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It's always nice to see a device update roll out. This time around, we're seeing the details of a new software update for the Droid Charge spring up on Verizon's support page. The update brings things to version FP1, and mainly consists of some bug fixes and minor improvements:

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While there are no really exciting changes here (*cough* Android updates *cough*), it's tough to complain about software support in any form. It's also nice to see another device get the Verizon Remote Diagnostic (VRD) app.

The update checks in at 85MB, and should be rolling out soon (if not now). To check manually, run through the usual Menu -> Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates.

[Source: Verizon. Update Details, Instructions]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Jake Weisz

    What sort of "Updated UI" is my question.

  • Deltaechoe

    Just wait, someone is going to find an exploit regarding verizon's diagnostics tool and if it does connect based off of a phone number(i'm not 100% sure about this, might be another identification) then it will be easy to take advantage of the system. I'm just leery about the implementation of a remote diagnostics tool and how quiet verizon is being about it.

    How much power does it actually have over your phone? I know verizon said they wouldn't use it to grab personal information, but does the service have that ability? What kind of security measures are in place to keep malicious 3rd parties from infiltrating your system? Given the less than stellar security put forth by 3rd parties, the oems and the carriers to be more specific, why should this be trusted?

    There are a lot of potentially complicated security problems with a service like this where the creator is almost forcing it on phones and being so quiet about what it actually does. Call me paranoid, but it seems that this can lead to problems.

  • Tony

    I already have enough VZ apps that I can't get rid of (w/o rooting( and don't appreciate having yet another forced on me.

    I've never called tech support and don't ever forsee a need to do so, yet, to have the update, I have to have the app included that allows them to log in and help guide me through how to use my phone?

    It's not like I have anything so superdupersecret on my phone, but why the heck would I want such a back-door on my phone?

  • Aaron

    Looks like the update took the ability to landscape your background. I though this would add features not take them away

  • Rita

    I just checked the Verizon Wireless website regarding the FP1 update for the Samsung Charge and it states "USB Tethering while in Wi-Fi mode is now blocked." I figured Verizon was up to something sneaky. I've seen old press releases re: FP1 stating the tethering was "now allowed". Possibly that was sent to put incorrect information out on the internet? I'm going by what Verizon has on their website now. I hope the word gets out. I don't care for sneaky corporate tactics and deliberate measures to deceive customers. I need to change to a new company but are they all the same?

  • Joan

    I don't appreciate Verizon going in and taking away all the living wallpapers along with the different options to lock the phone. I also don't appreciate a door to my phone being created. This update has added several bugs to my phone which is adding to poor phone calls along with other reduced service of my phone. My understanding (from reading several articles easily located online which include the court filing numbers) is that a big part of the reason the locking devices and live wallpapers were taken from this phone is that Apple has been in a lawsuit with Samsung in which they sued for the slider technology.