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Looking to make online shopping just a little more organized and manageable, Slice came to Google's Play Store today. The app promises to be "the simplest way to track and organize your purchases," and seems to deliver on that promise, efficiently and effectively finding, organizing, and storing receipts and tracking info on your Android device.

Slice automatically works with your Gmail or Yahoo Mail account, scanning for purchase receipts and tracking info, and organizes everything into a clean, easy-to-use interface. Users can track FedEx, UPS, and USPS packages with ease, getting push notifications for shipping updates, viewing a unified shipping map, and even viewing e-receipts from previous purchases.

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Besides its impressively sophisticated tracking functionality, Slice organizes purchase information, showing users just how much they've spent online, what they spent it on, and who sold it to them, all on one screen. The app can also keep track of discount vouchers from Groupon, Living Social, and Gilt City.

It's worth noting that the app currently only tracks shipments within the US, and only works with Yahoo and Gmail, but it sounds like the service may expand in the future. If you find yourself buried in an unmanageable pile of e-receipts, and like to obsessively track your purchases, Slice is definitely worth checking out. Hit the widget below to grab the download.

Liam Spradlin
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  • R

    Looks promising but the actors in the commercial were horrible

  • Tyler C

    Not compatible with my Thunderbolt? Well so much for that.

    • http://www.slice.com Slice Team

      Hi, thanks for reporting the issue. We released a 1.0.1 patch that updated the configuration to include devices like the Thunderbolt and Nexus. Please give it another shot and let us know if it works for you. Thanks!

      • JD

        I'd love to try it out too, but I'm still unable to download on a Thunderbolt running ViciousMIUI (Android 2.3.7)

      • Tyler C

        I'm running Thunderstick Full Blown Sense 3.0 v1.07 which is Android 2.3.6 and it still says it is not compatible.

  • http://www.cricketusers.com Keri Whitney Newsom

    Just downloaded it. Nice app.

  • BMaz

    So it goes trough my email, looking for items I have purchased.
    Uh,, no thanks.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      TripIt uses the same approach, and it works great. But people trust TripIt. I am not sure how I feel about trusting a new company with my email credentials.

      • http://facebook.com/smsmycarandme Force

        For Tripit, you can simply forward the emails containing the receipts, so you don't need to give them access to your inbox.

  • Flatlinebb

    The app looks a little "hefty" at 3.5M. What's it using all that space for?

  • http://turbofool.com TurboFool

    WTF? Not compatible with my Epic 4G Touch? What magical requirements does this thing have?

  • Claudio

    soccer mom app much?

  • Jordan

    Love the I-Phones that magically turn in to Galaxy Nexii running Gingerbread. Hahaha

  • Prok

    Hmm. Showing as incompatible with my Galaxy Nexus running the 4.0.4 leak. May have to use the ol' Google Wallet trick, as I see reviewers using GNexes.

    • Flatlinebb

      I have a G Nexus S 4G, no ICS yet tho. Seems to install and run fine.

  • CoZ

    I'd like to try it but I can't on Verizon nexus. Says it's not compatible either.

  • gfdg

    not compatible with my i9000 and my hp touchpad :(

    • ryan

      compatible with my hp touchpad running cm9.

      it's neat, except it doesn't search folders in your gmail (i organize my inbox a lot). i'll probably uninstall.

  • Jerry Lange

    Package buddy pro ftw

  • sriracha

    if all you want to do is track packages, try Shiprack.

    forward your shipping confirmation email to your Shiprack account. done.

    works for more than UPS, USPS, and FedEx. works Internationally. and no app snooping around in your private email accounts either.

    • http://gthing.net sam

      This seems like a better approach. I read through Slice's Privacy Policy and FAQ and they don't state in there anywhere "we don't do anything else with your email." In fact, their privacy policy says:

      "By registering for an account with Slice, you are authorizing us to gather, parse, and retain data and information from emails you receive that are associated with your online and offline purchases and shopping, as necessary to deliver and support our services. Slice is able to offer a free service to consumers by aggregating and analyzing the data you supply to us as a registered user."

      • sriracha

        thanks for posting up that snip of Slice's privacy policy. any (non-google)app that wants unrestricted access to my email (my google account and basically my whole e-life) doesn't even get a second look. i've got a lot of personal data in my email Slice has no business collecting or at least crawling over.

        anybody that installs Slice is sure putting a whole lot of faith in them for a minor convince. but look on the bright side, customized junk mail based on your location and spending habits.

        "...gather, parse, and retain..." kthxby

    • Wr3ck

      I use an app called Parcels to do this same thing

      • xnifex

        Yep, Parcels ftw!

  • http://kaessa.com Kaessa

    Just downloaded it for my Galaxy Nexus, and I'm in love with it already. I'm an obsessive tracker, and I do a lot of my shopping online... this will save me SO MUCH TIME.

    Great idea!

  • Lucas Nicodemus

    Not compatible on my Inc on 4.0.3. Maybe they're restricting OS?

  • Benjamin Koala

    I love this. I have been using Parcel up until now, which is a good app, but this so much much better and easier. Thanks again, Android Police!

  • Chad

    No go on NS4G on 4.0.3

  • Esoteric

    Not compatible with Epic 4G Touch.

  • Duffin

    Yeah, I'm sorry, it looks really cool, but I'm not giving a company full access to my email without assurances that they have no way for a human to look at my emails or the information that comes from them, which I doubt they can give.

  • BDF

    Can someone post the apk?

  • froyo

    no you can't have my password

  • David Gary

    For the folks worried about giving out their email address and PW, couldn't you create a separate email account just for shopping? That would also keep a lot of junk mail out of your personal email box.

  • Chris

    Doesn't work in Australia