Last Updated: March 24th, 2012

About three weeks ago, I reviewed a very elegant case from SPIGEN SGP for the Galaxy Nexus that I called "the perfect case for people who hate cases" - the Crumena from SPIGEN SGP.

The Crumena is a very elegant leather slipcase that is designed specifically for the Galaxy Nexus. Its top-load design makes it different than the normal on-device cases that we normally see, and its leather exterior give it a very sophisticated look.

So, you want one? Good. Because we have ten to give away.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  1. Jo
  2. GergS
  3. recnelis
  4. Harseface
  5. Craig R.
  6. SChen
  7. Joshu
  8. AlessandroP
  9. Ayo
  10. Tyler (cars)

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

wm_2012-02-21 03.25.50

What You Get

You win, you get a case of your color choice (black or brown). Easy enough, right?

Here's a quick look at the things I loved about the Crumena from my review:

  • It's simple. There aren't a lot of bells and whistles to this case. You put your device in it when you want to make sure it's protected, and take it out when you want your device naked. It really doesn't get any easier than that.
  • It's well made. If you know anything about SGP, then you know that they don't let anything go out into the world with the SGP logo on it if it's not a top-notch product. This case is no exception.
  • It looks great. That one speaks for itself. This is one good looking case, regardless of which color you choose.
  • It covers the entire device (including the screen). The entire phone goes inside of this case, unlike other slipcases that leave part of the phone exposed (presumably so for easy removal). When you want to take the phone out of the case, simply pull the tab on the back of the case to slide the phone out. It's actually a pretty brilliant design.
  • The tab is magnetic. The tab magnetizes to the side of the case, so it doesn't freely flap around while in your pocket.

How To Enter

wm_2012-02-21 03.28.11 wm_2012-02-21 03.28.55

This is a simple case, so let's keep the entry requirements equally as simple.

Just leave a comment telling us why you want the Crumena. Is it because you hate "normal" cases? Do you love the sexy-sleek look of it? Or is it just so dang pretty that you can't wait to touch it? Whatever the reason, just let us know.

This giveaway is open to users across the globe.

The giveaway begins immediately and will run Friday, March 23rd, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST. After that, the winners will be randomly chosen and notified. Yay!

Ready... go!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • EricL

    I want it so my wife won't scratch hers up in her purse.

  • Tony Rampacek

    Simple yet works for protection

  • http://Androidiani.com Antonio

    I want to protect my galaxy nexus

  • http://justreboot.wordpress.com deidein

    I would like one because it'd be free, and looks nice, and so I could tell people I was sad that I didn't win a tablet in 50 tries but at least I scored this nifty case.

  • Alejandro

    Any other type of case ruins completely the Nexus appearance :(

  • Bryant Smith

    Would pressure me to actually get a nexus...

  • Nathaniel Graham

    I want the Crumena because its sleek and gives you a professional businessman type look. Plus the rubber around my Otterbox is is stretching out and becoming loose.

  • Doug P

    I want one so that It protects my galaxy nexus, but when I'm using it I can still feel the beauty of the device, not a clumsy case.

  • Schmidty

    Because i hate the case i have now!

  • Robin B.

    I want one because my silly phone-sock i'm using now is way too short. Like trousers that don't quite fit.

  • http://brucewillke.com Bruce Willke

    Who wouldn't want a case that makes them feel like donald trump and a soccer dad at the same time?!

  • Jo

    I would love this case because it look awesome!

  • Chris m

    I want it because my Nalaxy nexus has already accumulated a fair share of scratches in my pocket, my SGP Flex has kept the screen crystal clear, and I can't bring myself to reduce the sleekness with a case.

  • Mike

    OOOhhh... A pocket case... That means no more clips to get caught... Me Likey!

  • Thorben

    I want such a case, because my Galaxy Nexus would look awesome in one =)

  • Joshu

    I just think they're neat!

  • SDL

    I have a three year old terror that only loves whatever device "I" own in the house. These slip cases also allow for quick battery pulls for us "crackflashers".

  • Joe Staff

    Love the feeling of no case, but yet I am too damn worried of scratching it! This case would protect it perfectly.

  • Maxx Ondo

    Is "because it's free" a valid enough reason?

  • Cristian

    I want it because it's free! :p

  • Claudio

    i personally think the design and materials used to make these type/style of cases is unique, they also add a very high touch of class to the device and do not forget about the big level of protection...

    all that mentioned above is what i think my nexus is lacking and because i ask you awesome guys at android police, Can i get one of those?

  • Jimmy

    Protection, bro.

  • GergS

    I'd like a Crumena to keep my baby safe from harm. I hate cases in general, so this would be great.

  • Tim

    This is a beautiful simple case, who wouldn't want it?

  • Kim G

    This has my Nexus written all over it! How great will my GN-honey look in a pretty leather glove!

