In 2011, Archos put out two lines of tablets: the low end (and lesser relevant) Arnova line, and the higher-end G9 series - its first to receive Google certification (which is required in order to offer the Play Store). This year, we can expect a bit more rearranging from the company, as it will offer three lines of tablet: the low-end Arnova, mid-range Elements, and high-end G10xs series.

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The company today unveiled some details about the G10xs series, revealing that it will be intro-ing three new high-end devices this year, including 7-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch models. All of the aforementioned models are said to come in at a shockingly thin 7.6mm and include an optional Transformer-like keyboard dock, as well as the all-important Google certification.

There's no word on when this new line will ship, but they should be available in both the U.S. and Europe.

[Arctablet, Liliputing; Thanks, Nikita!]

Cameron Summerson
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  • George C

    I can't say I've ever wanted an Archos Tablet unless it was free. The few I've played with feel cheap, even the G9. I have low hopes for this one too.

  • Chris Webster

    Has to be cheaper than that Asus TF101, with the dock. And bring some reasonable specs without the bloat and custom skins. Oh wait, I should just get the Asus!

    • Rob L

      Bloat? Never heard Archos accused of that before... it's not like they normally add very much at all - except things like support for VOB playback and 5.1 audio, which is usually considered a selling point...

  • Dan

    I have had an Archos tablet and a Motorola XOOM. The only difference between the two is the build quality. If they improve on this then they will be on for a winner.

  • http://ARMdevices.net Charbax

    You're mixing things up a bit. The Archos Elements comes in 7" $129, 8" $149 and 10.1" $199, Archos has not yet announced the sizes for the G10 Series to be released later.