Users from abroad with the HTC Sensation better start hitting that 'Check update' button - according to this thread on the XDA forums, the Ice Cream Sandwich OTA update just started rolling out.

HTC is being unusually quiet about the update, so it's unclear on whether or not the update is official or an accidental push, but many of the XDA members have already received it. As such, there's no official changelog at the moment, but we do know that the OTA is bringing Android 4.0.3 and Sense 3.6 to the handset.

android4 android42 android41

Details are pretty scarce right now, so you can keep up with the latest on the Sensation over at this thread on XDA. Alternatively, if you're running the latest stock build and have S-OFF, you can grab the file here and manually install it.

Similarly, we're also hearing that the ICS update could be rolling out to the Sensation XE in Germany right now, but again, there's no official word on the matter.

We'll keep you posted as more information arises.

[Thanks, Toni-Pekka Ojala!]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Michael

    I live in Sweden and I just got the upgrade pushed to my XE. It's downloading right now. Frickin sweet!

  • Schlesser

    I´m from Germany and have asked HTC about the update, they says that the rolling out of the update begins today.

  • Sam

    Not here in the UK yet (sensation XE)

  • wonderer

    at least they're updated with quite recent android branch of linux kernels - build 17/02/2012 and 3.0.16?

    nice to see HTC! unlike Samsung's zero kernel support (sucked in between 3.0.1-3.0.8 if you're lucky, on 2.6x mostly though) or Tegra2/3 hit&miss hacking of 2.9 (stable but very much outdated but they still have a lot of problems to iron things out on this branch) in Asus devices...this nVidia experiment is coming to HTC One X as well - no wonder Transformer has so many 'hickups' and firmware updates....

    You can disable/uninstall Sense 3.6 if you have the root (just freeze those services) and install your preferred launcher - no big deal.

    nVidia tegra is worst platform to have kernel wise - nVidia simply can't put things together. Hopefuly we'll see some progress on S4 krait (with 3.1 kernel and NFC goodies) which already put Tegra3 to dust.

  • http://alldroid.blogspot.com Blizard

    Great news! HTC is updating quite fast!

  • slurms mckenzie

    so much for that "google experience" for the nexus s 4g

  • Simon Belmont

    This makes me wonder how long the stateside carriers will delay the updates to the T-Mobile Sensation and the Sprint EVO 3D. I guess we'll be lucky to see updates by April or May. ;)

    It's mostly because I want the correct camera and video drivers for CM9. HTC Sense 4.0 will be brought to my phone one way or another anyway. :)

  • shaggyskunk

    Almost makes me wanna move to Norway... & trade my sgh-i727...

  • http://www.yahoo.com waleed

    When the update is going to come is Pakistan. plz reply.

    • Andy

      Sometime in March provided your phone isn't network branded, otherwise you could always just root and install it that way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Afzal.Sidiqui Afzal Siddiqui

    I am living in Sweden. I updated with the new update and its quite awesome, they have done so many changes Wow!!!!

  • ben

    When will this ics update be seeded in the uae?

  • Tim

    I wish Kang's CM9 would come out soon. :( I think I need to look for another rom. I love CM :(

  • Sad panda

    Just updated my Sensation with this and the update totally broke it! After update the phone works about 30s-3 minutes before it crashes. Sometimes turns completely off and stays off, normally just reboots and gives the same updating messages again and again... "Optimizing applications..." Argh, how do I do a hard reset on this?!

    So I really recommend you wait until updating, maybe the update needs updating!

    • Jepppah

      Works just fine for me. Optimizing apps happens each time you reboot. Be patient and let it update properly before you start playing with it.

    • shaggyskunk

      Try pulling the battery, wait a couple of minutes and try again.

    • Sad panda

      Sad Panda here. Pulled the Kingston 32 GB Class 10 card out, phone seems to work ok now! Should I format the card now or what? I just have to buy a card reader to get all my videos & photos from that card first...
      -Tried pulling the battery, didn't fix it.

  • Martin

    Normal Sensation is getting this update right now in Denmark

    Im currectly downloading the 297mb package :-)

  • lazarus

    I received the update in Romania, but it seems a bit laggy.

    • crc

      Am si eu sensation...inca nu mi-a aparut nimic...

  • J

    I'm shocked at the lack of "MY GAL NEXUS IS STILL ON 4.0.2 WTF!" :)

    • http://www.visualdesign.ie Darren

      LOL, classic!
      In Ireland here, no updates yet. Looking forward to it, in the meantime it's beer o'clock on friday :p

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  • http://mobgaze.com Shashank Sharma
  • Non