets like the Asus Transformer and variants, just need to find the time to cut some code!