Verizon Wireless has just made public an official list of handsets on the network poised to receive Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OTA updates, most being devices for which such updates were a given at this point:


  • HTC ThunderBolt™
  • DROID Incredible 2 by HTC
  • HTC Rhyme™
  • HTC Rezound™


  • Motorola XOOM
  • DROID 4


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 10.1
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 7.7


  • Spectrum™ by LG

No timeframe was provided, but this is probably the most authoritative ICS update list you'll see out there, if for only one reason: in the end, it's Verizon that decides whether or not a device on its network gets updated. If it's willing to say officially that these are devices with the green light, you can probably take that to the bank.

We already knew HTC's plans for ICS on Verizon, so that's old news. And Motorola's. Oh, and Samsung's (though technically it had not confirmed ICS for its Verizon devices, specifically). The addition of the LG Spectrum, though, is new, and only makes sense given that the device has been available all of six weeks.

Otherwise, notably absent from the list are: the LG Revolution, Samsung DROID Charge, and Motorola DROID 3. Bummer. Given that there have been no rumblings of ICS updates for these devices in the past, it seems fair at this point to say they officially won't be getting the bump to Android 4.0 (at least not from their manufacturers).


David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

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    • Jaws

      sigh, we get left out

      • Nathan

        Because they didn't feel like putting out a whole release for the 6 people that picked up Revolutions.

        • Samu


  • Carlos

    No ICS for Droid 3?? Really?? Thank god for the community... and to hell with Verizon... and Motorola

    • MicroNix

      Hell yeah! +1!!!

    • Allen Y

      It looks like me waiting to root my phone was for no reason at all. I thought the Droid 3 should get it for sure...I'll just wait patiently and get ICS soon.

      Well F that!

      This Android update crap is soooooooo annoying. Why can't they just enforce that whole thing Google update alliance.

      Too many different phones is part of the problem! Why in the world does every single company need to release 10 different phones a year? Why not release 3 phones that don't have all sorts of problems!

  • sgtguthrie

    Can we get a leak for the bolt please? Lol, NEED RIL!!!

    • Matt

      For real..been waiting for a leak for months now for the Thunderbolt...pls!!!!

  • Sheldon

    Thank God for AOKP...

  • JayMonster

    Of the "missing" devices you mentioned, only the Droid 3 is (somewhat) surprising.

    Of the devices that ARE getting it... the Thunderbolt surprised me.

    • JR

      The Thunderbolt was Verizon's, and HTC's, flagship LTE phone for some time. It still kicks butt, compared to even the newer dual-core phones that are coming out now. My Thunderbolt is running Cyanogen(mod) 7 with Imoseyon's lean kernel, tweaked to 1.4 GHz, and even though it's single core, my Quadrant score is about 2500, which is higher than the Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Nexus.

      I know that Quadrant scores aren't indicative of everything, but they're at least a start!

      • Chaz

        The revolution was supposed to come out before the proverbial "thunder-bolt" as it was THE phone they used at MWC 11' for all the skype and the more important thing VO-LTE. which thunderbolt doesn't do. Verizon Isn't developing the software for these phones but for shame on them for allowing android fragmentation accross their network and turn a blind eye...

  • drksilenc

    This is the legitimate reason for unlocking boot loaders. Sure it would be nice if it came that way. Atleast you could make it available after you drop support for a phone.

  • choppacha01

    I'm thinking they didn't mention my DX2 because they want me to go ahead and upgrade...then later on the DX2 will get ICS. I say to those of you who don't see your device on the list, just wait and don't be so prompt to think you should have to upgrade to get ICS. They did say they would continue to update the list so i'm just hopeful.

  • Awesome Sauce

    HAHAHAHA!!!! NO date!!!!??? Thats the most important part! I could tell you you will have Key Lime Pie but it doesnt matter unless you give me a date! idiots.....

  • William

    Man finally some love for the Thunderbolt! Cant wait!

  • skinien

    Thanks for taking care of all those LTE first-adapters! Hopefully, the TB update comes before 2013.

  • Eric

    i bought a droid charge and i get done up the rear real good!!!!!! and i bought my charge for 300$ and 5 weeks later its .01

  • Eric

    Never again will I buy a nice samsung ever again the charge got FU*KED

    • sgtguthrie

      Yes, yes...you did!!!

  • Cory

    That inc2 just keeps flying under the radar. Ive retired it to a dev/pmp device since i got the gnex, but IMO its 1 of the best overall 3g devices made.

  • Chaz

    LMFAO, right tthe revo came out after the thunderbolt, So depressed this phone got no love from the start... like a prom night dumpster baby.

  • name

    Tha droid 3 is a awesome phone I had no problems with it. so far it works great but I thought for sure it was going to get ics update if tha droid 4 gets the update then the droid 3 should