LogMeIn has announced a partnership with HTC that will see its Rescue software pre-installed on all future Android smartphones and tablets. Using a combination of an applet on HTC devices and support software across the company's worldwide call centers, customers will be provided with remote support that allows the person on the other end of the phone to take control of your device and run various tests.

To protect customers from inadvertently handing their phone over to a stranger, the applet will only "securely connect their devices to HTC customer care representatives during active support calls."

Once a technician is connected to a device they will be able to run remote diagnostics, push common device and network configuration settings, and remotely control the customer's device to resolve issues.

This service will be available from anywhere in the world as long as you have a data connection, but there is no mention of how much it might cost customers. If HTC intends to roll it out alongside its current phone support network without any additional charges, then there's no doubt that users will be taking advantage of this if they hit any issues with their device.

With the right security in place, remote support like this could make it much easier for users who aren't so tech-savvy to get their device fixed without having to go near a physical store. It will also undoubtedly make a technician's job easier as well; instead of trying to tell a customer how to resolve an issue, they can just save their frustration and do it themselves. Everyone's a winner!

logmein-rescue-key logmein-rescue-files

Source: LogMeIn

John Thompson
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  • Scott

    More bloatware!

    • oldmanofskye

      But at least this one serves a purpose. A typical user will get potentialy better support, and as for a more advanced ones like us - a root and a custom rom is the only way forward...

      Honestly, as much I love Android, too often I have to deal with confused friends, when they dont know how to do a *GOD_I_CAN'T_BELIEVE_HOW TRIVIAL_THIS_IS* task...

      • MrBlack

        They're too used to Apple holding their hand. "Arg! This thing has more than one button! What gives!?"

        • oldmanofskye

          Sure, just remember the number of people like us (advanced users) is so much smaller then "normal" users. And at the end of the day, it's the product that is most appealing to the "normal" users wins.

          And yes, I would love to teach more friends on how to get more out of their smartphones, but that is simply not possible.

  • Joshua

    As long as it can be removed, I am OK with this.

    Knows it won't be removable

  • http://alldroid.blogspot.com Blizard

    Nothing more than arbage!

  • http://alldroid.blogspot.com Blizard

    Correction: garbage

  • rxpert

    Long as I can uninstall it with TB i dont care

  • froyo

    now, how to remove it?

  • Mark

    Depends if they put it (the programs apk file) in /system/app in which case /system is read-only and no way to remove it without root. Hopefully they put it in /data/app which is read-write and any programs there can be removed.

    While I feel for the 'normal' people out there, it is what it is. If people care enough to want it removed then they should care enough to root their phones. I've always rooted my phones, it's given me added benefits like with Avast Mobile security and Titanium Backup. Carrier installed bloatware has been very little concern to me with any new phone purchase because it can so easily be removed via rooting or via a custom ROM. So I really don't care what they put on my phone, it won't be there for long if I don't want it to be.

    That being said, it's a great feature for 'normal' users. I use teamviewer religiously to help out friends and family. It's so much easier to just pop in and show them how to do something versus talking them through it on the phone. This is the equivalent for Android. Dell Tech Support can remote control your computer, why not HTC Tech support being able to control your phone? Sounds like they're putting in good security restrictions to ensure it's not abused.

  • vision77

    Sounds like an excuse to try to legitimize ciq like tactics under the guise of remote support....What will logmein have access to?...

  • Aki I.

    no, thanks. too much potential for bad coding/faulty coding to leaving you vulnerable. just walk me through what i need to do over the phone.

  • Eugene

    This is also good.
    Works well, doesn't require installation or specific config, works behind gateways NAT as well as within one LAN. http://www.ammyy.com/en/solutions.html