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Straight from the horse's mouth and not yanked within minutes this time, Samsung has announced that an ICS update for the Galaxy S II (international variant) will be rolling out today throughout European markets including Poland, Hungary,  and Sweden, and also in Korea. The update will "gradually roll out to other markets."

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Of course, most of our readers are in the U.S. and, as you're probably used to hearing by now, "other markets" includes you and "gradually roll out" means "we'll get to you when we get to you". While U.S. Galaxy S II phones are based on the same hardware, there are some key differences that mean the update will take a little while longer. To say nothing of having to go through the individual carriers for testing. Still, another day, another step closer.

If you're in one of the markets listed above, or anywhere else in Europe for that matter, feel free to start checking the update section of your phone every five minutes until you finally get the update. Don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: @SamsungMobile

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  • Eduardo

    I just get it in colombia 15 minutes ago =O
    Cant believe it!!!

    • protozeloz

      What's new? Really wish you could show

  • Letsan

    Nothing yet in France (Carrier : SFR). I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer :/

  • WatcherFive

    Wow. Before the Nexus S.

    • sgtguthrie

      That was my first thought as I saw the headline...

  • Shane

    Whats your CSC code Eduardo

    • Eduardo

      What's that? I'm a noobie :P XD

  • Pauli

    Updating now in Finland :D Kohta mennään :tuoppi:

  • http://www.tncnewscentral.com chris

    Where the heck is the sprint epic touch update and is the wifi and GPS on this device a problem to anyone because my GPS wont lock at all and wifi signal is very low.

  • PeO

    For me too! Being Swede but currently in the Philippines. Working as a charm! ;-)

  • Mikey

    I really can't believe there are phones getting ICS updates right now while I have a Nexus S from Sprint but still no ICS.

    what happened to Nexus's first Google...

    • sgtguthrie

      Ya, that sucks and is a blow to the nexus brand indeed. That should come from Google right??? Google??? Should an oem be able to push out your os before you?????

    • popoji

      I already got ICS on my Nexus S last year, but problem with battery draining
      maybe that google stop the OTA after that

  • DoubleD

    Still waiting for Gingerbread update for T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy Vibrant...

    • Ronnie

      Dude, you should just root that thing. The Vibrant 4G already got gingerbread (if I'm not mistaken) while the original Vibrant was left to its fate of being stuck on Froyo. I rooted my friend's Vibrant not long ago and flashed an ICS rom from on it. He loves his Vibrant now lol

  • rayvioli

    I think that's got more to do with Sprint than Google. I mean, Google dropped official support for the 4G Galaxy Nexus cos of proprietary radio code issues, so I'm guessing this is probably why ICS for Sprint's Nexus S is also delayed? I have a GSM Nexus S i9023 and I got ICS on that back in December through OTA.

    • Justified

      What about the GSM AT&T Nexus S? It still has not received ICS. This has nothing to do with the carrier's and everything to do with Google. That is obvious.

      • rayvioli

        I'm with Vodafone Australia, and as far as I know, the AT&T version of Nexus S is ALSO carrier specific - model i9020A. The international versions are designated i9020 and i9023 (difference being AMOLED vs SLCD screen) and from what I can tell, these are the versions that's been receiving ICS OTA. So no, I think this has everything to do with carrier, and nothing to do with Google.

  • shaggyskunk

    Since when was Colombia part of Europe? I'm happy for you guys though.... And even a little jealous. :-)

  • Mibias

    What a great way to start the day. The update is out in Denmark - I'm downloading it right away.

  • http://www.android24.lt Olivijus

    Still not in the UK, hopefully after hard day at work I will get this update :)

  • http://www.modernwar.pl JigSaw

    I9100 XXLPQ Android 4.0.3 for Poland is out. Updating now.

  • Jack

    If I update will i lose all my apps and wallpapers etc?

  • Lewis

    Not in Uk yet, really want it, Gingerbread sucks, and want nova launcher

  • Dan

    UK users will start receiving updates on 19th March.


  • Justified

    When are we going to see an article on AndroidPolice about Google failing to update it's own Nexus S and 4G phones before the OEM's?

    • Ofer

      when really?!
      I'm really disappointed with my Nexus s.
      first of all - the beautiful AMOLED screen was ruined in one of the GB updates (washed-out colors) - and now - i fails to receive ICS on time.

      Google - where are you ?!?!

  • Peter

    Nothing yet in Holland

    • Peter

      Still nothing... :-(

  • weewoo

    Nothing yet in Switzerland

  • GiX

    Nothing yet in Serbia

  • http://pistika.hu/ pistika

    Hungary got it (or at least I did through Kies)

  • Mike Ysstog

    I have the US T-Mobile model but am unlocked and running in Canada (Mobilicity). I assume I'll get it when the T-Mobile version gets it but will my phone know or do I have to put a T Mobile chip back in it? Anyone know?

  • Andrea

    (Italy) I launched Kies and asked me to install further "components"...i'm doing it now...drumroll....:D

    • Andrea

      oh yes. PDA:LA3 / PHONE:KI1 / CSC:KK1 (ITV)

      • Andrea

        Nope. Did the update but it's still 2.3.6 (albeit XILA3 instead of XILA2). :-(

  • jeff donuts

    thats it unlocked for me next time

  • Orn

    Just updated in Iceland. OTA failed so I used kies which worked but after going through the new lock screen it seems stuck on Installing applications and I cant access anything except the Task Manager :(

  • http://www.tncnewscentral.com Chris Pagan

    Anyonoe experiencing issues with Epic 4G Touch on Sprint with WiFi and GPS not locking at all this is already second device.

  • Ludwig

    Got it yesterday in Austria (using a polish/PL model). The UI is neat, data consumption graph with warning level, faster UI animations, etc.
    But the update is buggy:
    a) (may be treated not a bug) all widget settings on homescreen get lost.
    b) my simple-clock widget does not update time/date occasionally.
    c) the browser: how did this manage to go through quality assurance/testing? Scrolling does not lock on y-axis, so you have to adjust the position on x- and y-axis.
    Double-tap on paragraphs does not zoom correctly. Sometimes the browser seems to be unable to calculate the width of the page, so it crops content. => unusable
    d) push mail synching seems to be not working stable - im not through with testing it (imap and k-9 mail)

    For now I am not satisfied with this update.

  • Tommy

    Considering the US has the worlds largest economy, it stands to reason that these updates should come to the US before markets in the EU.

    As to why they do not I can only surmise it has a lot to do with Carriers.

    • Jan

      You're cute. Samsung isn't even a U.S. company. Maybe if you didn't insist on using your own silly networks (and measurement units) we'd let you play with us.

  • Acc Cust

    I've been checking the update section so much that i lost hope of an update for sii in egypt
    Samsung was the first to update its devicea to ics arround the world but its the latest to do so in egypt , sonyericson among others updated its devices to ics in egypt thats why its in my recommendation list unlike samsung