Glu Mobile (makers of Bonsai Blast and a slew of other games) has treated Android users to another gem, combining powerful samurai, devilish zombies, and a stylized, adorable art style to make Samurai vs Zombies Defense.

Samurai vs Zombies is reminiscent of tower defense-style games, centering each level around defending a gate. Instead of simply setting up turrets and guns, however, SvZ allows players to go mobile, running toward packs of zombies and attacking them with typical sword swipes or special powerups. Players can also unlock other characters (which are the equivalent of new turrets) to aide in the fray.

The only negative point I can find with this game is its automatic-attack gameplay dynamic, in which moving close to a zombie causes your character to automatically slash the zombie. This is a minor complaint, especially given the availability of powerups and special characters, but I think a bit more attack control would be awesome.

A major plus, in my book, is SvZ's art style. The environments are thoughtfully designed, and the overall aesthetic is not only cohesive, but pleasing. The environments also have a nice amount of detail without being too distracting.

Screenshot_2012-03-13-16-39-29 Screenshot_2012-03-13-16-40-37 Screenshot_2012-03-13-16-41-02

Overall, Glu's latest entry to Android's gaming portfolio is a fun, well-styled adventure that's great to pick up and play when you have a few spare minutes. Best of all, the game is totally free at the Play Store. It's worth noting beforehand, though, that SvZ requires a secondary download, causing the game to finally weigh in at a plump 149MB. Just hit the widget below to grab the download.

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • Marius

    It's a nice game indeed, but to me it looks like a Paladog rip-off. Nothing new or innovative.

    • mekmek

      I'm in level 43 now but until now i cant use nobunaga. my upgrade stops on 50 on which nobunaga is 55 upgrade. what will i do? pls help

  • Aaron

    Glu Mobile seems to make a lot of games that look nice or interesting, but I really don't feel like installing any of them with all of those permissions. I wish they would make paid versions and drop whatever they have going on in there.

  • Jimmy Li

    It's a nice game with a refreshing change from traditional defense type. However, I got stuck on stage 24 or 25 before uninstalling it. Getting past these stages you need to buy stuff actual stuff. Which stinks.

  • anon

    @Jimmy You don't need to pay to progress(at the very least not that early). I'm past level forty and haven't spent anything and am not stuck yet.

    Some tips:use the samurai to hold off the enemies for as long as possible at the beginning by himself. Knock them back, bait their attacks, dodge back, and then move in close again. You'll still lose ground but this will typically buy you the time to get at least leadership 2 but shoot for 3(expanding the bar once/twice). This not only makes your bar longer but also lets you gain energy quicker.

    Ideally use Nobunaga to tank damage and spam ninjas girls(archers if you haven't unlocked the ninjas) as cheap ranged firepower.
    Once you start seeing bombs get your gate to level 2, once you start seeing large bombs push to level three. This will let your gate soak up damage at the very beginning giving you the time to improve leadership on the few levels where they rush with a ton of bombs at the beginning. Also don't chase the bombs on levels where there's only a few, the ones who get by you will be taken out by the ninjas anyways.
    Use hurricane to take out enemy archers behind their front line.
    Save revives in case you mess up on a level where you got some great drops like glu coins.

    Invest in samurai sword/bow, ninja girls/archers, hurricane, and the gate as mentioned earlier.
    So far with the free coins I've gotten(all except 4 were boss level rewards, the other four were rare drops) I've upgraded Nobunaga, followed by the ninjas girls to 6, and Nobunaga again. This tactic might fail if you're using the coins on other things.

  • carl carter

    Ive completed wave 50 without paying a penny to the game