Last Updated: March 24th, 2012

About three weeks ago, I reviewed a very elegant case from SPIGEN SGP for the Galaxy Nexus that I called "the perfect case for people who hate cases" - the Crumena from SPIGEN SGP.

The Crumena is a very elegant leather slipcase that is designed specifically for the Galaxy Nexus. Its top-load design makes it different than the normal on-device cases that we normally see, and its leather exterior give it a very sophisticated look.

So, you want one? Good. Because we have ten to give away.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  1. Jo
  2. GergS
  3. recnelis
  4. Harseface
  5. Craig R.
  6. SChen
  7. Joshu
  8. AlessandroP
  9. Ayo
  10. Tyler (cars)

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

wm_2012-02-21 03.25.50

What You Get

You win, you get a case of your color choice (black or brown). Easy enough, right?

Here's a quick look at the things I loved about the Crumena from my review:

  • It's simple. There aren't a lot of bells and whistles to this case. You put your device in it when you want to make sure it's protected, and take it out when you want your device naked. It really doesn't get any easier than that.
  • It's well made. If you know anything about SGP, then you know that they don't let anything go out into the world with the SGP logo on it if it's not a top-notch product. This case is no exception.
  • It looks great. That one speaks for itself. This is one good looking case, regardless of which color you choose.
  • It covers the entire device (including the screen). The entire phone goes inside of this case, unlike other slipcases that leave part of the phone exposed (presumably so for easy removal). When you want to take the phone out of the case, simply pull the tab on the back of the case to slide the phone out. It's actually a pretty brilliant design.
  • The tab is magnetic. The tab magnetizes to the side of the case, so it doesn't freely flap around while in your pocket.

How To Enter

wm_2012-02-21 03.28.11 wm_2012-02-21 03.28.55

This is a simple case, so let's keep the entry requirements equally as simple.

Just leave a comment telling us why you want the Crumena. Is it because you hate "normal" cases? Do you love the sexy-sleek look of it? Or is it just so dang pretty that you can't wait to touch it? Whatever the reason, just let us know.

This giveaway is open to users across the globe.

The giveaway begins immediately and will run Friday, March 23rd, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST. After that, the winners will be randomly chosen and notified. Yay!

Ready... go!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Sarah L

    That case looks too sleek for me to not want it. Been looking for a good case like this for a while, too.

  • Fernando

    Nice case for the business environment! Send one my way!

  • Stephen Dsouza

    I've always loved cases like these (sleeve types) and my Galaxy Nexus will surely rock with this!

  • Tommy J

    I want one to show off the sleek and sexy phone that is the Galaxy Nexus but I want to keep it protected! I also like the professional look it has. Great for wearing everywhere especially work!

  • Ryan Darville

    I would like a Crumena because in this day and age of face paced technology, gizmos and gadgets, this case sceams STOP! And appreciate form, function and style. You can almost picture a leather craftsman sitting in his (or her) workshop and stiching the edges by hand. No computer or automated equipment. Just strong steady hands shaping and creating things that have function and purpose. Like this case. We can always appreciate the future we live in but we must never forget the past that got us here. The Crumena does just that.

  • André Ericson

    Need one because my current case overheat the device while in heavy use. A case that will be used only when the device is idle seems great.

  • Mike B.

    Love the look and design, and would love to see my Nexus protected with such style.

  • Sileem

    I love the natural beauty of the nexus in my hands, big bulky cases feel bad. A pouch would be perfect

  • Sam Monty

    Hot Case for a Hot Phone...as simple as that.

  • Seth Daniel

    I want it because I'm buying the Galaxy Nexus as soon as it's available on Sprint and I hate my phones having scratches on them! This case would be perfect to show off the galaxy nexus' natural beauty while also protecting it from the wear and tear of my active lifestyle.

  • Steve

    I like the high-quality look and the fact that it doesnt seem bulky

  • Kok Kee Yap

    A very simple and elegant casing to show off the slimness of the phone yet protecting it from scratches within the pocket

  • Matt

    I'm a case user but I would love to try a solution like this, where it has protection when it's not in my hand, but I can still show off how awesomely sexy the gnex is!

