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Two weeks ago, the judge in Apple's case against Motorola ordered Google and Moto to hand over details on Android development. Naturally, Motorola appealed, and managed to change Judge Posner's mind. While the company isn't getting away scot-free (or at least, not yet), he did say that "[Apple's] motion is vague and overbroad and Motorola's objections are persuasive." In other words, Apple needs to tone down their request and make sure things are relevant and specific (or in my words, "Apple needs to stop requesting all the shit they can think of").

Presumably from here Apple will try to narrow things down as little as possible to get the request to hold, at which point Motorola will appeal it and both sides will hope for the best (before doing it all over). Both trials (Apple vs. Moto, then Moto vs. Apple) are set to take place back-to-back in June.

[Source: Businessweek]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Steve

    ...And this is why I hate Apple. Stupid greedy f***ers...

  • Mark

    The picture is befitting.

  • Seanzky

    "If Apple stop suing, I will give Steve Jobs his life back."


    • greenal

      this is in very poor taste. steve died from his own actions - he waited 9 months after being diagnosed with a curable form of pancreatic cancer before doing anything. by then it spread to his liver, and shit hit the fan.

      don't let your technological preferences blind your humility.

      • http://sketaful.se Sketaful

        I don't quite understand you here. "He died from his own actions" sounds like you're saying "He has himself to blame and you shouldn't feel sorry for him"

        But on the other hand you're talking about "poor taste" and "humility" in a way as if we should mind our words since it's bad to speak ill of the dead (sort of).

        What do you really mean???

        And besides. Seanzkys post wasn't really so bad...

  • shaggyskunk

    Guess that the judge was feeling guilty for the free apple crap.. He should have told apple to get bent!

  • shaggyskunk

    Guess that the judge was feeling guilty for the free apple junk .. He should have told apple to get bent!

  • really!!???

    Really!? How can a judge even allow that request, google needs to step up and fight apple head to head. This is out of control just make products and compete...both of you.

    • Google > Apple

      Apple knows that if Google fought head-to-head with them that they would get destroyed. Apple has to hide behind their money and basically steal Google's ideas and development. If Google comes up with someone big Apple will come crashing in saying that they had the idea first.

  • nick

    Is there a point at which a judge can dismiss a lawsuit on the grounds that the plaintiff is being a douche?

  • http://blog.cmsjr123.com craig simpson

    Well Google is buying Motorola well mobility anyways. Apple doesn't want to face Google directly and they will try to win before the acquisition is complete. I believe Apple has realised that the judges and the community is sick of their antics. Apple is a patent weak company that applies.for.broad patents peoples like MOTO have frand patents that I bet Apple isn't even paying for and will deny any requests from MOTO for them to pay or to make a deal and Apple will turn around and say they denied them the frand patent.. wouldn't put it past Apple..

    • spydie

      can you say "run-on sentences" and "I don't know how to spell or use punctuation"? It's literary geniuses like the "Simpson" that makes Apple's argument for them.

  • Zaeem S.

    Does anyone reckon Apple's next patent is going to be a patent on fire? They probably invented fire, right?

    Twats. (>_>)

    • Alan Tucker

      Apple invented air as well so we all have to pay them to breathe or get sued.