  • Kevin

    My girlfriend says she wants one!

  • Andreas Trygg

    LOVE IT!! Had a similar one for my HTC Desire, been looking since, sorta' =)

  • Amar G

    I would love this case because I hate putting bulky cases on my sleek GNex! It allows me to hold the phone as Samsung and Google intended me to, while offering full protection when I am not using the phone. Plus, SPG product quality is top-notch!

  • Ray

    I've been getting annoyed with my screen protector and rubber case and miss the how the phone looks/feels without a case.

  • Alexander

    I just need this case, 'cause here in Russia (where i am from) i can't buy any of protective things for my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Ayo

    Super Sleek, with crazy clean lines and thinly thicklesss. Lovely leather and weirdly weightless.

  • saaltonen

    I want to own a business. This looks like a business owners case. That is all...

  • Craig R.

    Would like one of these cars because it looks nice and is simple to remove when needed.

    • Craig R.

      Cases not cars. I also hate autocorrect btw.

  • Peter Beretich

    Who needs a case that covers part of your phone while you use it? I mean some phone covers can cover the edges of the screen and make it harder to touch the screen. All you have to do with this one is pull out your phone and when your done just slip it back in.

  • Conrad Bambeck

    I, like, need this, like, so bad... it's like I could suffer from withdrawal or something like that if I don't get it.

  • John Tenkely

    Have to replace my Gnex screen already .. not a want its a need :-)

  • https://plus.google.com/112451681343577317102/posts Claudio Ibarra

    I love the classy retro look of them. And I like being classy.

  • William Zhang

    I have a Galaxy Nexus and I love Galaxy Nexus. I think someone forwarded you guys one of my love notes some last year?

  • rich callo

    That new leather smell.

  • Michael

    Looks simple to slide my phone in and out of it (That's what she said) and I don't have to use a case that takes away from the actual feel of my phone

  • John Tenkely

    Have to replace my Gnex screen already .. not a want its a need :-).

  • Marc

    It's so dang pretty I just have to have one!

  • Ovi Roatis

    I want this, seems like a good idea.

  • Mario

    I can't stand having a plastic or rubber case on my phone and this is perfect,it matches my leather wallet.:D

  • Shinsen

    I think the reason I would want one would be the exact reason outlined in the post and review. I hate normal cases for phones. Mostly because the one thing they should protect above all, the screen, is often left bare due to the nature of touch-screen phones. Also, it's just a very nice looking case.

    I have slip-cases for my portable game consoles as well. Much prefer them over hard cases which add bulk to your device when actually in use. No point having a slim, sleek and elegantly designed device if you're just going to add a care-less thrown-together 3rd party case on it. Slip-cases like this tend to alleviate this issue.

  • Rene

    1. I just got a nexus on saturday
    2. I dont have a case yet
    3. Like a lot before i often tried to win, but always loosed
    4. My Nexus told me to get one of those
    5. My Nexus likes leather
    6. ....

  • Reina

    I can't stand cases that are always on and when it comes time to put your phone on the dock... Time to take off the case! Ugh I just want one like this. In and out no hassles :-)

  • http://twitter.com/johncorfee JCorf

    I love how simple it is. And also a sexy case to go with my sexy phone. Perfect!

  • 30014

    I want it because my galaxy nexus should arrive by the 23rd and i don't have a case. I only ordered the extended battery and a screen protector so a case would give me everything I need.

  • Johnny Vu

    I just want it because it's free. Ill find a use for it. :)

  • Jack

    I don't want one,lol
    If I did,I would just buy one rather than beg for one.Some of you are just ridiculous.

  • Alan

    Because my girlfriend has one and it's so damn sexy!

  • Don H

    I'd love a case that protects well and matches the awesomeness of this phone!

  • http://patricksoon.com soondot

    It's just so smooth and professional-looking.

  • Henrik

    My casemate is just protecting the back, want to protect the whole package

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/105799986695883050210/posts lucek_86

    Black one is just too sexy!

  • kevin

    I can't stand conventional cases. They make your device way too bulky as well as ugly. I love the look of my phone but nit having it protected scares me. From the looks of this case it seems like the perfect case for me.

  • Mathew N

    I leave my reason in Haiku form:

    Other cases suck
    The Crumena looks the part
    One stylish mother!

  • Jaz Fuertes

    Would like the brown one. Looks professional and sleek at the same time.

  • http://razvan.nl Razvan

    Looks very tight and smooth, business case.

  • Jason Thiele

    I hate screen protectors as well as cases that don't protect the screen while they are not being used. This solves both of those problems.

  • dawn m. armfield

    It's leather. Leather makes me happy. Seriously.

    And it's beautiful. What more could I ask for?

  • JakeH

    I wish to look and feel more awesome. and to minimize damage to my Galaxy Nexus if (when) I drop it.

