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We'd heard whispers that the Galaxy S II might be getting an update to Android 4.0 on March 10th. After the announcement was immediately yanked from Samsung's site, we were skeptical. It turns out those suspicions were confirmed tonight via Samsung's official Twitter account. The date was errantly posted by Samsung's Filipino arm.

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While the SGSII may not be receiving its update tomorrow, this does at least let us know that Samsung is working on it. Not that we really doubted, but after nearly four months, it's nice to hear some official word, even if it took an internet rumor to get it. It's also worth noting that whenever that update does happen, it's unlikely that US variants will receive the update at the same time, since the software still needs to get run by the carriers.

Grab a snack, fellow SGSII owners. We've still got a bit of waiting to do for this one. When updates do start to roll out, though, we'll make sure you know for sure.

Source: Samsung (Korean), via The Verge

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Tee

    'Samsung Galaxy S II Will Be Updated To Ice Cream Sandwich On A Day That Definitely Isn't March 10th.'

    Finally something that is absolutely true from Samsung. Boy, are we all happy about that!

    You guessed it: got enough of unfilled promises.

    • Hal Motley

      I heard it's March 15th using the logic of this post, March 15th is still possible. A lot can be done in 5 days! :-)

  • shaggyskunk

    We've heard in N. America, that the galaxy Sll sgh-i727 was going to get ICS in Q1 .....but that looks doubtful!

  • Ess

    Oh man, we got Samung'd

    • E.Graul

      Wrong site dude... Apple rumors is that way ------------------------------->...lol

    • http://gadgetstip.com/ aatif

      LOLZ samsung'd :P

  • Lon Lawrence

    still no rumors on the galaxy note except Q1, too. We are all running out of time for Q1... they'd better get their A** in gear. I have the international model, so don't have to wait for carriers to revamp it.

  • Munsoned

    WELL, it's bullshhhhhh.. like this that is making me think twice about going to the iPhone. Android developers have been p!$$!ng me off over the last year with my Samsung Captivate. I want reliability and I'm not getting it from Open Sourse OS's. The iJobs products may be severly over priced, but they are at least reliable. From one p!$$ed off Android advocate to another, Iam considering going to the darkside.

    • Erik.G

      That way------------>

  • Lon Lawrence

    iphones are simple phones for simple people. They just work. You can't do anything with them but call and text and play games, but you don't have keep waiting for the next big ios release, because there aren't any, and you don't have to keep upgrading to a better phone, because there aren't any. For people that really don't want to customize their phone (like use a different keyboard with punctuation on it), then you'd probably be happy with an iphone.

    • Munsoned

      Then maybe I will just stay away from Samsung phones because it seems, SO FAR, from what I've been reading that the Samsung developers can't see to get it right. They royale screwed up the Gingerbread update that was pushed to my Captivate. The only way to fix the glitches that I've descovered is to format my phone back to stock and lose all my info. MOST of which is covered in backup but not all.

      It's just a huge hassle.

  • spydie

    I agree with Lon Lawrence

  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/lefty2717 Ronnie

    Is Gingerbread running that badly for everyone that they despise Samsung that much for the wait? I am pleased with my phone and I hope that when ICS is released my E4GT will get it with as few bugs as possible. I would rather it be right than released to early to function properly. I hate that it will be "Sprinted" first before it gets to me but thats the breaks.

  • azumihk

    lol i think there are some haters on this site who dont even own a samsung phone but an icrap phone and want to convince people to get an icrap hahahaha. my sgs2 is running gingerbread and i will wait for ics to come. its like people here saying the sgs2 is not running good with gingerbread haha its still the best android phone out there period and i can wait a few more days or weeks for android. if it comes out now or in 2 weeks its all ok. some guys here talking about upgrade, u always need to have a clean install for new upgrade. just chill and wait for a few days, it will come anyway otherwise go to get a boring icrap phone as if that phone is getting updates every week hahaha, the os is so outdated it still looks the same as in 2007 .