Samsung has been holding on somewhat tightly to any details of its highly anticipated upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S III. We've heard a few ridiculous rumors here and there over the past several weeks, but today's "leak" looks to be the most believable thus far - either that, or a masterfully created hoax.


As pointed out in this thread on Reddit, there are many aspects of this leak worth pointing out, beginning with the biggest hints of all: the date in the calendar and location in the weather widget. If these are to be believed, then we'll be looking for a Samsung Unpacked event in London, England on May 22 at 6:00PM to be the likely GSIII announcement date.

There's still quite a bit more than can be learned from this image, as well; such as the device's likely screen resolution. Judging by the five-icon dock, it looks like the GSIII will be packing a 720p display, as the layout looks quite similar to that of the Galaxy Note. Directly below the dock is a single Home button, thought it's possible that there are capacitive keys on either side that just aren't visible in the image.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, the device is sporting a two-tone white/gray look along with an oversized speaker (or microphone?) grill along the front bottom and a dedicated camera button along the side.

While most aspects of this image appear to be very believable, there are still things that call for skepticism, like the fact that the image in the center of the display also appears on this site. That doesn't necessarily discredit the leak entirely, though; it could just be a stock photograph purchased by Samsung for appearance purposes and is purely coincidental that it appears elsewhere on the 'net. On the other hand, it could indicate that the entire leak is cleverly staged and its creator didn't anticipate that the source of the image would be discovered.

Even with all the evidence for/against this image's validity, we're going to take it with a grain of salt for the time being. Still, it's definitely one to chew on until we get something more official.

[via Reddit 1, 2]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Steve McCartney

    Hmmm - I'm dubious. How come the grey bezel is visible on the front shot when the side shot shows it clearly behind the white?

    • Cameron Summerson

      The back of the device is white and there is a gray border around the front. In the side image, the front of the device is on the left and the back is on the right.

      • Jeremy bum

        I agree completely. Look closer at the pic peeps.. clearly the backplate is white... Really hope the physical camera button is true.

    • Claudio

      cause its looking at the left, you can see the camera at the right side

    • Andy

      The white side looks like the back (right). On that side, there is also a hump that may be a camera. The left side with the grey side should be the front and the bezel.

    • Thiago Souza

      It's not behind... it's just that on the side shot the phone's back is facing the front shot

    • Godsend

      Isn't behind is the way that it was orientated, you can see a protuberance in the right side of the side shot that I assume is the camera like in the GSII.

      This model looks really nice, I hope it is the real GSIII.

    • Robert

      Are you sure? The camera bulge is on the white side, so it does make sense. I think that what is confusing you is the placement of the right side shot on the left side of the picture. Plus you can clearly see that the camera and power(?) buttons are on the right side and the volume control is on the left. If its true, it looks they managed to downsize the antenna. (no big bulge like on the SII)

  • Opinion-Man

    Physical buttons on the GS3 makes me a sad boy. Hoping this isn't 100% accurate.

    • Tee

      That makes me very sceptical too. What do the physical buttons do in a native ICS-device?

      I think this is a fake.

  • http://androidpolice.com Eric Ravenscraft

    For what it's worth, if it is a fake, it's pretty convincing. The hardware seems like exactly what Samsung would design. It's visually distinct from previous models and has just enough hardware differences to quell any future "appearance" disputes with Apple, while still maintaining a Samsung look. The software also seems to fit as well. On my E4GT, the status bar sticks pretty closely to the stock Gingerbread appearance, while icons and widgets are customized, which appears to be the same approach taken here.

    All in all, it has a very Samsung-esque feel which seems to be in line with what they would be likely to produce. Not too far-fetched.

    • anon

      All the items in theme look exactly like the SII ICS Rom.

  • Zulqarnain Nizamani

    lets see what people say about it , can i subscribe to an article without commenting on it ?

  • Prados

    It's white, therefore it's fake.

    • Jeremy bum

      A white launch would be genius though... Who does that??? Noone.. It would really pop!

  • L boogie

    Looks like a miniature 10.1N LOL..... There's way too much speculation/ rumors lately just gonna wait till it's officially announced then take it from there.... By the way, Sponsoring the Olympics & unleashing this beast (& hopefully that 11.6 tab) on the android masses should take Samsung to an even higher plateau.

