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At this point, the list of HTC devices that will receive ICS isn't new - they initially announced most of them via Facebook on February 9, and expanded the list a little (again via Facebook) just over a week later. Now, the company has posted the list on the HTC Blog. While there are no surprises to be found, at least they're going super official with the announcement - and putting things in nice list form:

Here’s the scoop. The following HTC devices are confirmed to get a tasty treat of Ice Cream Sandwich:

  • DROID Incredible 2 by HTC
  • HTC Amaze 4G
  • HTC Desire S
  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC EVO 3D
  • HTC EVO Design 4G
  • HTC Incredible S
  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC Sensation XL
  • HTC Sensation 4G
  • HTC Sensation XE
  • HTC Raider
  • HTC Rezound
  • HTC Rhyme
  • HTC Thunderbolt
  • HTC Vivid

The company provides no real guide for timing aside from the Sensation devices, whose update will be rolling out over to carriers over the next few weeks. From there, it's up to carriers to slap on their bloat customizations and roll it out to customers. For other devices.... well, they don't provide even a rough estimate of time, though given most manufacturers' history with update schedules, that's probably for the best.

[Source: HTC blog]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Kursch1672

    Sad to see HTC Evo 4G is not on the list.

  • Scott

    Love how the links to Amazon Wireless reference android police in the URL :p

  • K2kool

    yeh I was hopeing too but not surprised. It has had 3 of the updates

  • Guest

    Yeah /\ Exactly! what is the deal with the lack of HTC EVO View 4G support? Come on HTC!

  • Bruce Banner

    No tmobile g2. My next phone won't be by htc, I can guarantee that much. It's more than capable of running ics.

    • Monochrome

      But like every company HTC want to make money from selling new phones. So it doesn't matter that it's capable of running ICS.

      • Bruce Banner

        You're right, but htc won't be making that money off of me. I guess i'll give in and spring for the galaxy nexus.

    • Matt Bernard

      Andromadus Alpha v13 looks pretty decent. CM9 will come to your device sometime in the future anyway. No worries.

  • mastermind26

    So why is it that a custom rom running ICS can work pretty well on the EVO 4G, but HTC says it will not support the phone?

    • Justin

      Because they want you to buy a new phone. Like the HTC EVO One.

  • Mark

    No G2?? WOOOOOOOOOW. Thanks a lot for supporting the people that support you, HTC. >_>

  • Nick

    Thunderbolt user here. Too little, too late. I have a year left on my contract with this piece of trash and I'm getting anything but an htc. most likely an iphone, if I'm going to be honest. I'd type more but my battery is dying. No joke.

    • Matt Bernard

      The Thunderbolt can be had for $150 on ebay. Its seems to be a good phone already and ICS would probably make it better. It was the first LTE radio phone anyway, they worked out the kinks. I would not put it down.

    • Tyler

      I too am a Thunderbolt owner who got the Thunderbolt at 2 weeks after its release. I also got the extended battery, which I wasn't fully impressive with until I started putting the latest ROMs on it back in August. I now use Thunderstick Gen II 2.5.6 and Thunderstick Sense 3.0 Full Blown and get superb battery life on both of them with my extended battery. The reboot issue is also long-gone and my Thunderbolt is a superb phone that has become more capable than my brother's non-rooted Bionic.
      I was thrilled about HTC's announcement and am looking forward to some amazing ICS roms that would be able to extend my phones life for 2 more years if I really wanted to. I'll be good until my contract ends for sure. HTC has superb build quality compared to Motorola, Samsung, and LG's plasticky feel.

  • Joe

    A custom rom is usually mixed up of various bits and pieces and is worked on to run on a phone but it.doesnt mean its a true ics port. It could be missing parts that cant run on the phone and replaced.with dev solutions that wouldnt normaly be in the rom.

    Htc is trying to port a true ics rom to.the phone and it probably doesnt run well and would make the phone slow or unstable in areas and that would become bad press for them to.release a update that made your phone run slower or unstable.

    • http://dorkitude.tumblr.com Evan

      How exactly is something built from the ICS source with drivers and kernels either ported from other devices or build from scratch not an ICS "port"?

      If I am understanding you, if a developer has to change anything from the source released from Google, it is not a true ICS build. That means that what HTC is releasing isn't a true ICS build, since they are changing the UI and are supplementing functionality with their own apps. (HTC changes the clock, weather, camera.. they add their own apps, they add carrier bloatware. How is this different than a CM9 build with their tweaks and improvements?)

