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Jean-Sebastien Royer, a developer making his debut on Google's Play Store, recently released Kainy – an app that promises to allow users to stream games from their PC over a Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connection. The first problem that comes to mind with this concept is devising a cohesive and broadly applicable control scheme. Addressing that in perhaps the most logical (and ingenious) way possible, Kainy allows users to create customized control layouts for each game.

Kainy offers ~100 preset control templates, and allows for infinite customization, as well as accelerometer control where appropriate. For added control, users can connect a Bluetooth keyboard. The app also offers 128-bit authentication/data encryption.

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At Kainy's official website, the developer indicates that weekly updates are a priority, meaning the app will only get better from here. At $5.04 in the Play Store, early adopters will need to pay a bit of a premium, but for anyone interested in bringing PC games to their Android-powered devices for play just about anywhere, it may just be worth the investment. Click through the Play widget below to grab the app, and check the developer's website for the PC download.

Via Droid Gamers

PC Download: Developer Website

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  • Raiden

    Wow... if I had a tablet this would be awesome. Hell I might even try it on my phone!

  • Chris Webster

    I'm going to say that its a really good thing that he was using my phone in the demo, lulz

    • http://www.kainy.com JS

      Yes, I like this phone.

      (Developer of Kainy)

      • Chris Webster

        Me too. Good screen res/processor/RAM for a year old phone

  • CawSDS

    Another reason I need a tablet

  • Tkun

    Consider me intrigued! Hey Jean, have you tested this on any single-core phones, like the Samsung Fascinate?

  • seriosbrad

    I grabbed this, tried on my Nexus S playing the original Half-Life high quality video and high quality sounds. Configuring the custom page layouts and button mappings is really easy!

    Sound was very hit and miss and mouse movement over WIFI was sloppy/laggy. Probably the phone though. I can't wait to try this on something like the Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S II.

    • http://www.kainy.com JS

      One of my friend told me the same thing about the mouse. You can set the sensitivity but it's look sometime choppy. I added this bug in my backlog and I will fix.



  • SefEXE

    It says it's not compatible with my device in the Play Store :(

    • SefEXE

      G2x is my phone, btw.

  • http://sketaful.se Sketaful

    Whi cares about the new games. The size of the screen on my phone is perfect for playing Daggerfall. The pixels are gonna look good again :D

  • ace

    do i hear DIABLO 3 FOR ANDROID? :)))

    • http://www.kainy.com JS

      Yep :P

      It works with Diablo 3 but if you have a Tegra 2 tablet/phone, you could get lower resolution than other tablet/phone. I will try to fix this bug and release for the new update (This Sunday).

  • Bobby Tables

    Looks fantastic! Way better than Splashtop THD.
    Two questions though:
    1. Is the dock of my TF Prime supported? If Bluetooth keyboards are...
    2. Do I have to launch the game at my PC or is it possible to start it remotely?

    • jfgencarnacao

      Yeah I was also wondering about Splashtop, but the Tegra 2 version of it.

    • http://www.kainy.com JS

      Yes the keyboard Bluetooth is supported. I tried with a keyboard and my Acer Iconia A100. You can launch the game from your PC or from your phone (by the desktop/icon) or I created a quick launch panel to launch games quickly.

  • fep

    it he writes upto 60fps, who need tegra 3??? :D really cool...

  • jfgencarnacao

    So From what I read in the comments above, you can also connect a bluetooth mouse?
    I'm asking this because on the article's description and on the website, I only see about keyboard.

    So can you connect both keyboard and mouse? Coz if you can, I have to say I already love it!

    • Julian

      Yeah thats what I was thinking about, too. I can already play games over Splashtop with my Transformer, but the mouse support there sucks (it only reacts on clicks, no movement, and there is no right mouse button support).
      I bet this doesn't work on Kainy, too. It's really sad... there is only one single app that has real mouse support, and that is GemRB (Infinity Engine Emulator).

      • http://www.kainy.com JS

        I didn't try with the mouse but the keyboard. I will add this feature next weeks. Thanks.

        • Julian

          That would be great. Thanks JS

  • Slighter

    Norton doesn't like the pc side exe, gotta turn that off first. Does this work with Steam and Origin? If so you I'll back ya for five bucks.

  • Igor Farago

    It looks like this app could have so much more uses than just for games. Am I right?

    • seriosbrad

      Yeah, it streams whatever is currently visible on your PC

  • http://zepeast.com ryan z

    I want to buy this now! but it is showing not compatible with my incredible running aokp. Is this app compatible with ICS?

    • hugobosslives

      seems to be. market says its compatible for me running a cm9 kang

  • Billy Android

    Xperia Play support, like the OnLive app? Would be great to control my games with the built in pad.

    • http://www.kainy.com JS

      I'm working on that. Available Sunday with the new Update. (Hardware Buttons mapping).

  • genny

    you can use DroidMote from your android phone to control the remote pc. kainy and DroidMote is perfect for me

  • Rob

    If you add support for the HTC Rezound, I'll buy this immediately. I had JUST thought "I'd like to play the Mass Effect series on my phone.." and then I saw this. GREAT job so far, Jean-Sebastien!

  • Lumy

    Has anyone tried this on visual novels? With voice?

  • Brian

    anyone else not able to connect, even though you forwarded a port?

  • Jake

    Yes, I have been getting the same problem, and I don't even have firewall on and everything is done correctly D:

  • Coco90

    Sorry but the application remains blocked on "Tentative de connexion..." (i have the french version). Any ideas to fix it ?

  • Sycobob

    I'm confounded by the fact that apps like this exist and perform fairly well, yet there's not an even passable app for using a tablet as an extra monitor. Still, awesome app for those that will use it.