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Last Updated: March 19th, 2012

We've looked at a few different mobile stands in the past, but none quite like the CozyBot stand. You see, the CozyBot was made for specifically for Android users. Why? Because it is an Android. A little plastic Android that holds your phone/tablet/whatever, to be exact.

wm_2012-03-07 10.39.15

I spent the last couple of weeks hanging out with the little green guy, and here's what I think of him so far.


Price: This stand is incredibly affordable - it's only £4.99 (about $7.73 USD). Seriously. That's a great deal.

Where to Buy: Right here.

The Bottom Line: What's not to love? It holds your device, has slots for charging cables, it's affordable, and, best of all, it's an Android!

The Good

  • It's an Android.
  • It has slots so you can string your USB cable through and charge your device whilst in the stand.
  • It can hold anything from a phone to a 10-inch tablet.
  • It's crazy-affordable.

The Bad

  • It's a little bit on the flimsy side.
  • The Android likes to fall forward when there's nothing holding it back (i.e. when the stand is empty).

wm_2012-03-07 10.51.27

The CozyBot is shipped as two separate pieces: the Android and the base. To make it once cohesive unit, the Android's feet slide into the available cutouts on the base. Easy peasy.

The quality of a stand is only as good as the material it's made from: in this case, plastic. Don't sell it short though, it's very sturdy with a device in/on it. The Android also appears to be both perfectly scaled and colored; in fact, the green is even the official Android color!

One of the best features of the CozyBot is the side/back slots so you can thread your USB cable into the stand and charge your device while it rests in the stand, making it both convenient and organized.

wm_2012-03-07 10.51.03 wm_2012-03-07 11.03.48

All-in-all, it's really hard to beat the CozyBot, especially for the money. It's simple, practical, functional, and... Android.


This contest is now over. Here are the winners, selected at random:
  • Aji
  • Jeff Bilello
  • vibhor
  • j1006
  • Razvan
  • Luis Flores
  • Duccio Mondanelli
  • Efrain Rosado
  • Android (haha)
  • Oneeyejack

Congratulations to all the winners! You will be contacted soon for your shipping information!

For those who didn't win, Cozybot is offering a 10% discount until Sunday, March 19th if you use the promo code ANDROIDPOLICE during checkout.

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

wm_2012-03-07 10.48.05 wm_2012-03-07 10.48.26

Holding the Galaxy Nexus

Okay, so now that you know what the CozyBoy is, you want one, right? Here's your chance to snag one for free, because we have ten to give away.

What You Get

wm_2012-03-07 10.49.39 wm_2012-03-07 10.49.17

It supports the 7-inch Acer Iconia A100 quite well.

The CozyBot. If you don't know what that is, go read the top half of the post.

How to Enter

In order to be in the running to grab one of these stands you'll need to do a couple of things:

  • First, go like this page. It's not a Facebook page - it's the CozyBot page. Hit the 'like' button on the right side.

2012-03-07 12h15_31

  • Second, leave a comment on this post telling us why you want the CozyBot.

And that's it. The giveaway starts now and will run until Saturday, March 10th at 11:59 PST, at which time the winners will be randomly chosen and contacted for their info.

wm_2012-03-07 10.47.09 wm_2012-03-07 10.47.26

...and it even plays pretty nicely with the 10-inch Transformer Prime.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • MaXAiRO

    It's something that every Android fan would like to have.

  • Jacob Domann

    I want it so I don't have to hold my phone in my hands all the time just to watch a video. Why can't I do something else at the same time?!

  • Melanie C. A.

    I wish I has something to hold my Android phone ,so I won't be catching anymore pains in wrist and shoulder from holdinformation it while in bed.

  • Raphael D.

    i want a cozy bot simply because i need a stand for my android

  • http://www.facebook.com/EdsonDJ Edson de Jesus

    I want it because I like all things Android!

  • Robert

    NO thanks. Keep it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/davonmoody Davon Moody

    I always lose my phone I sit it down somewhere beside me and the next minute it's no where to be found with the cozybot i can text while my phone is on the cozybot and it also makes it easier to find my phone haha

  • jeff

    So I can show off my android phone at work.