      HTC not supporting certain phones has nothing to do with stability. The various builds of ICS for the Evo 4G show that it can be done, and if developers were able to get their hands on a few unreleased drivers they would have fully functioning roms.

      The lack of support for some phones has everything to do with phones reaching their "end of life" and no longer being supported or developed for officially. This is a business of advancing, and if HTC or any company had to support every phone that could run ICS, they wouldn't be able to get anything new done.

      • Tyler

        Very well said. Whether developers are developers for big phone manufacturers, or freelancers who do it for the fun and the learning, they still are creating software solutions that meet the consumer's needs. Companies like HTC could benefit immensely from hiring all these amazing developers that build ROMs for free.

      • George Marnick

        true story bro' agree!

  • Gogol

    My source told me the update will come late 2013 ...

    • http://smidgensjourney.wordpress.com Jim

      So sometime early 2014.

      • Tyler

        So in other words, mid-2016 :P

  • BFZ

    Way to go HTC! After your superb Nexus One, I made the mistake of getting an LG o2x. Now I have pre-ordered your One X and I know I wont be disappointed!

  • Jonathan

    i wish i was a billionaire i would buy/start my own wireless provider.

    No bloatware, Super fast updates, and no BS

    • Mark

      Seriously I'd be a provider who contracted to Samsung/HTC/Motorola/whoever for phones concentrating solely on high end specs and hardware stability. I'd then pay Cyanogenmod and his team and maybe other top developers on xda to build the firmwares for the phones. The developers on XDA release updates far faster than any manufacturer ever has. They'd be the perfect resource to tap to build Android for phones. Seems to be a big difference between "hacker developer" and "corporate developer".

      • George Marnick

        then, where will be the competition Official and XDA? it'll be a nightmare for everyone... patience is good and we shall wait for official update... and, btw... what is this ICS anyway? some blue shitty design :-j other than the gray one ore whatever else colors... we should use the phone originally for it's only purpose... just to talk :)) some 3310... it has 2x colors and runs snake or tanks or blocks and fellows were trilled using it... too much words for nothing :-j pay more respect the the HTC guys who gives us great phones not shitty glam plastic or extra-mega huge amoled things!

  • Shad0wguy

    Desire HD, but no Inspire 4G even though it is essentially the same phone.

    • Jeremee

      lol you can have my desire HD if you're that upset :)
      It's running a custom slut breed of ICS right now and doing good.

      I've alrady pre-purchased a ONE X though.

  • Mark

    Not a single MyTouch phone on the list huh? I mean, the MyTouch 4G Slide is a Dual Core phone, awesome camera, keyboard, etc. and more than capable of running ICS.

  • G4N0N

    I very Sad .... No Support to Mytouch 4g .... Glacier

    T-T ... why? HTC why?

  • Anthony

    Carriers should provide an option to purchase a phone with no bloat and vanilla android, just add $$$ to the price of the phone. It would make a lot of people happy and keep carriers pockets filled. Simple solution.

  • Brandon

    Yes! Official ICS got my G2!

  • brfield

    Oh wait, I read that wrong. That's a desire s listed, not desire z. Damn it lol

  • Guest

    I'm selling my dumb HTC EVO view 4g. What's the point if HTC won't support it. I knew I should have just went with the Asus Transformer like I originally wanted. Thanks HTC! What a joke of a company!

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski

      HTC has said that the EVO View & Flyer would be getting ICS after the phones. I don't remember where I read that, but you can Google for it.

  • crackinthewall

    I was starting to lose respect for HTC after all the shenanigans concerning the Desire but this made me consider them as the top Android manufacturer. Samsung support is for their Galaxy line is almost nil when you consider that phones and tablets which are supposedly just as if not more powerful than the Desire S, Desire HD, and Incredible S would only be getting a value pack. Glad to see HTC man up to the mess they made with releasing a gazillion Android devices in a year.

  • azrash

    to Desire Z/G2 owners. Chris Ward is organizing a petition for HTC to update HTC Desire Z to ICS. it'll be great if we can garner more support for this http://www.change.org/petitions/htc-release-an-android-4-0-update-for-the-htc-desire-z

  • SP

    No DesireZ support with ICS? It's a joke?

  • rakesh

    I just signed the petition for getting ICS on Desire Z :)

  • stef

    any idea if htc flyer will get it then or nothtc flyer will get it

  • Jonathan

    the desire Z has a .8ghz snapdragon

    why would they put ICS on it?

    ive got mt samsung captivate running a ICS rom and it runs great. If sammy isnt going to update a former flagship phone, why would HTC upgrade?

    i didnt follow the 100 HTC phones that came out in 2011 so i could be wrong.