If you developed a game using the Unity 3D engine and have been looking to port the title to Android or iOS, we have good news. The basic mobile add-ons for the Unity3D, normally $400 each, are now free until April 8th.

2012-03-06 10h16_15

This will allow users of the Unity 3D engine to easily port their game to Android and/or iOS with little effort, as opposed to spending months writing all new code. Of course, since these are the basic versions of the add-ons, there are limitations that will require the Pro version of Unity (and the add-ons) to overcome, but if you've been considering trying your hand at porting a Unity game to Android or iOS, this is probably the best time to give it a shot before shelling out $1500 for the Pro versions.

Hit the link below to download.

Unity Store [via SlickDeals]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Tristan

    And the server is posting a 500 - internal server error

    • hyperbolic

      No it's not, working well for me.

    • http://www.tamrielma.ps neko

      Yes, me too in 500 error ;) just so... strange... :D

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        The deal has been in very high demand, hence 500 errors.

  • Jon Garrett

    I dont even know what this is or how to use it but since its FREE, Im getting it now.

    • wolfkabal

      This is for those who already use Unity and have games ready for release - and would like to port them over to mobile. If you do not already use Unity then this is pointless and stop spamming the servers. Let those who need it have a chance.

      • http://www.usamaahmed.com/ Usama Ahmed

        I agree with you. small game developers can't afford unity.

      • Langes01x

        I can't say I agree with that. The free engine seems to offer enough features that you may not necessarily need the pro version. Sure the pro version has better lighting, faster rendering, and various other benefits but the free version will work fine for simple games or if you are interested in trying it out.

  • fsr

    exactly. The framework is much easier to get in than let's say AndENGINE that only lets you run your apps on the VM or phone and has obsolete tutorials that will not compile on its latest build or LibGlx that is much more down to the core then 99% of indie developers need and you can't scratch without knowing a LOT of Java.

    Looking at the licence you are still able to release it to the android market (*cough) Google play... on the free versions unless you generate less then 100k of revenue per year. If I would make anywhere close to 1500 revenue from a game released on the free version I would invest it in PRO.

  • JohnMore

    I have the pro version along the pro Android plugin and just upgraded to basic iOS plugin too, but even if you are not currently going "Pro", I would recomend getting this if you are into gaming, serious gaming or even just research, testing, or as a hobbyist.

    As fsr says, if you get moderate success you can always upgrade to pro.