In a post to the official CyanogenMod blog today, arcee announced that the first CM7.2 release candidate, based on Android 2.3.7, is  ready to go for 70 devices. The entry also notes that 7.2 brings with it a few backported features and fixes from Android Ice Cream Sandwich, as well as a few completely new features. Those interested can see a complete change log here.

Since 7.2 is still in its release candidate stage, arcee notes that users are welcomed to report any bugs they encounter while running RC1:

As usual, you can submit bug reports on these builds: if you find anything broken in your device while running CM7.2-RC1, (as downloaded from our mirrors or ROM Manager! Please do not submit reports if your build came from elsewhere), be sure to submit a report throughhttp://code.google.com/p/cyanogenmod/issues/ , so that we can fix it in time for the final 7.2 release.

Finally, the entry includes a handy translation chart for those who don't know their device's model number or code name. Users ready to test out 2.3.7-based CyanogenMod should head over to the CyanogenMod Mirror Network and grab their device's download.

Source: CyanogenMod Blog

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  • surubutna

    Download speed is too slow, maybe too many people.. Will download it when I have the time, 'til then I'll just stick with the CM9 build 18 (SGS)

  • surubutna

    *build 17, ups..

  • gary

    I could care less since CyanogenMod could care less about 4G devices.

    • James

      What you wrote does not make sense, "I could care less" implies that you care a lot... I think what you mean is "I couldn't care less". Americans seem to mess this up all the time.

      • http://www.cyanogenmod.com ciwrl

        I approve of this! ;)

      • sriracha

        is this the new fad this month? everybody is a could-care-less nazi..

        gary could care less, else he wouldn't have posted. secondly, it doesn't imply that "he cares a lot", it only indicates he cares some unknown amount, of which there could be less.

        now go get me a bacon burger and some asinine sitcom to watch James, and some twinkies and cheese in a can while you're out. please and thank you.

      • Joe Mama

        James, what gary said DOES make sense...and what makes u think he cares a lot? since u obviously aren't American, that saying means that he cares very little and that he indeed could care less.

        • LesserCure

          I have no idea about what you're trying to tell, but what gary said is wrong. "I could care less" shows that I do care.

      • Simon Belmont

        How do you know it's always Americans messing it up? Kind of a generalized statement you made there. ;)

        Also, what's with everyone making such a fuss over "couldn't/could care less" lately? Couldn't Care Less Powers Activate? :D

  • jordanjay29

    It's now 70 devices, apparently, as reported on the updated CM blog post.

  • Hal Motley

    Lol, 69!

    While it's cool that the CM team are working hard at CM7, I really wish that more emphasis was placed on CM9. Because after using my nightly for a period of time all I can say is:

    Ice Cream Sandwich > Gingerbread

    Enough said!

    • Joe

      Couldn't agree more. I still can't believe any resources from their team are still being poured into CM7. I mean I like of an analogy of an electronics accessory company that might currently be putting time/effort/resources into designing accessories for, lets say, the new iPad. Well if they take too long to get those accessories developed, they might end up putting those items out for sale and then the next iPad comes out, meaning no one wants those original accessories anymore.

      And I know that the CM team isn't selling their final product, but the fact is (and this is a fact, no matter how you slice it), they need to have all of their resources and efforts focused on CM9 if they actually want to have 100% finalized versions of CM9 in everyone's hands before Android 5.0 drops this fall. Because if this happens then honestly in many ways it begins to make their work (albeit appreciated) a rather moot or deflated point.

      • LesserCure

        I totally agree with you. This is why the traditional open source development method doesn't work. They need to have a focus, they need to have clear directions.

  • Rob

    Why are they still bothering with a Gingerbread based rom? =/

    • http://www.cyanogenmod.com ciwrl

      Because: 1) CM9 stable is still months out and highly dependent on OEM source drops 2) OEMs will take a while to get those drops 3) A lot of people don't have ICS roms and are still on gb 4) A lot of devices will be dropped for CM9 for not meeting minimum criteria, so gb roms are still good updates for them 5) Because working on the gb branch in no way impede's CM9 development.

      • Mgamerz

        I love how we bash OEM's for not putting ICS out but even CM team can't get a stable out... seems pretty contradictory (new OS releases, not new phones with new OS upgrades)

        • Simon Belmont

          They can't because ICS changes a whole lot of things in the framework of Android. Drivers updates are needed as well because they just don't work well with pre-ICS .so files and in many cases hacks are needed to even get them functioning at all. :)

          You'd like to have your camera working, right? How about full hardware acceleration? Yeah, I thought so. So be patient and you will be rewarded. :D

        • http://mgamerzproductions.com Mgamerz

          I did not mean to make CM sound bad. I know that they still have to deal with the OEM's for the drivers. But users seem to always say CM is so much faster at upgrading software than OEM's, but they have to wait on the OEM's. I use CM9 on my touchpad... if the wifi worked better it'd be a great experience.

  • James

    Link for Vivow times out for me..

  • http://alldroid.blogspot.com Blizard

    A stable GB rom will be the last rom for a lot of devices!

  • Kevin lee

    lol the website is not avialable atm -.-

  • Aritra Mukherjee

    just try downloading normally without any download manager, may take a few reload and refresh, but it will work, the speed is pretty slow though

  • Dave

    Directly from the CM team:

    "Typical madness. Drop a release and BOOM. We are averaging around 1000 views per second on the CM sites ATM. (No, this is not a made up number. This is a million plus users getting happy.) It'll iron out throughout the day. I'll be keeping my eye on things throughout the day."

    and I for one am happy to get an even more stable and functional GB ROM while waiting for a good ICS ROM TYVM.

  • http://ozarkwoodworker.com Matthew

    The Downloads are really slow. Just made a torrent for the p999

    Magnet Link: http://goo.gl/t39oo