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I've been on some sort of Galaxy Nexus case-review-a-thon for the past several weeks, but there are so many options out there, it's hard to pick just one. And of course, if you're on a budget (and who isn't?) you probably don't want to buy ump-teen different cases to snag the perfect one. That's what we're here for, after all - to help you make the best purchase decision possible.

If you read any of my past case reviews, then you probably know that I was a big fan of the Seidio cases, and today we're going to take a look at some comparable cases from a company called Incipio: the Feather, NGP, and Silicrylic.

All Incipio cases include an on-device screen protector, so I'm not going to mention that in each individual review. Just know that the screen will be protected regardless of which case you buy.

These cases hit a little bit lighter in the wallet than the Seidio cases, but does that also mean a lower quality product? Not necessarily.


wm_2012-03-02 14.08.14 wm_2012-03-02 14.08.38 wm_2012-03-02 14.11.58

Let's start with the lightest of the three first, shall we? The feather is a simple polycarbonate snap-on shell that primarily protects the back and sides of the device.

Price: $24.99 ($12-22 on Amazon)

Where to Buy: Incipio, Amazon

Colors Available: Black, Pink, Blue, and Gray

The Bottom Line: If you're looking for minimal protection and a case that can snap on and off in mere seconds, it's really hard to beat the Incipio feather case.

The Good

  • Lightweight and durable - it's less than 1mm thick
  • Very easy to put on/take off
  • Bright, vibrant colors

The Bad

  • Doesn't protect the top or bottom of the phone
  • The camera cutout could be a little more precise
  • Doesn't provide much protection against drops

While the feather doesn't provide much in the way of drop protection, it does prevent the device from getting scratched up without adding much bulk in the process. However, it doesn't provide the most complete protection - Incipio decided to leave the top and bottom of the device completely exposed. With that said, the corners of the device are still protected for the most part, so if you do happen to drop the phone whilst in the feather case, it's likely to still come out unscathed.

wm_2012-03-02 14.21.22 wm_2012-03-04 14.00.02

My other quarrel with this case is the camera opening. I would like for the camera cutout to be a little more precise, as part of the battery door is still visible around the camera. It's not a deal breaker by any means, but it's definitely an annoyance.

wm_2012-03-02 14.10.46

Despite these minor downsides, the feather is still a very nice case and is a great choice for anyone looking for the most minimal protection.


wm_2012-03-02 14.12.07 wm_2012-03-02 14.12.52 wm_2012-03-02 15.37.23

The NGP takes a que from the all-silicone cases from the days of ol', replacing the sticky, dust-collecting material with a new semi-rigid dense polymer. The result is a stiffer, less sticky case than traditional silicone, but there's one major downside: button presses aren't tangible.

Price: $19.99 ($14-19 on Amazon)

Where to Buy: Incipio, Amazon

Colors Available: Black, Pink, Gray

The Bottom Line: If you can get past the fact that you won't be able to feel any sort of movement when pressing the power/volume buttons, the NGP case is absolutely stellar. It feels great, provides decent protection, and provides a smooth look because of its unibody design.

The Good

  • Super easy to apply on the device
  • Looks and feels great
  • Allows access to the three-pin connector

The Bad

  • Power/Volume buttons aren't tangible
  • The case is slightly slick, which could lead to more drops

The NGP case is basically a step-up from the feather - it provides more protection and covers the entire device. The polymer shell is easy enough to manipulate that it's easy to apply to/remove from the device, yet it's still rigid enough that it feels solid in the hand.

wm_2012-03-02 14.14.46

Then there is the aspect of the tangibility of the buttons - or lack thereof, rather. I was so pleased with every aspect of this case, not being able to actually feel the button presses was a major downer to an otherwise flawless accessory. Perhaps one solution that Incipio could look into for the future is adding a silicone element to the case in areas where buttons are located on the underlying device. Until that day comes, however, it's hard for me to really get behind this case.

wm_2012-03-02 14.15.07 wm_2012-03-02 14.15.23

However, if button tangibility isn't something that is necessarily important to you (it definitely is to me), then this case is absolutely outstanding for what it is. It provides a nice level of protection for the money, leaves precisely-cut openings to all required ports and the rear camera, and the finish is smooth and seamless.


wm_2012-03-02 14.16.58 wm_2012-03-02 14.18.33 wm_2012-03-02 15.14.41

The Silicrylic is the "tank case" of the Incipio family. It consists of a soft silicon under-layer wrapped in a hard polycarbonate outer shell, comparable to the Otterbox Commuter or the Seidio Active case.