  • http://www.cellphonejoe.com Cellphone Joe

    Because I've wanted it since the review.

  • Chad

    Just like my old bb case!

  • Seth M

    I want one cause I just dropped my phone and got some scratches on the plastic :'-(

  • adam

    ive always wanted to have some leather on my phone

  • Howard Vu

    I want this case because i dislike cases they go on the phone itself. The GNex is an elegant design and it shouldn't be hidden with those horrendous covers. The Crumena car looks very well made and it looks like fine English leather in a Land Rover

  • JohnSk

    Because I don't have a case now and that looks like a really great solution.

  • ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡

    I love the simple yet stylish look
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  • Ashley

    I just love love love this innovative design. It protects the phone without necessarily limiting functionality. The leather material is a very nice, clean polished finish for a great professional look. I work in the bank so this would be a great fit and look for my profession. Ironically though, I am a fashion merchandising major so I look to add a little personal flare to clothes and accessories of my choice. With that being said I would definitely choose the brown in hopes that it would play the perfect match to a brown leather messenger bag I have in mind. A small detail of color and aesthetics makes the difference to achieve a well put together look. Im definitely sure this case will catch many eyes and raise quite a few eyebrows. :)

  • Phil

    I would love to have this case because of the fine looking leather!

  • Waltpartlo

    I want this case because it doesn't look like a toy, like many cases and looks professional.

  • Sanjeev

    I just got a Galaxy Nexus yesterday and don't have a case yet. Generally don't like cases but this looks interesting.

  • Alex Kibler

    I would love to have a Spigen case because when my phone is in my hand, it's safe. I need something to protect it while it's in my pocket, and this will do just the job.

  • matthew

    It's just cool!

  • @JDMRoy

    I hate cases because I stick my device in my pocket and lint sucks. I need something like this that would keep most dust/lint off my phone and wouldn't be too bulky in my pocket.

  • mysickj’s

    This case is awesome. I would love to have it for when I don't want a case on my Nexus.

  • Luis Gustavo Gonzalez Taboada

    Because my Nexus needs to be protect and elegant all the time!

  • Adam

    I think the case looks freaking slick as hell! I'd love to win this. Thanks AP

  • Flatlinebb

    My Google Nexus wants one, so you should give it to me, before my phone runs away and joins the circus!

  • Brian L

    I like it because it's different. I'm bored with current look. It also reminds me of my dad and his old cases from the 70's. I miss him.

  • dominic

    I just got a SWEET new Big-Boy job and I need a Big-Boy case for my phone.

  • https://plus.google.com/114135876316478642823/posts Robert

    Those look sleek. I haven't had a case on any phone since the old Chocolate. Which means no case on the Moto Q, Droid 1, or my GN. I got my first scratch yesterday and it killed me inside: a leather case might cheer me up!

  • David

    It's so...leathery

  • minhtyfresh

    My Nexus is a blazing hot six-shooter of Android awesomeness... I need a proper holster.

  • Rizky M.

    Want it because it looks classy, especially the brown one. Certainly the best looking Galaxy Nexus pouch yet.

  • Hector Acevedo

    It would go great in my business environment.

  • Thomas

    I want one because it looks very professional.

  • J

    I love the case - its so hard to find something that's protective and business oriented.


    Leather is very classy

  • Alexander Genvarev

    I want the Crumena because this is a classic simple design case with quick and easy access

  • Derek

    I really do not like to have a case on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. The phone is so beautiful and light I don't want it weighed down. I know I'm playing with fire, but I love how it looks so much. This would give me a bit more protection without adding the bulk, and they look great. =)


    This case is sophistication at its finest. The leather is impecable to the touch. I would love to have one for my GNEX.

  • Edwin

    I want this case because I'm broke and I don't want my phone to be.

  • Seth

    Nice, that's a classy case. It sure would look good on my Nexus.

  • Nikolas

    What most cases lack is an air of professionalism, which clearly the Crumena does not. This is why it must be covering my android device.

  • Laurentiu Amagdei

    My phone wants one. And it would look really good on it.

  • Rebecca

    I want the Crumena because I enjoy having my phone protected without ruining its own sleekness with a bulky snap-shut case.

  • Kai

    I would look so much classier pulling my Nexus out in the brown case on breaks at my pharmacy.

