Here in the States, we call it soccer, which actually makes little sense. Our neighbors across the pond have a more accurate term for the game, however: football. To be honest, I'm not really sure where the crossing of terms came into play, but football in the U.S. is definitely not the same game as football in other countries. Regardless of what you call it, EA just released a new game for all who love the thought of kicking a ball into a net: FIFA 2012.

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FIFA '12 brings everything you love about soccer (football) directly to your mobile device, including 22 officially licensed, playable teams and more than 15,000 players, controls schemes that let you handle your players with precision, and 360° player movement. It's like playing football (soccer) without every having to get off the couch. You know that sounds at least a little bit appealing.

Okay, so maybe you're not the soccer (football) type. Maybe you prefer a sport that has the same name no matter where you are in the world. Maybe you prefer to throw a ball at a hoop instead of kick one at a net. If you meet those requirements, we have good news: EA hasn't forgotten about you! In fact, it just released NBA Jam into the Play Store. Yeah, NBA JAM.

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...and you thought Dirk had a big head before.

This new version of NBA Jam is a throwback to the game that first showed up on the SNES and in the arcade scene back in the day. It's the same two-on-two, in-your-face, big-headed basketball of its predecessors, and it makes me nothing short of happy to see it on Android. It features three varying modes of play: Play Now, where you jump straight into the game; Classic Campaign, where you play through a full season of b-ball; and Local Multiplayer, which allows you to play against an opponent over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Both games are $4.99 in the Play Store, hit the respective widget below to grab the download for your part of the world.

[Thanks, Yogesh!]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Brock

    This just made my day. :)

  • jr

    dont even work for galaxy nexus

  • sriracha

    betcha a dollar those don't work on a majority of devices and they suck. has EA ever ported anything worthy of it's nostalgia? no. i think i'll leave my memories just as they are.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    I loled so hard looking at the NBA JAM screenshots. Those bobble-heads are hilarious.

  • Nelson

    didnt work on Atrix... Tegra 2 out of supported devices?

  • Matt

    god damnit leave it to EA to F*ck this up. i read this, and dropped everything to get to the market and pay them $5 for nba jam. and of course it's not supported on the gnex. those f*cking a$$clowns. like really, are you kidding me?

    • Matt

      Ya know what, F it. It's probably better I don't spend the money only to find that it doesn't work and their p1ss poor customer service isn't around to help. I should know better from my last experience with them. They shouldn't be allowed to make games on Android.

      • Sam

        I know EA sucks. I don't support any of their products. BUT you need to calm down, Arnie

        • Matt

          Haha. I know, but they piss me off so much with their halfassed games on Android. I would love me some NBA JAM to kill time here and there. Or some of the other games from my childhood they've now ruined. Hahaha.

  • http://famusic.org Michael

    Doesn't work on my EVO 3d are they Tablet only?

  • David

    Transformer(TF101) not supported either grr!

    • David

      Well, FIFA is supported, but not NBA Jam

      • Matt

        same on the gnex..

  • Mohammed


    • devilEYE

      thanx god i not bought this game yet, thanx for the info about unsupported S2.

      You suck EA!!!

  • aNYthing24

    Really? Fifa is compatible with my Sensation, but NBA Jam is not. Nice.

  • Matt

    This astounds me. NBA Jam is compatible with my D1, D2G, and HTC Evo View 4g. Not compatible with Xoom, Nexus, Bionic. Great strategy.. make it compatible with devices a majority of people aren't using anymore. EA pisses me off so much. They screw up the launch of so many good games and then promptly abandon them.

  • Kelemen KrisztiĆ”n

    neither are compatible with S2 in 4.0.3... shame on EA...

  • adam
    • Joe

      I'm guessing you sideloaded it for the GNex? I just bought it and first downloaded to my old N1, then backed up with TB, copied backup to my GNex, restored on the GNex, however when I boot up the game I get nothing but server errors. Anybody else try this and have this happen??? By the way I'm using my GSM GNex.

      • Joe

        And by the way I have since refunded

  • Paco

    Wow, no SGS 2 OR Galaxy Tab 10.1 for NBA Jam?


  • yogesh

    both of them works lon my neo v. fifa 12 is awesome ...really great game...thanks ea...you rock...

  • Dandmcd

    F u EA! Guess I won't be playing your new games as usual because I own a popular device like the Atrix and Transformer Prime! Seriously, who are these clowns that work at EA, they seriously must be the worst developers right behind Gameloft.

  • Ferdy

    So if this worked on xperia Play...why not the thunderbolt? ....

  • http://www.statsprofessor.org/ StatsProfessor

    EA is so useless. Basically unsupported for most popular devices. No surprise here.

    How hard is it for a major company to actually get this done??? Pathetic.

  • Andrew L.

    NBA Jam no workie on Atrix = No $ for EA idiots.

  • John

    Is there manager mode in FIFA12 google market version? There was no manager mode in the original EA store Xperia Play version..

  • http://justreboot.wordpress.com Dei

    I'm getting used to this crap from EA.
    I'm certain that they look at the market share, say 'oh, this ICS or whatever has a very low percentage, don't bother with them' and then their staff geeks say 'but it's what we're going to...' and the suit is like 'yeah? Is that making me money now? Not really. Ship it for that Gingerbread one, maybe the Honeycomb one, and we'll sit back and rake it in all over again on these titles.' staff geek says 'Okay...'

  • http://mynokiablog.com Deaconclgi

    NBA Jam is working on my GS4G and GSII on T-Mobile US. Oddly enough, it is listed as compatible for my "Unknown N900" as Play lists my N900 that runs Android.

    All I did is buy it on my GS4G and play it and then I loaded Play on my GSII, switched to my same Gmail account that I bought Jam with and clicked My Apps and at the bottom of the list it allowed me to download Jam (and other purchased but not downloaded apps).

    I've also tested the WiFi multiplayer on both devices and if the connection gets weak, the players float, skate and do amazingly glitched dunks. It is pretty funny. The game gives you a "Waiting on other player" message when there are connection problems.

    Jam is by far the best console port to mobile that I have ever seen and is a MUST HAVE for any NBA Jam fan. Oh and yes, the facial expressions are hilarious!

  • Philip Limawan

    When NBA jam release for android tanlet? I want play it in my Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • Zahran Zulfikar

    Why is it still not compatible with my xperia s, I dont understand? Is it restricted by region? I live in Indonesia.

  • android news

    There's a free version as well:.....

  • http://www.androidandfreak.info/ Charan