Droid X2 owners should be keeping an eye out for a new OTA set to roll out "soon," bringing the device's build up to 1.3.418.MB870. The OTA is pretty light, coming in at around 35MB, and bringing a small handful of enhancements and fixes to the X2, which debuted almost one year ago. Included in the update are Verizon's Video and VZ Navigator 3D City, Google's security patch, Wireless Alerting System compatibility, and a few other small improvements.


As usual, Verizon has provided a cheat sheet with instructions on how to manually check for the update, but by now the process should sound pretty familiar: just tap Settings > About Phone > System Updates > Download.

VZW also advises that the 35MB download should take about 10-20 minutes, depending on your network connection, and the update itself will take between 5 and 10 additional minutes to install. While there's no word on exactly when this update will start rolling out, users shouldn't have too long to wait.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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  • Krs_Won

    Hmf.. there's no reason the X2 shouldn't be brought up to the newer Moto "not-blur" as the D3.

    And, I know it's Verizon, but what's the point of adding more bloat to a phone that's almost EOL?

  • John

    Thankfully I found out that there is a beta for CM7 on the X2 now. My phone (yeah, I have an X2) actually goes fast now. :-) [Here's the link for interested parties - Was really painful for me and had 0 data loss on my SD card. YMMV though: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1442803 ]

    @Krs_Won: I sure hope it's not EOL yet - The thing is barely a year old. ICS should be able to run just fine on it. (And I'm really hoping they'll do it officially - Moto did list it as a device on the roadmap, but that is (unfortunately) pending Verizon's a-o-k.)

    • John

      Gah! Noticed a typo after I clicked Submit.

      It was really painless** getting root and CM7 on my X2. Not painful. Thankfully. :-)

  • Yojimbo

    Really... This just makes me angry. I have been ignoring update reminders for vz video and nav for months. Now it's going to be bundled with security updates and bug fixes. I wish they would stop trying to provide content. Just sell me your damn service and leave me alone.

    • http://androidpolice.com GAL O

      "One person likes this"

  • Asphyx

    Be careful with any new Moto Updates as they all appear to lock out root and if I'm not mistaken ADB which makes it very difficult to get it back!