If you've thought about using GrooVe IP to give this whole VoIP (voice-over-IP) thing a try but were reluctant to drop a five-spot for an app that may or may not ever use again, we have good news. GrooVe IP Lite just landed in the Play Store, and it offers nearly all of the same features as its $5 brother for, well, nothing.

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There are only a few minor things that are not available in the Lite version of the app:

  • Calls over a mobile data connection not just Wi-Fi
  • Native dialer integration
  • Proximity sensor support
  • Change sign in status or sign in invisible

If none of those sound like features you'd want out of a VoIP app, then GrooVe IP Lite should fit the bill perfectly. Hit the widget to grab it.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Deltaechoe

    I saw this a few days ago when I went to install groove IP on my tablet after my phone died and I needed to make a call. I can say that this app (at least the paid one and probably the free one as well) have saved my butt several times because my nexus has absolutely terrible battery life. It is refreshing to make a call from any android device and not have it affect your (limited) carrier minutes. I primarily use groove IP when calling places that will put me on hold for a long time, but i'm trying to get my friends to switch to using my google voice number.

    A word of advice if you use this alot, don't forget to turn it on if you reboot your phone and haven't set it to autostart.

  • Yourissues

    I LOVE THIS APP (the paid version), it has allowed me to call my family while deployed overseas when the phones are all backed up. Easy to use and well worth it, great for people on a prepaid plan that mostly talk when they are home.

  • http://www.itswordpress.com Geoffrey @ It’s WordPress

    I am a fan and owner of the paid version. Best money I've spent on an app in a long time and what minor questions I had were answered by the developer personally the same day I reached out to him. I highly recommend it. Coupled with a mobile hotspot or wifi, its a game changer.

  • sriracha

    this is basically google voice type service, yes? and it uses google voice to function, yes? and didn't these guys get a C&D from gvoice for using "GV" as their logo?

    • Deltaechoe

      It got pulled from the market because google thought that it implied that it was affiliated with google when it isn't. So the name was changed and everything is hunky dory now

      • sriracha

        thanks, i thought i remembered something about that. and judging by a couple comments below, i am correct about the first two questions.

  • Sam

    What happens to this app when Google stops giving free calls in 2013 and beyond?

  • Flatlinebb

    Any comments on the reports that your gmail account will be accessed from Norway after inputting your gmail details in the app? Can anyone confirm or debunk?

  • Deltaechoe

    I haven't had my google account locked for suspicious activity yet, so not a debunk but looks legit from my standpoint

  • Flatlinebb

    Also, I already have Google Voice, but my GV number is integrated with my carrier, Sprint. My GV number is the same as my cell number. Can I still use Groove IP? Would I have to get another GV number?

    • xhazyx

      You're good to go, just install and sign in with your Google info.

  • gergert

    Maybe it is time to change the Android market icon to so-called Google Play.

  • Deon

    Already purchased the pro version in the past. Great app.

  • Deon

    So purchase a cheap MetroPCS Android phone for $39, no service just turn on wifi. get a free google voice number and this free app and you have a cheap home phone.Nice.

    • deltaechoe

      Pretty much the idea

  • Ryan

    Spare phone is another option to consider. That's what I use.

  • Joe Nobody

    so this is their response to Talkatone being ported to Android huh?

  • derek

    i love this app!!!! get the paid version. its worth it.

  • a
  • taco

    "So pay for minutes just like the current Google voice app."

    No, not like the google voice app at all. With that you currently have to pay your carrier for voice service, while this would mean paying google for google voice minutes and not needing a voice plan at all.

  • Farhanadance

    why does groove ip lite log you out when you turn off the phone or it goes into sleep mode?

  • The Hauge

    I have been using Groove IP for about 6 months. Better than Google Voice. It gives detailed list of calls and unlike Google Voice works by letting me make calls that are not billed to my Verizon minutes. The calls are clear but a bit delayed so you are always talking over each other. Other IP systems to the similar. This app lets you adjust to minimize noise and echo. I paid the $5.00 bucks for the pro version and am happy over all with its performance. Looking forward to improved performance

  • Shyboy Cali

    It constantly cuts my internet off ...plus when i make calls it cuts me off in 10 seconds...every call.

  • Craig L

    When I launch Groove IP, why does my android phone (razr m) jump off our home wireless internet, when I turn on bluetooth on the phone? then its a hassle to get all working again ,,,,,,, Thanks !!