After rumors, rumblings, and annoying fakes, it sounds like Instagram is just about ready to officially hit Android. In a talk with Tech Crunch, Instagram Co-Founder Kevin Systrom disclosed a few morsels of information regarding an upcoming Android launch, namely that it's coming soon.
Systrom briefly showcased the Android app on stage at SXSW, but indicated that the app isn't quite ready for a full demo. In a sensational turn of phrase, Systrom noted that "in some ways, it's better than our iOS app. It's crazy."


Android users lucky enough to be running Ice Cream Sandwich can already enjoy breezy photo sharing and "hipster filters," but many argue that those aren't the only benefits offered by Instagram.

Indeed, Instagram has proven to be a venerable social service, recently reaching 27 million registered users. It will certainly be interesting to see how the community reacts to the introduction of an official Android app.

Of course, there's still no word on when users will actually be able to get their hands on the app, but we'll be here with any new details that emerge.

Via Tech Crunch

Liam Spradlin
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  • Shawn

    every single camera app I currently have has excellent sharing capabilities. to every single social/sharing service I care about. already.
    and frankly (having played with it), the filters on instagram are sub-par to some other apps I already use.
    I believe that instagram shot themselves in the foot by delaying development on the android version. unless they have some awesome feature as of yet unmentioned, by the time it reaches the market, no one will care much.

    • Darius_bd

      What apps would you recommend?

      • Shawn

        some of the ones I am currently using:
        CameraZoomFX (easy, fun)
        Camera360Ultimate (super easy, a little silly, but nice effects)
        Vignette (not very "easy/fun", but superb filters, effects, almost "pro" like)
        Little Photo (somewhere in-between all that)
        Pro HDR Cam (a little hard to use, slow, but if used right can make some Brilliant pics)
        there are several others i use for different things, like pana, time lapse...
        but those are my faves. and ALL will share directly to FB, G+, gmail, picasa...

        • http://gthing.net sam

          Good recommendations, but I'd steer clear of Camera Zoom FX. I've lost way too many great photos to that buggy pile of garbage to count.

    • Mark

      Honestly, no, they haven't. Every competing camera app has awful UI/UX, Instagram has a brand which is very well known. People don't care about features. They care about things that are easy to use, and they care about what their friends are using. No one shares their Lightbox/etc photos on Facebook/Twitter/etc, but instagram is huge, with millions of users on iPhone. It will be massively successful on Android.

      • Shawn

        well, we'll see, huh?
        i very vehemently disagree re: UI. there are several cam apps with insta-like UI features, while I don't generally use them.
        (camera360 being a great example)

        and as far as "no one shares their (android app) photos on (insert socialnetwork here)"? ridiculous. everyone I know on any social network sharing pics, a good half own android phones, and that slice is growing every day. and funny thing, none of them have instagram. but "somehow" they manage to share some pretty stunning stuff.

        • Shawn

          further, as far as I can see it, the only thing insta has going for it is the facebook-like network outside of it's ability to share to other sites.
          frankly, I would be interested in sharing/searching pics that way, on their "exclusive" network, but would rather use vignette to take Far Superior pics to share there.

    • http://gthing.net sam

      The only part of Instagram to care about is the social part. And only if you know lots of girls.

  • http://www.androidapphighlights.com Leif

    For filters and such stuff the FX Photo Editor which launched few days ago is awesome. Especially since you can stack filters and change opacity and such things. Using it since beta and don't to miss it. They also made a beautiful promo video

  • http://androidpandora.blogspot.com/ Myself

    lol Instagram, 6 months since their last "soon"

    two words: too late

  • sriracha

    angry birds, world of goo, temple run, instagram: for android users with iEnvy.

    • Shawn

      lol @ world of goo. a game released in '08.
      then in '11 released on Both android and iO.

      temple run. i honestly can't imagine why anyone would GAF about that game. regardless of the device. boring as sh*t.

      no one here has iEnvy, my friend. ;-)

      • sriracha

        the Only reason anybody is anticipating temple run or instagram is because these apps are/were popular with the Dark Side.

        android already has equivalents that are not-so-popular because they did not release on apple devices first. keep telling yourself there is no iEnvy, the news blogs and related comments say otherwise.