  • Cindy Osborne

    I like to hold my phone and only my phone while using it. This amazingly simple case with it's ease of use is exactly what I need when I'm not using my phone!

  • chris coster

    This classy case is the perfect companion to what is, in my opinion, the best mobile device in the world.

    The effect of the Galaxy Nexus and this case is just jaw dropping. Crumena for the win!
    Thank you.

  • Lad

    I've always wanted some cow in my pocket to protect my phone.

  • Davor

    I want to be the coolest little boy in all the wonderland...

  • Ryan McFadden

    It's like a leather briefcase for my phone!

  • Philip LaRocca

    Between this and the Cruzer Lite case I have I will be able to dress my Gnex in business and causal attire.

  • LayZee

    Perfect for my wife :)

  • Phantom

    I just want to touch it and cuddle it like a cute kitten.

  • Karl Fischer

    The brown cover looks so good. It looks like my Nexus will be dipped in Chocolate. I need it, my precious.

  • Travis

    I don't like having cases or even screen protectors on my phones. It spends most of it's time in my pocket. But when I'm in the car, or if I want to put the phone in a bag, I like to have easy on, easy off, low profile, stylish protection. I think the Crumena case is exactly that.

  • Jeff

    I want one because I can't stand snap on cases...

  • monoik

    It looks good, it's simple and leaves the phone's design unaltered to enjoy.

  • http://t9267728 tjw344

    I don't like the other cases and this looks very sophisticated

  • BaconSquid

    I don't like those cases that are always attached to the phone, I just want something to protect it while I carry it around.

  • Hannah

    Nice look! I don't like the plastic cases and I always rip the soft ones.

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    I would love one because, normally, I hate cases. This one looks very professional and chic...frankly, it would draw attention to...ME! :)

  • maxkobi

    i go to the gym ALOT! and lets be honest i just use an ipod when i workout... its old and still does it job on Pandora and saves my phone battery! but when i stick my phone in my bag i always fear i will scratch it... this would be a great solution!!

  • Rohan

    I am scared of dropping my phone so I would love to have one. Also it looks pretty badass,

  • Kree

    I must have this case because ive had my gnex since christmas and ive dropped twice. but i dont want some big ugly case i want a sexy case. Just like the one you guys are giving away :)

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/111410410935705702327/posts Alex Fischer

    I want one, because I'm absolutely loving the look.

  • Chris Mckechnie

    I want it because it's free!

  • Guy Bailey

    If Steve McQueen had a GNex, he'd have one of these cases. Uber cool.

  • Christopher Heuer

    I want one for some protection without having to leave it on my phone 24/7.

  • Jon

    I want one because its hard to find a good case for my nexus :(

  • Kyle

    I want it because it'll provide protection for my Nexus while keeping it looking suave.

  • jsuli

    I need that case because I need a professional looking case to match my suit and tie at work... that black leather will be perfect for the opposing back pocket with my wallet in it and Google wallet on the phone in the other

  • James

    Simple, the Nexus is a great looking phone, and I want to keep it that way, without hiding it in a case.

  • paolo

    I didn't give my nexus a gift during Valentines

  • JCopernicus

    Permanent phone cases are an insult to the designers putting together phones.

    Plus, you look really boss with a leather sleeve.

  • brgulker

    This would work so well as protection while I travel!

  • animejay

    I work for a top fashion company in NYC. I want this so I can show my iPhone toting colleagues, that there is at least one fashionable case for my most excellent GSM GNex.

  • Nexuz-Uno

    I would like my Galaxy Nexus to look elegant and classy. The name's Nexus. Galaxy Nexus.

  • Matt

    It looks awesome and is not bulky like other cases. Nicely put together by the looks of it as well.

  • Dward

    Haven't bought a case yet because the ones available in the UK don't meet my high standards. Why hide the best phone in the world in a cheap, ugly case? These cases are not cheap or ugly. I rather want one :-)

  • Roy Roney

    I Want It Because It Has A Magnetized Tab :D

  • Alan

    This is the perfect case for my GNexus.

  • Robert

    My Gaxicus only wears the finest gear, this case will give him +5 style and 60% chance giving more envy. Awesome.

  • gardobus

    This case should give my GNex even more swagger than it already has and we all know you can never haz too mash swagger.

  • http://h4r7.me/ Michael H.

    An additional layer separating me from my snooze button! ;)

  • Cesar

    I like my galaxy nexus how I like my women: naked and elegant.

  • Keen

    i would want one so I can finally own a SGP product :D

  • Marc

    The leather looks like it would match my awesome new shoes i got, gimmegimme

  • Mauro

    I want to add some style to my nexus, leather style!

  • ted

    Love going caseless on the weekends, but miss the defender's holster, would love the best of both worlds

  • Mads J

    i working out for an ironman, and it would be sad if i dropped it while running and it broke.

