Kemco Games, the team behind a slew of popular role-playing games for Android, has introduced the English version of Aeon Avenger today, bringing to market an impressively polished time-travelling RPG. Like Kemco's other RPGs, Aeon Avenger features gameplay reminiscent of old Final Fantasy adventures, and delivers a "story of revenge through time and space."

Aeon's story follows a young man named Lake, whose rural home town is attacked by "the man in black," who also murdered Lake's parents. On his quest for revenge, Lake stumbles into a time-travelling adventure with a young woman named Rean. Aeon challenges players to battle monsters, solve problems, and traverse through environments in the past, present, and future while seeking revenge for the man in black.

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Aeon Avenger has a handful of characters, whose relationships and interactions change throughout time, and carefully styled, nostalgic environments and monsters. Overall, the game seems extremely polished and well crafted, offering a cohesive, enjoyable RPG experience.

What's better, Aeon is on sale for $3.99 for a limited time - a cool $4 off its normal price. Kemco has also slashed prices on several other games, including Symphony of Eternity and Alphadia. To get your hands on Kemco's latest RPG masterpiece, just hit the Market widget below.

Liam Spradlin
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  • GraveUypo

    wow this looks to be shitty has hell and is expensive as fuck. wth is the developer thinking

    well from the rating i guess they're doing something right... still, i would never buy this.

  • OFI

    I bought it since the sale price was reasonable (wouldn't give it a 2nd glance at full price)

    Seems to be ok so far although i've got to start all over again as I very stupidly forgot to save ANY progress and only realised once I accidentally hit the home button :'-(