        • http://ggkthx.org/ Sumatori-kun

          There's no problem with "iEnvy" because... Guess what? They don't exist on Android, or if they do exist, it's usually a shitty, unofficial port.

        • AntiAndroid

          They're in denial.

  • http://www.telefonuygulamalari.net Celal

    Waiting for the soon to come android interface. Instagram will hit the bomb when it releases that. Hope to see it soon.

  • arunasena

    Instagram = InstaLATE better cam apps out in the market with similar sharing abilities

  • Fakhri

    yeah whats the advantage of instagram than say camera zoom fx?

    • J Rush

      None. Camera ZOOM FX has all the features Instagram has and then some.

      • Fakhri

        yeah ive used my wife's iphone a few times, maybe not enough to warrant a more informed opinion, but just seems like zoom fx is the clear better app.

        • http://ggkthx.org/ Sumatori-kun

          Yeah, too bad Camera ZOOM FX is a shitty application that removes photos when it crashes. 10 fucking bug reports and they are still trying to pinpoint the problem.

    • http://gthing.net sam

      The main benefit over camera zoom fx is that it doesn't constantly fail to save your photos or save the wrong ones. That app is so damn buggy.

      • Cory

        Damn, saw u trash CamZoomFX everytime some1 mentioned it. Sucks that it didnt work out for u bc ive used it on mutiple phones since it came out & never had a problem with it. Also IMO, i find the UI/UX is the perfect balance between simple & advanced. What are u using instead??

      • Adam

        Lol, say something new. Clearly you're one of the few with a bad experience.

        There are a number of possible issues...your SD card being one, human error that you will never admit to being another...

        • http://ggkthx.org/ Sumatori-kun

          Yes, it's human error when you're just OPENING the app and TAKING a picture.

          Human error my ass. BTW, this is when saving to the device's internal storage.

  • meshal

    its not about filter and the capability. its about the community. i want the app just to join my friends there.. thats it.

  • Eddie

    The best filter app for Android is DEFINITELY 'Pixlr-o-matic.'
    It has TONS of filters with the app, plus tons more to download, as well as lighting effects and borders. Real quality filters too.

  • daytob

    I use magic hour. got it from GetJar and I have tried all the other ones. I found Magic hour the best and the amount of filters is amazing. plus on GetJar its free.

  • fabrizio

    it's not a very famous app, but I find it the one with the best UI

    and for the best filter I think this is still the one to go (don't take the samples as a reference they are horrible, it really has the most amazing B/W around)

  • Yod-b

    Well, I kinda never used Instagram, but I have Camera Zoom FX, and I have to say I really don't like it. The pictures are just not as good as the built-in camera app. Yeah, there are plenty of overlays, but still takes bad pictures.

  • Sketaful

    I got Camera Zoom FX when it was for sale for almost nothing. After tried it some I don't think I'd use it even for free.
    Vignette on the other hand is awesome. Love that app and together with picplz I've got everything I need for sharing my pictures.

  • Danny365

    I bought most of the better camera apps, like Camera FX Zoom, Vignette, HDR Camera+, Paper Camera, but I'll use Instagram instead, because well... It's Instagram.

    • Sketaful

      Now you sound like people that uses iphone because, well, it's Iphone... :P

  • Anonymau5

    Streamzoo is an awesome alternative to Instagram that we have on Android. I am fully enjoying it.

  • Ross

    I use imageshrink - great for a quick resize to send while leving the file at hi res. (Or am I just old fashioned?? ) The fact this was a "i" app will mean the trendys & "creative" types will snap it up - I liked Systroms comments tho - Yep - It may well be better - just like the antennaes and batteries ay? That's what you get for being in such a rush Apple

    • http://www.socialcubix.com/ Facebook Development

      Really spontaneous site and i am really awesome impressive to me.

  • http://xyrer.wordpress.com Xyrer

    I use pixlr-o-matic and i'm happy with it, share those pics on twitter and facebook at the same time via mobypicture, so what has instagr.am to offer me?

  • Isabelle

    I have been waiting for instagram so long.
    I used to be instagram user when using iphone. Now i turn to galaxy note, i feel bored without this app, i miss all my friend..
    May i know when would this app release for android??