Price: $29.99 ($18-25 on Amazon)

Where to Buy: Incipio, Amazon

Colors available: Black/black, pink/white, gray/black, black/purple

The Good

  • Very durable
  • Two layers for maximum protection
  • All buttons remain tangible

The Bad

  • Slightly cumbersome to apply
  • Adds some bulk to the device

If you live an active lifestyle and want to make sure your phone is will protected, then the Silicrylic is the case for you.

wm_2012-03-02 14.18.56

The biggest downside of the Silicrylic case is how cumbersome it can be to put on the device. Everything has to line up perfectly, otherwise it just looks... funky. Since the silicone under-layer is soft and thin, it actually shifts ever-so slightly when the outer shell comes into play, thus causing the two to not fit together quite right. A little tweaking and stretching will get everything put into place, so it's really just a minor annoyance, especially if you plan on putting the device in the case and leaving it that way.

Once the device is in the case, though, it feels quite good. The back is a bit slippery, but it's really nothing major (and definitely no worse than the device without a case). All ports are easily accessible and button presses are tangible, making this case an excellent choice overall if you need this level of protection.

wm_2012-03-02 14.19.12 wm_2012-03-02 14.19.54


Overall, I think that these Incipio cases provide pretty good bang-for-your-buck, especially if you're a fan of their other products. Each case may have its own set of downsides, but all-in-all, they're well made, functional, and do exactly what they were intended to do: protect your investment.


feather: Incipio, Amazon

NGP: Incipio, Amazon

Silicrylic: Incipio, Amazon

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Joe

    Thanks for all of the great case reviews. However while you're at it is there any chance you could review some cases that are of the belt clip persuasion? Such as sliding holsters, or maybe even Tech21's horizontal and vertical leather holsters? I know there have to be a good number of people (like me) who can't even imagine carrying this big phone around in their pocket. I've tried/purchased the VZW OEM holster/case, as well as the Qmadix case (basically the same thing), and also the Seidio Surface combo, and I'm not really a big fan of any of them for one reason or another. Thinking next I might try the Tech21 leather holster with a Cruzer Lite Androidified case on the phone itself. Anyways just my 2 cents!

    • Cameron Summerson

      Just sent a request to Tech21. We'll see what they say. ;)

      • Joe

        Nice! You're the man!

  • David

    I have the 3rd case in this list (the Silicrylic) and I absolutely love it. As for the complaint that it adds bulk, not really. Obviously it does add some, but I compared it to my friend's regular silicone case and it was pretty much the same, and mine is better protected, and it feels just fine in the pocket. Yes, it is a little difficult to get in the case, but you get used to it. It's worth it for the extra protection. Everything fits just great with the Verizon extended battery as well.

  • http://www.cricketusers.com Keri Whitney Newsom

    I have the black silicrylic case on my Galaxy Nexus and I hate it. It scratches easily and slips a whole lot. Plus it makes my phone look like a mans phone... Buuuuut it is durable when it comes to being dropped. I dropped mine down the balcony on accident and it landed on rocks and it was fine. Just a scratch on my case on the underside.

  • ted

    What cases have the pogo pin cutouts? I'll move to these from my defender if the sycrillic has those

    • Cameron Summerson

      The NGP case has an opening for the Pogo connector.

  • Bojan

    I have a white Silicrylic case I got at the Verizon store, and while I love the protection, there's a huge problem with it... It's not white anymore. After less than a month of use, it's turned an ugly shade of pink/yellow. Here's pics of the inside (Original color) and the outside (Ugly)


    • Tyler

      time to bust out the spraypaint dude!

  • Luly

    Out of all the cases that I've bought, SGP Ultra Hybrid is simply the best.

    It's so thin and slick yet offers decent level of protection unlike all other thin cases out there. The cutouts are PERFECT and Buttons are SO easy to press because they used a different material for the buttons.

    But the downside is, it only fits perfectly with the GSM phone.

    • Cameron Summerson

      The Ultra Capsule or the Neo Hybrid? I think you threw the names together there. ;)

      • Luly

        It's really Ultra Hybrid. Ya the names can be confusing but it's not the same case as Ultra Capsule or Ultra Hybrid.


        • Luly

          Not the same as Neo Hybrid*

          Darn the confusing names. LOL.

        • Cameron Summerson

          Ah, gotcha. I have a few of the Ultra Capsule cases and can confirm that they don't fit the LTE Nexus 100% perfectly, but I actually kind of like the fit. The outside of the case just hits the top of the phone and gives a really smooth look.

          Full review (and maybe a little something extra) for a couple of SPIGEN products coming soon. ;)

  • Sorian

    How would you compare Silicrylic with Seidio's Convert? Or with Otterbox's Defender?

    • Cameron Summerson

      The Silicrylic is more akin to Seidio's Active series or the Otterbox Commuter, so the Defender and Convert will provide more protection overall.

      With that said, if maximum protection is what you're after, you can't go wrong with the Seidio Convert. It's an absolute beast.

  • haim199125

    Hi thanks for the review!! I am looking for a case that doesnt add bulk to the phone and that i can feel on it the press of the power and volume button and to get a feedback from the press..i am searching for days and didnt find, i have the gsm with the ext. Battery, thanks!

  • Mark Tulchinsky

    Just got my incipio case and I really like it, much cheaper than the Otterbox. Bought mine for only $12.9 at https://itechcase.myshopify.com