  • Ferdinando

    It's awsome! Perfect for my Galaxy! I need that because I use my phone to watch viedo, listen music and as alarm clock! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Derrick Reynolds

    Do have no room on my night stand this would be great

  • Luis Flores

    Because its an ANDROID!

  • Ron Mak

    Who wouldn't want a little green android to hold their phone?

  • Mads J

    It would be beautiful with that and my phone. Its also very nice! It would also look kinda cool, if u could see it when u entered ur room!

  • http://flavors.me/theshadowzero Omar Saleem

    I want it because it's adorable and because a phone stand would be really nice since I like to keep my brightness on my phone low, so sometimes it's hard to see the screen.

  • andy

    Cool. I need a stand for my Note.

  • Andrew LeMasters

    I want to show all my iPad buddies that Android has accessories too.

  • http://www.joaoluis.co.cc João Luís

    I want it because it is an Android that holds my Androids!

  • koniczynek

    I want it, because it cozy! ;D

  • Zach

    I gotta get me one of these because I'm always digging around my desk for a charger!

  • Roh

    I want it to watch movies on my android tablet.

  • Nick D

    I have been really wanting to get something to hold my G-nex at my desk. This will do the trick, and help show off my android pride. Perfect!

  • Sam Green

    Because it will sit great with my android plushie at work. Shall also continue my quest to cover my desk in bright green mascots, to combat the evil silver apple lovers sitting around me.

  • http://gplus.to/sickopsycho Andrew Vincent

    I want the Cozybot because My girlfriends nickname for me is Cozy. My name is Andrew and after she saw this she calls me Andriod the Cozybot. That's just funny. =)

  • Freak4Dell

    I use my phone as an alarm clock, so a stand would make it so much better.

  • Gerardo Pedraza

    I want this android stand because my OG Transformer would look great on it!

  • Steve

    I want it because I want it! Nah, I really want it because I'm in need of a phone stand, and this suits my tastes perfectly, I've been looking for something to not-subtly show my fanboyism ;)

  • Bluewr

    I need a stand to scare my dog from stealing my phone.

  • http://www.trevorlee.net Trevor Lee

    I would love to have one of these for my new Acer A100, especially since I don't yet have a stand for it. Thanks for all ya'll do!!

  • Jonathan Weltback

    I want the Cozy Bot so I can stop putting my phone on top of my mousepad.

  • Ravi Shah

    need a dock for my nexus s on my desk so it doesnt get buried in schoolwork!

  • andy h

    Love the gimmicks that swerve a purpose

  • Tandy

    Hi there,

    I would love to cozy on up with the CozyBot as Andy looks cool on any desktop and he will look even cooler with my magnificent Android powered smartphone leaning against him and in turn CozyBot Andy will make my Android smartphone look even cooler.

    A great way to show off that Android spanks the backside of the iphone, picture the iphone leaning against a half eaten apple or a phone leaning against the great 'Andy'...... no contest.

    More than that with a partial paralysis to one arm using my phone would be easier when doing things like watching youtube.

    Oh and its my birthday on the 10th (born march 10th 1969)

    Thanks, good luck to all

  • Aaron Dos Santos

    I want the CozyBot so then whenever my friends come over, I can shove it in their face that they still use blackberries or sided with the evil Apple Iphone :)

  • Leroy Green

    I would love to have one to hold my HTC Thunderbolt

  • Acar B

    It would help if I had a dock to keep my Droid propped up while I Skype with my LDR. Beats just holding it. :-P

  • David Pond

    I actually would love to own 2 of them, one for my home, one for my work. This phone stand not only would hold my phone, but it would truly display my love for the Android operating system.

    And it's adorable k thx.

  • Michael Brooks

    Makes reading comfortable, and keeps device handy

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000143543714 Jeremy Gomez

    I want it because it's Android, and also because my phone could really use a stand. :)

  • fonseca898

    My cubicle needs it!