  • Ashish Bagaddeo

    Leather. Sleeek. Put my phone a rest. Cool. Like It. Want It.

  • Prajeeth

    Really looks awesome and would love to see it with my HTC Sensation (which is now naked without any cover)

  • Ruben

    I would love a case like this for my i9250 as I like the naked feel on the handset but putting it in my pocket makes me afraid dust will get into the little crevices, and God forbid, under the screen.

  • Bryan

    Cause I needs a case for my phone, doi.

  • hein win

    Hate normal case. Made phone bulky.

  • Alberto

    Want one cause not normal case and recently purchased galaxy nexus

  • Oliver

    All of my friends would get jealous when I pull out my phone with this case.

  • Daniel H

    I just bought a Galaxy Nexus, and think it would be a great case, it would be different from all the cases i used before, but sometimes we need to change, it protects both the screen and back, and looks like it fits great on a pocket. Would be great to get one a do a review of it myself :)

  • bigrednemo

    So I can look classy even though i'm actually nowhere close.

  • Jukka

    I'd like one because I've tried already the Incipio Silicrylic with the hard shell case and found that it was not to my taste in the end. It's just too bulky in the end to pocket.

    I'd like one that looks as sleek as the Crumena.

  • kelly

    This cover just seems so simple and perfect for me!! I want it because it would keep my phone out of my kids sight. Therefore, less temptation!

  • Ryan Ibanez

    I'd like one of those cause i really wanted everything protected. With silicon cases you leave the screen exposed. This ones protects the phone especially while in the pocket.

  • http://www.acegenllc.com Neil

    I want to win something from Android Police! Plus I need to protect my galaxy nexus.

  • isti

    I don't like normal cases, and currently I don't have one.

  • CurelessSynergy

    I'd like the black one, because where I live in Australia, I was waiting to get a nice case for my GNexus, since I wanted it to be protected, but the only case available was this cheap plastic ugly backing. Didn't like it at all. This would be very nice for me. Also, it kinda matches my boots.

  • Tyler

    I want to win because I currently dont have a case. :(

  • Tomvara

    Just another reason to hug my GNex even more.

  • Kai Unewisse

    I tried different styles of cases. This sleeve case is not so bulky but still sturdy enough.
    Black is beautiful and great for the office !
    Silicon cover are not for a phone.

    It would be great though to have it attachable to my belt.

  • wingates

    Because having it adds a "dary" to my Gnexus's "Legend"

  • Cindy

    Because they don't sell good cases in Holland!

  • Jan

    I want this case because I already scratched my display and I do bot want any more of them!

  • http://www.twitter.com/shakerya Aash

    Because I love Android Police.

  • http://www.facebook.com/EdsonDJ Edson de Jesus

    I've decided to have my phone go completely naked (no case, no screen protector) for the past month so that I could admire its design a lot more. But I still worry about scratching it while its in my pocket, or having it slip out of my hand and dropping when pulling it out. So a pouch case like this would be perfect for me.

  • Ranjan

    I like simplicity. That's it. Would be nice to have one quality product.

  • KPage

    I would like this so I can stop using holsters lol

  • http://tylerbrainerd.tumblr.com Tyler

    Oh man, I want one of the free cases badly. I love the sleekness and simplicity of it, and I just got my galaxy nexus about 3 days ago.

  • maxwei

    I love it because I don't have any right now..lol

  • xandr00

    Oh man, the black one looks really elegant. I just got my Galaxy Nexus GSM unlocked and the sheer beauty of this phone is phenomenal. Plus it'd look great with my suit ;)

  • Luly

    I collect pretty cases and use them for aesthetic reasons instead of protection. So this case is a must-have because it's so sleek and sexy.

  • Markus Sch.

    I like the Crumena case because it gives the Galaxy Nexus a clean and classy business look. It doesn't make my phone look fat, like other cases do.

  • CrazyAndro

    Of course, i want it, My Andro deserves to be well-dressed for all the work it does for me

  • Malcolm

    Somewhat more elegant than my Clunkerbox! I'd like to give it a whirl.

  • Martial C.

