We've heard whispers and rumors of a new Motorola device dubbed the "DROID Fighter" (no relation) heading for Verizon. Today, we've got our first look at the device via Mr. Blurrycam. The device was snapped sitting next to a DROID RAZR, highlighting the notable differences of a larger, possibly HD screen and no capacitive buttons.


It can only be assumed that this device, if released as-is, would be an Ice Cream Sandwich device at launch due to its lack of capacitive buttons. Beyond that, however, it's unclear just how much of an improvement this device might be over the DROID RAZR MAXX*. Nor does it seem to be in line with Motorola's alleged new mantra of more marketing dollars behind fewer devices. Then again, maybe this is just the beginning.

No word on specs or pricing yet, but if earlier rumors are to be believed, we should be seeing this device as soon as April 12th.

Source: Droid-Life

* Motorola: Please tell your marketing team to turn off its Capslock. Thank you.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Franky

    Just can't help it, but I find those "angled corners"-designs butt-ugly.

  • WillieFDiaz

    Once again, Motorola is relying on the same design and changing the phone name in hopes no one notices so they can fail once again by not innovating, just like they ddid after the original Razr. Not creating new designs and recycling old ones keeps consumers away.

  • sgtguthrie

    If it doesn't have an unlockable bootloader, I couldn't care less ;-)

    • Mgamerz

      $10 it won't have one... but I'm sure someone will be $20 that it won't either so I'm kind of screwed unless I bet more money...

  • http://twitter.com/richbugger Richie

    Moto need a complete reshuffling in their design and development team.. Their products are no more competitive.. and on top of that, a big fat verizon logo on the face of the phone.. Things couldn't get any worse!

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

      The Verizon logo jumped out at me instantly. I sorta feel that's the worst thing about Capacitive buttons going away, now there's some extra space and the OEM's/Carriers all want to slap branding on the face of the phone now. I was generally displeased with the little bit HTC put on, and they've never even been as bad as Samsung. This picture is simply appalling.

      • Mgamerz

        It's a droid device... verizon licences the droid trademark, there are no droid devices on other carriers. And no, a renamed device is still a different device.

    • JohnK

      How many different designs for a slab phone do you think there are? Sharp corners, rounded corners, clipped corners and? At least Yvette can't be sued by apple for infringing on their shape...rectangle. I do hate the huge Verizon logo blasting you in Thrace every time you look at it though.

  • http://justreboot.wordpress.com Dei

    Soon to be followed by the TIE FIGHTER, the Star Destroyer FIGHTER, and the Millennium Falcon FIGHTER, all within weeks of each other. Same old Motorola

  • sneakysolidbake

    Unlockable bootloader or gtfo.

  • jeff donuts

    mmhh... xyboard, razr, droid 4, now this

    way to step it up moto woo hoo


  • KRS_Won

    *fingers crossed* please name it X3, please name it X3. lol

  • Vicky

    > can fail once again by not innovating


    Their Razr Maxx has *THE* longest lasting 4G battery on the planet Earth.

    • Mgamerz

      That's like saying my car now has locking seatbelts since the previous ones were so useless that they didn't do anything useful. Moto only threw in a huge battery cause the original one sucked big time. It is impressive that they jammed it in there, but it should have been that way in the first place (since the razr is no actually 7mm thin cause of that chin).

  • Vicky

    The corners don't look "angled" to me.

    The Razr's corners DO look angled.

    • Tyler C

      if you look closely, you can see that they do seem to have a slight curve to them on the ends

  • KRS_Won

    I hope that Moto releases the Fighter with more than a HD screen improvement. (ICS doesn't count, as the RAZR will receive it also)

    -Needs at minimum faster processor- Intel or Tegra3 powered. 13mp camera, not just moar pixels, but better sensors. And minimum only the MAXX's battery, forget thinness.
    I like Moto, but unless there is more than just an HD screen and ICS, it's a fail. And complain about the bootloader all you want, they lied. Get over, Go to HTC or Nexus. Just give me one-click root, I'll be happy. I just need a dependable phone.