  • Scotty Byrd

    Then my phone doesnt have to sit on my desk

  • http://www.rickylaw.org Ricky Law

    my S2 would be glad to have a lazy chair to sit on!

  • MindStrider

    I need it! No, really. At uni, my phone only gets reception (signal) on my windowsill. It lies there and I can't read the screen! If only I could stand it up...

  • Abhishek

    I want to show in my office how crazy i am about Android through my Cozybot. :)

    And hell yeah my Note will be cozy on this one!!

  • rabadi

    It will be nicer to read an e-book on Android tablet without the neet to hold it. Let CozyBot do the job instead! :-D

    • rabadi

      The "need", not the "neet". Stupid typo.

  • Bobyum

    its green..........

  • Adrian

    I want to use a android for all things android!

  • Ian Stephenson

    The little cardboard stand I made just isnt doing it anymore lol.. I really need a stand for my Galaxy Tab 10.1, this thing just looks wonderful. And come on... It's Android ! :D

  • Aaron Newman

    I need this to hold my phone!

  • Raviteja

    Cool.I want this to hold my Galaxy S II.....

  • Vanick

    i want one because it will be nice to use when im doing homework and i can quickly check my phone

  • Sam Monty

    CrazyBot would be geeky cool enough to hold all my Android Gizmos.

  • Swisspotluck

    I would like one because one day soon I will find my lost Nexus again (or get a new one) and when I do, I will need a stand for it!

  • http://www.fuckoffyoubloodyfuckingcunt.com blast0id

    stupid effing facebook page, when I click "Like" it just keeps popping up a pop-up window that closes then reopens then closes then reopens ad-infinitum. makes it IMPOSSIBLE to actually "like" what a crock of bullshit!

  • Ali Salman

    Instead of buying a 60$ cover/stand for my galaxy tab, I can use this little guy! :D

  • George Anthony Rai

    Its like Green Alien man asking u to stand ur android on his lap...... lolzzzzz

  • Edwin

    So I can show off how proud I am to be an Androidian.

  • Chris Johnston

    I would like to have this because it would make my office setup unique and provide me a great way to keep my phone visible to me during the day.

  • srikumr

    Would be lovely to have this!! perfect for using this as a stand for video conferences, watching video and using this as a stand while the Xoom shows in photos!! :-D good luck everyone!!

  • raji

    Its sooo cute!!

  • nipcarlover

    Would be awesome to have one of these!!
    Extremely useful and is highly flexible, can be used with anything pretty much!
    Also, looks extremely cool!

  • Cristina O’Neill

    It's so cute, and it's an android lovers dream!

  • terri parish

    I would love to have one of these, it'll keep my android speaker and cupcake company while I am at work or I could use it at work to keep me company

  • Akshay

    I want it because I need to keep my phone safe on fancy thing.

  • zoneofsorrow

    i dont have a phone stand.

  • terri parish

    I really want this. love my Incredible 2. This would be perfect.

  • Bryan

    I want it to keep my droid cozy at home.

  • http://geek0logy.blogspot.com/ Raunak Chopra

    i really want this so i can watch movies widout using my hands :P

  • Hensen Lizar (李显程)

    I keep forgetting where did I put my phone. This phone stand will make it easier to remember and notice any incoming sms and call. Another thing is it will make my desk looks better.

  • Jesus Otero

    I'd like it because it'd be a pretty cool item to have on your desk or stand :D

  • david s strange

    I love anything android this would be a geat addition to my desk.

  • Eric Liou

    Because I don't want use my homemade chopstick stand anymore :(

  • JohnsonTSK

    You said it, IT'S AN ANDROID!!!!

    Oh, and it will make my life so much easier if I have a stand that can keep the cables from getting tangled.

    I don't believe in giveaways anymore but nice review though.

    Since it's so cheap, I might as well go buy one myself. :D

  • John

    who doesn't want the stand ??!!! the strong android holding your precious phone....i definitely want it!!!!

  • AIA

    I'd love one of these for my tablet and phone. It's just sooo cute!!!!!!!!

  • Cbad

    i want the stand to put my fire on so i can stand it up and watch stuff on it with it sitting in front of my computer monitor.