    I'm ashamed, the only case I have, is a neoprene sleeve, very old, since it was the one that came with my HTC Touch HD.

    This one is just so elegant, and fits so much better the Galaxy Nexus !

    (yep, the one I have is obviously too short, which cost me a tiny scratch on the bottom of the screen, already)

  • Kostas Gerontis

    It's very simple actually, I lost my previous case in a taxi and I'm using a winter glove as a substitute now. I'd love this one!

  • http://www.martynhaigh.com Martyn

    I wanna le sexy case. oui.

  • Giorgio

    Because with this case my Nexus will be elegant and protected all the time, while not too thick. That's an awesome case!!

  • Ron Simissen

    I need it because my Nexus tells me he needs it!

  • Bud Boggy

    I'd like to have one because the style is classy and it has a cool retro look that reminds me of a case I once had for my glasses. (Thanks, from Niceville Florida)

  • geemaan

    I'd like one because it look elegant yet sturdy and it seems to be the only case for my GNex!

  • maxsteel

    I want it to protect my lovely phone! :)

  • andy

    makes me look less poor.

  • Matt

    Got a incipio case and it does the job, but I hate how it takes away from the beauty of a naked phone. Me need new case!

  • Robert

    I wanna just watch it all day and night - until i buy a new Nexus :)

  • Michael Hershkovitz

    It's a pretty case

  • Steve N

    I want this case because it will help me look more like a business professional when my Nexus finally comes next week!

  • Migs Calleja

    It's understated and classy. A look I strive for and never seem to achieve. :P

  • Sean

    I've been looking for a nice slip case for my GNex. I used the Nexus One pouch with my Droid Inc for almost two years, and was disappointed when a similar quality pouch wasn't available for my GNex.

    I've tried some of the eBay pouches, but the quality was awful. The Crumena has been at the top of my accessory list ever since. :)

  • DG

    I want one because I ruined my other case trying to widen the slot for the usb charger.....

  • mark keane

    This type of case is my favourite as they give fantastic protection and slide in to your pocket nice and easy

  • MJ

    I just would like the extra production for my phone and it would also give it a different style.

  • Fernando

    I would love to have one so my nexus will be well protected while at work. Should be better than my silicone case that's so hard to get out of my pocket, this case should slip right out when I need it! Would love to have one. Please send one my way!

  • http://www.colinscattergood.com Colin Scattergood

    I love this case because it looks professional, and need it because so far I've avoided dinging up my GN, but one drop and that could all be over!! HELP! QUICK!!

  • SQ609

    Because I prefer a nice classic looking leather case over the big clunky Otterbox looking cases. Plus I'm in the market for a case. So this would be right on time.

  • Nick

    i dislike regular cases, as they add unnecessary bulk to the device, and ruin their good looks. a slip case looks quite elegant, and is better than stuffing the phone in your pocket with keys, etc. :)

  • Rich

    Hmm... I'm looking for something that says "Dad likes leather." Something that says... leather daddy.

  • JWild

    I would LOVE to win one of these cases! I want to keep my GNex protected, but I absolutely hate having to cover up its gorgeous form factor! I read the original review awhile back when it was given and am still just as enamored by it. The brown leather is just sexy!

  • Benjamin

    I want one because it is the only thing worthy of encapsulating my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Chris

    Great looking case, let's you use the Nexus naked as it should be.

  • Dan R Barrow

    I love the simplicity and elegance of the case. The leather looks like to be well made.

  • Mark G

    I really want one of these. I have been thinking of buying the PDair case for a while now, but this one looks so much more sleek and form fitting. My phone and pocket would love this case.

  • http://madteam.co/forum Rafd08

    I think this case is just too sexy and beautiful, and the best part... It's free!

    No, just kidding, is because cases should be cases, not half cases as today's cases.
    If you Gnexus fall with a case you say:
    "Okay people no big deal i use a SGP case."
    When it fall with the "half cases" the first thing you think is:
    "F#ck! Good bye for my screen."

  • Mr_matt

    B/c I am classy & therefore require a classy case. Brown preferred.

  • Kevin K

    I want this case because it looks like it is a perfect solution for protecting my phone while in my pocket and it is just a beautiful case.

  • SChen

    It looks very nice and well made.

