To any hardcore modder, overclocking (or underclocking) your CPU is one of the best ways to get the most from your device. While some popular ROMs now have the ability to control your CPU baked in, many don't - and in the earlier days, virtually none did. Enter SetCPU - the de facto standard.

The app has long been a favorite, picking up 100,000-500,000 downloads at $1.99 and over 17,000 ratings for an average of 4.5 stars. There's good reason for that: it offers a huge range of ways to tweak your CPU, including profiles, clock speed, voltage settings, and more. And perhaps more importantly, the app has a dev who keeps the app up-to-date and constantly improves it.

The latest update illustrates his commitment well:

setcpu_1 setcpu_2 setcpu_3 setcpu_4

With today's update to, the app has received a huge graphical overhaul based on the new ICS design standards. The full changelog:

2.3.0: All new interface featuring a new frequency slider. Tap or slide your finger across the slider to quickly switch CPU speeds. Added an Action Bar and implemented View Pager navigation, revamping the entire interface around the new Android design guidelines. Dropped the dual pane info menu and added simpler Action Bar-based navigation. Changed all references to "scaling" to "governor." Added a new governor menu (previously "Advanced") that supports more governors and supports persisting when switching profiles. Improved support for some multicore systems and tablets. Dropped support for Android SDK versions Android 2.1 and below. Removed jargon from some descriptions and explanations. Numerous minor bug fixes and interface enhancements. Perflock disabler update coming soon. Fixed an issue with custom frequencies. Sorry about that!

It's certainly nice to see an app developer who continues to support his app, and even better, update the UI to be consistent with the OS.

Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • Syd

    By far one of the best Android apps for a Root user!

    Also ICS themed just in time for a new ICS ROM flashing!

  • http://alldroid.blogspot.com Blizard

    It's a great app!

  • Joshua

    I love the trend of devs moving toward the 4.x design standard. This app just got a whole lot better.

  • Mgamerz

    It's free on XDA.

    • sgtguthrie

      Yes it is, but I would like to encourage everyone to buy it! It's only 2 dollars to support the developer. That's a bottle of soda ;-)

    • Lon Lawrence

      The latest version is not on XDA. While it's nice to support the developer, paying $2 for an app that may not work on your particular phone, with only a 15 minute window to check it all out for a refund, is the reason we should try a free version first. I'll gladly play the developer $2 for it if he can guarantee it will work on my rooted Galaxy note! Anybody know?

      • Nick

        The 15 min window changed to 30 a while ago

        • http://mgamerzproductions.com Mgamerz

          No it didn't. I also have bought the app cause I didn't know it was free on XDA. But I think it is wiser to use the free one first, because I know dinking with some settings has not always yielded what you think would work... got many reboots.

      • Nick

        The 15 min window changed to 30 a while ago

  • rob

    The Amazon Appstore version does not seem to be updated. Bummer.

    • jonathan

      No surprise there...

  • Guy Who Pays Attention

    "the app has a dev who keeps the app up-to-date and constantly improves it" is this the fiction section of the site?

    This hasn't been updated in FOREVER until recently.

    It's almost as if you just started typing knowing full well you didn't know anything. Bullshitter.

    • rignfool

      That's cuz it was damn near perfect ;)

  • thedude

    looks ugly stretched out on tablets. lame.

  • xamindar

    I hope the issue of the speed limits not sticking after waking the tablet from sleep has been fixed. Tired of my tablet locking up on wake!

  • hyperbolic

    Let's say I have ICS 4.0.3, which kernel does support SetCPU now ?
    Does Ninpthetmine 2.3.3 kernel's working on ICS ?
    If not then the freq tab and all the voltage tab won't work or even won't show up in the app...