  • jash

    Hands free! I can eat and surf/read/play at the same time!

  • j1006

    For those times when it just gets too tiring to hold this heavy phone!

  • Elden W

    I want it so it can keep me company at work and I can use it for my evo

  • http://www.androidmag.com Android

    Good stand. This really helps to hold all the android phones in an safe manner. Thanks for the info.

  • Charles Knight

    It's so cute! I want one...

  • Vamsi

    For all my stuff not android... I can use this stand as a beauiful piece on my desk

  • Michael Thomsen

    It's green, it's android. What more could you want?

  • Andrei Markovits

    I need one of this for my tablet at the office.

  • Isti

    I really like this stand and I don't have a stand neither for my phone, nor for my tablet. I promise, if I win one, I'll buy another one for my tablet. Deal?

  • Kelemen Krisztián

    Cause it's great :)

  • Martin

    It's something that every Android fan would like to have

  • http://razvan.nl Razvan

    I current phone holder is my desk or my pc and it always falls down.

  • Canrith

    I'm a gadget man

  • http://www.spanish-soul.com Ali A. Alali

    That would be a new thing to have next to my iMac =D

  • Ashley

    Other than being a HUGE android fan,

    my home made cardboard stand for my Xoom 2 ME is starting to fall to pieces! so i NEED this!

  • Rohit Mandrekar

    My phone & tab are just lying around on my desk. It would be great if I get this stand, then I can easily watch movies without straining my hands & neck.

  • elyas

    It would be amazing to put my tablet near to my computer screen while it is standing

  • http://www.torikomix.pl Adam Szopa

    I'm gonna make all my friends at work jealous!

  • Piyush Parulkar

    it looks cool and i want one...

  • Alvin De Castro

    Nice to have when playing movies or to read PDFs.

  • saurabh

    It is most funkiest stand i have ever seen

  • justin

    I want the cozy bot because to keep my Note from flopping all over my desk!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dan.curtis1 Daniel Curtis

    This would be perfect to dock my Galaxy Nexus on at night. Considering the official Samsung stand is $90, this seems like quite a useful and decorative equivalent.

  • Neefy

    I've always wanted a stand, atm. my phone is just lying infront of my keyboard and sometimes I don't notice if something happens and having to watch something live on the phone while working on the computer is a hassle when it's just lying there :-)

  • Krisztian

    It's really good for developing on a tablet. And it's Android :)

  • BuckeyeDroid

    I need a CozyBot because I'm a total Android nerd and I'm tired of leaning my Android device up against my water mug only to have it keep sliding down!

  • Joel Chan

    I would love to have it as it's so simple but yet beautiful!

  • Pamela

    I want it because I LOVE Android and this is a cool little gadget! Also, I never win anything! Lol.

  • http://Michaelluckhardt.com Michael Luckhardt

    I just upgraded from the Thunderbolt...so I am now Sans-Kickstand. The Cozybot would be perfect addition to prop up my phone yet again! Prop up phone action ftw!

  • Keith

    I want it so my Galaxy S2 will have a proper seat finally!

  • bk w/ bloody sauce

    I like a CozyBot!

  • http://Androidiani.com Antonio

    I want it so I don't have to hold my phone in my hands or on the table!

  • TechBroker

    When i get it i'll do something with it..

  • Eremia Lucian

    I want it for my phone so it can been seen first when u enter the room, and because it is very cooool!

  • Sentrisno Thendera

    I never have something cool like this, I always use the wall for my phone's stand.

  • Kevin K

    This would be great for watching movies while I am supposed to be working.

  • Will – Chicago

    This would look so cool on my desk. My wife is going to hate it, lol!!!!!

  • flaviu

    this is a perfect for my android phone, and it would be my first phone stand!!!

  • oneeyejack

    Want one for my phone of course. :)

  • Steve

    I would impress all my friends with this..
    I would show it off

  • amanda kissoon

    Nice accessory for my desk!

  • Adhitya Varma

    My android phone is feeling lonely, this would be the perfect pair for it.

