Gameloft - the makers of Asphalt, BackStab, and a boatload of other popular Android games - rode into the Google Play Store today with Six-Guns, bringing a Red Dead Redemption-esque shooter to players everywhere.

Following the story of Buck Crosshaw, an outlaw who is presumed dead, Six-Guns allows players to ride through an "open world" set in Arizona and Oregon, fighting off other outlaws as well as vampires and "many other unnatural foes," stirred by a mysterious ancient force.

Six-Guns offers 40 missions, each with a unique set of challenges, taking players across thoughtfully crafted environments and introducing numerous waves of enemies to fight through.

The game also has a fair amount of unlockable content, from horses to weapons, clothes, and ammo. It's worth mentioning up front that while players can finish the entire game without paying a penny, unlockables can be obtained via in-app purchase to make the journey a bit easier.

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If free-roaming, horse-riding, gun-shooting action sounds like something you'd enjoy, and you have a spare 227MB free for the game's additional download package, Six-Guns is worth checking out. Click through the widget below to give Six-Guns a shot.

Liam Spradlin
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  • Valerio

    After GTA, Halo, World of Warcraft, Assasin Creed and Starcraft it's time for a Red Dead Redemption clone, way to go Copyloft.

    • SK

      What's the clone of Halo? NOVA?

    • Gadge80

      AAt least these games that we all love are being made available on android.
      If we waited.for the official original versions, we'd be waiting a very long time as (apart from RR with GTAIII) noone else is bringing good games to the android table.
      I say good on you for making the effort. I for one, am extremely happy.with your games...
      Now make them compatible.with my Asus Tf300 and I can actually play them! :)

  • Josh C

    As FREAKING usual, not compatible with my asus transformer...

    • http://churchofhell.com ManiacalV

      Gameloft doesn't seem to be too eager to release on devices that don't have IMEI numbers because why should you be able to install something on more than one device?

    • aiden9

      Your transformer is likely "compatible" but Gameloft has this ridiculous habit of only allowing certain devices to dl their games.

      Messed around with their apps on a Touchpad and they kept saying not compatible but switched build profile to that of an evo 3d and magically it all worked fine. Probably worth changing your build profile to an atrix or something, install the apps, then change back.

      • Josh C

        i'm actually doing that right now, rooted the transformer just so i could. stupid gameloft..

  • Mark

    Make an original game for once in your bloody lives, you copycatting ripoffs.

  • Calbino

    I'm still sticking to my guns by refusing to purchase any Gameloft game, ever. No matter how well they did ripping off another popular game or how cheap they make them during a sale.


  • sjobs

    To your six guns.

    *Tee hee hee*

  • nullnvoid4prez

    As with every new game from them, top teir devices like Bionic and Transformer Prime aren't compatible. The devices that would show the game off is incompatible. Even after many attempts to get Modern Combat 3 and Asphalt 6 to be compatible, they load and run but only after installing, downloading the 500 - 700 Mb packs, crashing, uninstall, then repeating the process. They make great looking games but suck at mashing them work on Android.

    • samuisamu

      Works on my bionic just fine

  • Joshua Banks

    Wow, at least three of those areas are ripped straight from Red Dead

  • Tim

    I was surprised to see it free after reading about it.
    And curious how its compatible with my wifi xoom but not my asus transformer prime. Odd

    • SK

      Probably a freemium where they make you pay for upgrades that you can't progress without.

  • http://www.statsprofessor.org/ StatsProfessor

    Looks OK, animation looks rather crappy and controls probably not fun. Not sure if I even want to try it out.

    GTA 3, still great after all this time.

  • Mike Brown

    Still no support for ASUS Tablets.

    I dont get it!

    GAMESLOFT! your missing out on a big portion of android users

  • Manoj

    Whether it works good in HTC incredible S?

  • Warb

    No love for my top tear prime, fail....

  • Blahblah

    does anyone know why this app doesnt work with the lenovo idea pad

  • Tung

    can not open Six Guns on my Xperia Arc, just the splash screen appeared then closed. don't understand -> some kind of software bug?

    • Amifiq

      Also having the same problem on samsung galaxy s.

  • mike russrll

    Everthings dark and not working correctly on my HTC one x,any suggestions

  • Reda Jabbare
  • british man

    ok so i have it for a windows 8 laptop and it wont update ever since i have gotten it. i have friends who are playing it on thier phones and have seen the new content but i cant get it. any help?

  • Mad gamer


  • Makin It Happen

    This sucks i cant play it on my s4 mini. What the fudge!! I could play it on my crappy broken nexus 4 but NOPE! Not a flagship phone from a flagship android line like the s4 mini. This game was real cool too.