Samsung, a company once known for taking far too long to release updates and source code, has really done a 180 degree turn-around over the last several months. Updates are now coming in a more timely manner, and source code sometimes hits the scene before the device it supports is even released.

Keeping up with its current approach of timeliness, Samsung has now pushed the Ice Cream Sandwich kernel source code for the international version of the Galaxy S II, which just started receiving the update one week ago.

So, if you're a tinkerer, developer, or just a guy who likes to look at source code for whatever reason, head over to Samsung's Open Source Release Center to grab the download.

[via Phandroid]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Mark

    Oh man, this rocks. I hope the i9100 (International version Galaxy SII) is similar enough to the i777 (AT&T version Galaxy SII) that the kernel hacking community for the i777 (mainly Entropy512) can do something with it. Crossing my fingers that we're on the verge of stable, full HW support, ICS Goodness for our AT&T Galaxy S II phones.

    • Xander A.

      Yeah they're working on it... just gotta wait a lil' bit more.


    That's how it should be for every single phone, Droid life would so much better :)

  • Astria

    GT-I9100T and still waiting for ICS to come... juz a modem difference...

    ah wait... carriers juz want to mess with the ROM..

  • James

    Still problems on the Mali driver front though... :(

  • Jon

    180 degree turn by releasing updates... Nope the update has been 'released' 3 weeks ago. So that's why everyone that I know still don't have it. :-( It's still the same old Samsung for me but worse when they talk about schedules.

  • hamad

    How a shit to be dowanload t

  • Derek Hamel

    Is there any ics updates for my sgh-I727R LTE? If so, can someone give me a detailed message as to how to do it please? Much appreciated.

  • http://gmail.com/acikotana8133 shamsul anuar

    I want ICS app. For my gs2