  • Steve McCartney

    Yeah, I had a moment of clarity on my way to the gym there and hoped nobody would have replied yet! Oops. Had my muppet brain in gear.

  • Rafael

    The one thing that throws me off, is the fact that it has the stock ICS status bar. Doesn't touchwiz change that as well? If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be doubting that this was real.

  • Prados

    Really wish Samsung would hire Motorola's designers. Samsung RAZR, now that would rock!

  • Himmat

    It looks really simple. Let's hope it has the specs to match the appearence!

    But really, as much as I love the simple design, I can;t help but to think of the iPhone...especially with the dedicated home button.

  • http://twitter.com/Serotheo Simon

    I hope this isn't the Galaxy SIII its design is uninspired IMO compared to the form changes from GS-> GSII.

    I hope this is just another random fan render.

  • Hal Motley

    I heard from an unconfirmed source that it could be June/July before we see anything.

    But take that with a large pinch of smartphone-predicting salt.

    While I like my Galaxy S II, I will be waiting for an Xperia Play 2. I wonder when that is...

    • Jeremy bum

      With a May announcement, it would not surprise me.... Or maybe its actually going to be a May launch... Time will tell.

      • http://www.liamspradlin.com Liam Spradlin

        Samsung has indicated that they are waiting on announcing because they want to stage a release much closer to the official announcement, so we could see a May announcement AND launch (if we're lucky).

        • Jeremy bum

          Galaxy s3 by summer... Maybe so... Yes please... Galaxy s2 for sale!

  • Jeremy bum

    If this is actually it.... It is a genius design factor. I dont think there would be a better look to launch it in to differentiate it and really stand out. A world launch is the only other thing to make this top the charts... This is my next... From my GS2.

  • Prados

    This design is nothing special. What Samsung needs to do is to hire Motorola's designers. Samsung Galaxy Razr 3, now that would rock!

  • Scott Oldfield

    Five sunny days in London???!!! Must be fake! :D

    • Nocturnhaboe

      It has happened sorta like hitting the lotto 5 times in a row but it has happened.

  • Chris Webster

    My one disappointment is that they put their name and capacitive buttons instead of having the screen stretch over it (if this is the real thing). It would give more room for the screen without making it longer, which is awesome

  • Robert

    Wow, it's superthin. I guess it has a 1400 mAh battery...

  • BrazenRain

    That image is everywhere. I wouldn't draw any conclusions from it. http://goo.gl/AtO6C

    • anon

      yeah... that makes it look like fake :O

  • BlajBlah

    do you guys know that this is the galaxy player 4.2 with an extra black dot? how can you guys seriously report about this bullshit?!

    • Renato Fontes

      lol I didn't know!
      Thanks for the info.
      It looked quite bad for my taste.

      Also, why would they use real buttons instead of onscreen ones?
      Seeing how the standard buttons are changing for ice cream sandwich (no more menu button, but a multitask button instead) this would made no sense.

  • bowldylocks

    I had to point this out to all the idiots jizzing on Tmonews. Front shot - bezel bulge, side - nothing. Also the bezel is slightly off on front view (bottom right)

  • http://www.techmadoo.com yashscool

    Its hightime samsung officially announces the Galaxy SIII.

  • slurms mckenzie

    This is a Photoshoped s2

  • Aleebaan

    These icons, especially the Phone one, looks very low-res and photoshopped. This whole affair stinks fake, but really nice tough. We want touch buttons!!!!!

  • RajivK

    That's one good looking phone. Too bad I have to wait another year. Ah well the s4 will probably be really nice as well.

  • Brock

    i hope that its ot the final version of the sgs3, because i would like to see it without a home button... ics doesnt need it so you would have more space for the display... :)

  • JesusC

    Its clearly fake just go to tmonews.com and look for yourself. They point out all the flaws/lies.

  • Luly

    I really hope not. I like the screen and don't really mind the menu button (I thought they said they are going to get rid of physically buttons) but the grey border around the phone is seriously ugly.

    It may be not so bad if the face plate is black.

  • sriracha

    someone is certainly getting a laugh out of all the press this picture is getting. i'm going with fake, no salt.

  • Bryan

    It might be true after all my friend activated a galaxy s on monday at a tmobile store and the rep kept hinting him to get the insurance incase he "misplace" it cuz the galaxy s 3 was comeing out in 2months so he would only pay the diffrence