  • Tim Scully

    I like the feel of the naked Nexus, but I want to protect it while it's not in use. This slipcase effectively achieves both! :-)

  • Steve

    I'd love this case; it totally beats a holster, which I can't use anyway, and it outclasses any TPU case out there.

  • Anton

    I never really liked belt holster for a phone. I tend to go with sleeve-type cases. I have heard for the SGP brand, but not tried any of their products yet. Doing research, I see that they make top-notch cases that look sleek and sexy. I know this is a long shot, but it would be amazing to win this contest and have an awesome case for a great phone. Thank you for the opportunity AndroidPolice!

  • aj34

    this case is sleek and well designed. I would be proud to carry it.

  • PowersUSA

    Hard to go wrong with a simple elegant sleeve for transporting your phone. This allows you keep your phone naked for use in docks (car, media etc).

  • Clinton Mikel

    Because I do not like permanently affixed shells/cases or screen protectors. A simple, thin, slide case covering my phone when it is in my pocket is perfect for me.

  • http://www.therotn.com Steven

    I would love one, very sleep and sexy! I just had to remove my screen cover and am still on the hunt for a proper replacement, this would be perfect for keeping is safe in my pocket!

  • Ahmad S.

    Because my sexy GNex needs a sexy case! And this is the FIRST one i'd even consider using!

  • Ryan

    This case will go great with my many leather bound books!

  • http://rxsiu.wordpress.com rxsiu

    Because leather is a man's best choice in textiles :) sleek and refined.

  • https://www.facebook.com/charleshsmith22 Charles Smith

    This case would be perfect for my daily use. My keys always end up in the pocket with my phone, Thus inevitably scratching it. This case would alleviate those problems!

  • Justin

    here we go again

  • MikeAN

    Really nice case. In fact I hate bumpers and silicone cases, for me te only way to go is a full leather (or other material) case.

    Fingers crossed...

  • ChadR

    I'd love a way to keep my phone safe without having a bulky case on it when I want to use it. A slipcase like this is perfect for my needs, and these Crumena cases are beautifully designed and very elegant. I would love to have one!

  • knyghtryda

    want to protect my phone without a bulky case!

  • Andrew

    I want one cause it looks like it really is "the perfect case for people who hate cases". And I do usually hate most cases.

  • Keith Hord

    I would love one of these for my Nexus. It would help keep the lint from my pocket off of my sexy phone : p

  • dontrush44

    Since I'm a simple man and this case is so simple.....I want it! It's that simple......

  • Jeffrey

    I am not cool and i think this will make me cool

  • matt

    Because my new GN that I'm getting tomorrow needs something cosy ;)

  • Josh

    I want it for when I get all fancy! that way I can have my fancy phone in a fancy case in my fancy pocket! :P

  • https://twitter.com/#!/adamygriffith Adam G.

    I just ordered my GSM Galaxy Nexus today and I want to protect it and a classy brown leather case would match all my other leather accessories!

  • Ted Brill

    I like the simplicity & elegant look

  • Jose

    Why not?

    ME WANT! :)

  • rebecca

    This sleek case has a beautiful design would be the perfect place for my husband to store his phone!

  • Fernando

    Would to have one to to protect my nexus while working. These cases should be better than my silicone case it will slip right out of my pocket when I want it to!

  • Alejandro Yepes Serrano

    Just elegant and cool! I want it I need it!

  • AlessandroP

    I love it for design and because I don't have any right now

  • Helen

    When I'm out walking the dog I need my phone to be well protected but easy to get to.

  • Ammen

    Other cases do not look professional, add bulk, and often look and feel cheap. The crumena looks like a very nice alternative to traditional cases and I would love to have one!

  • kim likes sweepstakes

    wow I've never seen such a nice case...very elegant

  • recnelis

    Love the look and that it protects the phone without wrapping it up in plastic.

  • Gene

    Good craftsmanship and it is a great case for the Nexus, I'll take a black one.

  • Elden W

    Sweet case for the Galaxy Nexus. Protection never looked so good!

  • RK Davies

    I want it so I can hide my ugly ghost armor when the phone is laying on the desk :p

  • Serob K

    This will be the cherry on top of my delicious ICS!