  • itai marom

    it is so friking geeky
    me like geeky stuf

  • http://www.arzbhatia.com Arz Bhatia

    I just want it. You don't get stuff like this in India :'(

  • Jeppe Petersen Miang

    i rally need it to hold my phone

  • Torstein Molland

    I just got my transformer prime and already have the htc desire hd. I am in need of a stand, and what better stand to use than a green stand with an android guy, which shows that i'm truly an android geek!

  • JPM

    So I can be less productive at work!

  • falconator

    I missed too much of my son growing up and since the daycare has a webcam i could watch, i could stand the phone on this instead of the crap i mocked up.

  • http://techsupportbytes.com Steven Houchen

    I would like this to display at work and make the other android fans jealous!

  • Ibthesam Ahmed

    I Love My Phone very much...For its comfort, I want this "Cozybot" Phone Stand :)

  • Eric Burton

    I want it because I love Android and I love Google! I would also love to make my co-workers jealous.

  • https://plus.google.com/113106022275581205965/posts/DcrgXoixdJD Ken Wolf

    I would like to have it to use for viewing videos and so I can use my tablet as a desk clock

    Plus the cozy bot is a really great way to show off your Android phone / tablet.

    Love it for its originality!

  • Jerry

    It would look great next to my vape.

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Aaron

    You said it yourself: what's not to love?

  • enoch

    I want the cozybot because my gtab10.1 has no stand and cozybot is original!`

  • giorgos

    i want it because i like the little green monster of android ....ANDROID RULES

  • MJ

    I must have a green Android logo stand holding up my Galaxy Nexus on my desk!

  • aj34

    I want this awesome android stand so it can show off my phone at my desk

  • Emrys Tal

    Better to stand my Android on an Android than sprawled on the table like some lazy dumb phone.

  • http://na hyperbolic

    My sgs2 needs the CozyBot to cozy his superior wrath after kicking all other inferior mobiles.
    See, he needs his resting, and you better give him one...

  • Marc

    I would like to win a CozyBot stand to place my Nexus S as a desktop clock! As You've showed us, I also would do it with my Transformer! And when I'm sleeping, my phone lays next to me, it is falling down nearly everynight, but I cant without my phone close to me... My phone is also my alarm, thats why I need it, to keep my phone safe when it stands waiting for more interaction!

  • Keyz Karanza

    I, like some 6.8 billion people on earth, suffer from the ill effects of global gravity. Many have the days been that I have suffered the humiliation of not being able to jump over skyscrapers, play a game of catch with a friend three states over, or yes, even have my Android phone stand by itself on end. While I am not alone with this misfortune, I feel driven to act a spokesperson for the cause and I extend a plea to Android Police. Please show that you care. Dig deep and donate a CozyBot so that my Android will no longer be a reminder of this painful affliction.

  • Chromie

    I just want a stand for my phone.

  • MartinParfitt

    i want to annoy my work colleagues who all have iphones. simple as that

  • http://www.techrebels.net Raj

    I want this so that I can park my Android phone on this when I'm in office at home and keep my beautiful phone scratch proof.

  • Adam

    I need some android swag to rep at my mostly apple infested work place!!

  • vibhor

    i want to see movies and clip on my androidy without making my one hand busy...and it will also help me in keeping my phone safe from falling

  • Will

    I need to add more android accessories to my desk at work to combat the flood of New iPads!!!

  • Dave Wolnik

    I would like to win this stand so my poor lonely phone has a buddy to give her support and guidance!

  • Geraldo

    I want a Cozybot cuz I have multiple devices, I love Android, and my G1 would look cool on it. :)

  • Michael

    My baby needs his cradle back.

  • http://trustmybattery.blogspot.com Wui Chang

    Give me one . and i will import a dozen .

    very interested to bring in to my country to sell as i can see this will be quite popular among the android users .

  • Andrew Lumi

    I want one for my girlfriend's Android

  • Harsha Raj

    Man its a android phone stand! Who doesn't want one? :-D

  • jeff Bilello

    I want a CozyBot so I can stand my phone up while it charges beside my bed and it looks really cool!