Widgets are one of Android's best advantages over other mobile platforms. Unfortunately, not as many app developers give attention to widgets as we'd like, which only makes us appreciate Beautiful Widgets even more. The famous clock/weather/battery widget developer, LevelUp Studio, is updating its suite of widgets with support for multiple weather forecasts and, more awesome than that, a web store for discovering/installing widget skins.

2012-03-14 17h26_33

Taking a cue from Google's Play Store*, you can connect your Google account to the Beautiful Widgets Skins Market and automagically send skins to your device over the air and apply them without ever touching your device. Once the app is updated on your device, head into the settings to select a Google account to use, and then log in on the web store with that same account. After that, download and apply skins to your heart's content.

This is a huge improvement over the old way of finding skins which consisted of a giant scrollable list on your device. The site also has a Skin Mixer that allows you to customize your own widget skin from a selection of backgrounds, text styles, and decorations, which you can then send directly to your phone just like any of the other, pre-built skins.

2012-03-14 17h45_04

Beautiful Widgets has always been a staple of good widget design: highly customizable, powerful, and useful. The new Skin Market, though, is a huge addition to an already great product. If you're not already using Beautiful Widgets, head to the Store to download the widget pack and add one to your homescreen to get started. Current users just need to update to the new version to get access to all the new hotness.

* Nope, still doesn't sound right.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Deanna

    I use Fancy Widget. I have always been aware of Beautiful Widget, and its more downloads and all. But the widget looks... well, ugly. It looks ugly. The same basic idea, yet one is ugly.

    Lately Fancy Widget has seemed different, with no updates seemingly no severe weather updates like before. I wonder what it means. What I'd really like is a Samsung Clock/Weather widget!!

    • doodle

      I absolutely agree, don't like BW too. Do you use old Fancy Widget or new Fancy Widgets? The old one is no longer supported, but the new is still updated. If you bought the Pro version earlier you can use your order number to activate pro features in the new version.

  • Dandmcd

    Nice to keep getting all these nice updates, and I only paid 10 cents for this app, haha! I like the changes, and the widget market looks great. They must still be doing very well to not have to push out a new app to make more money.

  • http://rwj.me Richard W. Jones

    BW keeps on crashing the launcher on my TF101 (ICS). The only way the launcher is stable is by removing the combined clock/weather widget. Kinda defeats the object of buying the app in the first place.

  • a

    Hi guys,

    I would appreciate if you could try my new game : https://play.google.com/store/...

    Thank you

    • Cory

      Tried it & it nstalled a bunch of malware on my phone, thanks buddy!!!!

  • Matt

    I am trying to download a skin and it tells me I have no device attached to my account...I have BW installed on ,y Bionic and on my original droid. Any ideas?

    • toodles

      You have to associate your Android device with your email address (check the app settings for that option), then log in on the website.

      • JonathaN

        where in the settings?

        • http://www.levelupstudio.com Jorodan

          In the settings from the app in the launcher.

  • AndyE

    I don't understand the fuzz about beautiful widgets.
    I bought it, it looked ugly and refunded (back then when was able to refund after 24 hours).
    After some time I always read how nice widget this is and bought it again (lost refund option). Really tried to like it but it just looked so ugly and not nice and now haven't used it. There are much better, more nice looking widgets for free on market.
    Would recommend to avoid this.

    • http://www.levelupstudio.com Jorodan

      try to install alternative skins ;)

  • Isidhu

    I dont know about you guys but the market is not working for me. gives me a cannot display error, not sure y

  • Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    For an app called "Beautiful Widgets", it sure is ugly.