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Have you filed your taxes yet? Don't tell us that you're actually avoiding it - filing taxes is fun an easy! Okay, that's completely not true, but if you're looking for another use for your Android-powered tablet and want to get your taxes done quickly and efficiently while maximizing your refund (who doesn't want that?), then you need to check out Intuit's new Turbo Tax 2011 app.

Turbo Tax 2011 makes it easy to "tap, drag, and flick your way to your tax refund," all from your Android tablet. The process appears to be simple and intuitive, as it's laid out in a simple question-and-answer form. It offers an easy to follow step-by-step method of preparing your return, guaranteeing you the maximum refund possible along the way.

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Of course, the app itself is free to download and try, but if you want to use it to file your return, then you'll have a pay a filing fee when you complete your return.

According to the Store listing, Turbo Tax 2011 should be available on all 7 or 10-inch Android tablets running Honeycomb or above.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Deltaechoe

    Oh boy, super fun doing taxes on my tablet...not really. Even this wouldn't make taxes fun, which I think is impossible for people who are self employed and who's taxes take at least an entire day to get through (even if they are somewhat organized)

  • Bloodflame

    This is great! its funny, I was just searching the Market a few days ago for a similar app and found nothing. Only problem now, this isn't for Canada, but I'm hoping that comes in a future update. It would make sense, since Turbo Tax on the PC works for Canada.

    • Zomby

      It does, yet they are two different products. The forms and calculations for Canada are completely different from what ou have in the US. Intuit released SnapTax last year for the US and we just got it this year. I'm expecting them to rease only the US version of TurboTax this year then maybe next year they might expand toward us.

  • JohnK

    "Suck a little less"? Nothing on earth makes paying taxes suck less. How many pages of rules and regs are there for paying taxes? Noone, not even Congress knows everything that's in the tax code. Maybe make it easier, but suck less...NEVER!

  • wirbly

    Am I missing something, or can I not login to my existing TurboTax account with this app? I have pre-existing data that gets imported from year to year, and using this I would have to re-enter everything.

    • jr

      Yeah. This. Think I'll pass on the tab version until they download all my data from last year first.