  • elyas

    Cause it looks gentle
    so I can give it to my friend

  • Yiannis

    Amazing design. Very elegant, very durable, very practical.

    You can have all the protection you can get, yet when you use the device the user experience isn't compromised. And on top of that all, you can switch batteries without hassle.

  • Scott

    I love to hold the phone itself during use, but want to protect it when in the pocket. This case gives me that while looking really nice as a bonus.

  • Brad

    SGP does nice stuff. This case looks like a winner.

  • Jared Jones

    I'd love to carry my Nexus around in this case and flash it "naked" to the world when it's in use.

  • DoomsDave

    Great idea to help keep the phone protected in my jacket pocket with my keys.. :D

  • nac1380

    I think a black case would go great with my briefcase and make me look more like a professional.

  • John Laylan

    It looks so cool.

  • Benjamin baruk

    I like the look if this case..

  • Reggie Lim

    looks nice and professional :)

  • Nathaniel Webb

    Because Android deserves this kind of elegance.

  • Boogersugar83

    I work on helicopters and the otterbox with the hip clip is to bulky. All the tpu or silicone cases eather don't fit right or stick inside my pocket. I need something that with slide real nice in and out of pocket and still protect it from bumps and drops i hope this will do the trick!!

  • meee

    Because I have no other cases

  • Jason Blomgren

    Because this case is much nicer than the cheap snap on ones.

  • Tommy Curran

    I like this case because my phone has Google wallet and this case will make my phone look like a real wallet.

  • Notalion

    Because I don't have a case.

  • ├érif

    w00t free stuff! :D

  • mike

    Because as my wife says "I'm a case wh0r3"

  • Deantwon

    i need to be able to protect my $700 investment

  • strikeir13

    I'd love a Crumena because then I can enjoy the slim natural profile of the Gnex but still give it adequate protection! Protection only when you need it, and great-looking protection at that!

  • Allen

    I want one, because if it's free...it's for me...

  • Jacob Domann

    I want one because it protects both the back AND the screen of the phone. I already got one scratch on my GNexus, I don't want more! And screen protectors always peel off my phone :( And I suck at putting them on :(

  • Betsy

    I would love the Crumena case so that my friends can take my boyfriend seriously even when he's wearing plaid frisbee shorts, an outrageous jersey, and multi colored shoes. The black just looks so damn classy!

  • Rob Pester

    I am getting the Galaxy Nexus the day it is released on Sprint's network. I would love to take the black case to Best Buy when I buy the phone so I have something to protect my new precious.

  • Harseface

    I like it's sleek look and how well it's made. It looks so much better than normal cases.

  • Russell Neal

    I really hate snap on or tpu cases. I also hate belt clips so I am kind of lost in the case world. With these coming out lately I've been super excited to get one. Would love to win this one because it meets everything I want, leather and sexy, bump and drop resistant and NO BELT CLIP woohoo. Thanks android police!

  • Tim D.

    I want one so badly because I'm tired of my bulky Otterbox. I want protection when I'm not using my phone, but still be able to show off the beat of the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Lester Bambico

    I want the black one because its from you! :)

  • rockstar323

    I want this because the case is as sexy as the Nexus plus my bday is the 23rd so this would be a great bday present.

  • plasmoidia

    I like the idea of protection that doesn't add bulk to the device when using it.

  • Andrew

    I would like one because they are very professional. Pulling your phone from your pocket in a stylish leather case is much more mature than appearing as a teenager who is checking a text message!

  • zoneofsorrow

    i want to buy the phone so if i might get a free case .

  • Tj Robinson

    I want the case as an alternative to the bulky Otter Box case I usually use. It is effective, but looks bad in church or on the job. This case would look professional and sleek,yet provide great protection.

  • john ridge

    The case is just as sexy as the phone.

  • MattyO

    I would like one because I find myself slipping my Nexus into ALL KINDS of inappropriate places, and it's been getting into quite a bit of trouble.

    It would be nice to have something that is actually made SPECIFICALLY to have my Nexus inserted into it.

  • Michael Morris

    I really like slipcases and this one is by far the best dressed for the galaxy nexus

  • alex

    I would enter if I had a galaxy nexus :p hopefully I win won one day :)

  • Esteban Monge

    Because I need a case so I could stop scratching my nexus :(

  • Patrick Slaven

    I don't want a huge, ugly plastic case for my Nexus. A sleek case like this is perfect for me and my dislike of traditional phone cases!

  • Jonathan Weltback

    It will help from scratching it while still looking good.

    Most cases I've seen aren't as nice looking.

  • Brent Hunter

    I want this case because it is the perfect stylistic match for my sexy, new gnex!

  • spreketek

    pick me! pick me! i badly need one as there's not a lot of good cases available here in the Philippines ;)