So here's a twist: instead of Apple just continuously suing Samsung and Motorola over patent violations, the Cupertino company is now ready to negotiate terms that would end several of its ongoing suits with the aforementioned companies. The deal in question? Samsung and Motorola pay Apple between $5 and $15 for each Android handset sold.

So, after all this time in the courtroom, all the preliminary injections, counter-suits, and all the other stuff that we've been talking about for the last several months, Apple is ready to just drop it all and, instead of spend its fortune on "destroying Android," actually make a fortune off of it. So much for thermonuclear war, eh?

I bet Steve is rolling over in his grave right now.


Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • acidic-e-

    Wow...really? Fuck Apple

    • Jon Garrett


      cant beat em' sue em' oh wait...extort them.

      frankly, Id like to see Google and all the Android manufacturers ban together and fight united against Microsoft & Apple.

  • Andy

    Apple lost lots of respect with their recent acts.

  • skinien

    I stop liking tech companies when their staff consists of more lawyers than developers.

    • http://androidpolice.com/autho/eric-ravenscraft Eric Ravenscraft

      Quote of the year right here.

  • Lachlan

    f u apple.

    seriously, what a bunch of a-holes!

  • Edd

    a) I actually think Steve Jobs might like the idea in a twisted waty. You're not going to kill Android, might as well take a load of bucks for each insulting Android purpose :)

    b) This is horrible, I'd hate it if Android became as pricey as a 'for-profit' model. Google could begin to lose interest or just resentful, and it would be a blow to the idea of open-source. The whole patent fiasco is getting ludicrous.

  • Luly

    LOL at the last line.

    Pity all the resources and money that went into the frivolous lawsuits.

  • http://buggin.me Phil

    Maybe its just me. But if you breathe all this fire and brimestone and try to destroy something and then turn around and try to relatively play nice then that says something. And what that something is to me is that they see they aren't going to win its cases and that Google has enough patents in Moto to make things real hard for Apple.

    So that Moto purchase was stupid aye?

  • oddball

    What I think is funny is that as I recall this amount was totally ridiculous to pay per handset when Motorola asked Apple to pay to license the patents that Apple infringed on.

  • ocdtrekkie

    So, they want the Microsoft deal. Well, Moto didn't play with Microsoft, I doubt they'll play with Apple either.

  • WilsonCH

    This is Apple after Steve? Wow. It doesn't matter how many lawsuits they win. This is tech. Apple became #1 through innovation. Winning lawsuits won't keep the juggernaut fed. Their products are good but in this fast moving industry, they're facing stiff competition from the entire world. Samsung's already sold more handsets. Do they really think they're safe? "No one is ever safe." Innovate or die, Apple. That's what it comes down to.

    • Naga

      When has Apple actually innovated? Everything they do is derivative. They have not had one original idea yet. You can find prior art for everything. That is what makes these lawsuits such an issue. They steal and then try to claim they own it.

      Apple is been successful because they make things pretty. It can be crappy hardware and second rate hardware, but it is pretty.

  • L boogie

    Somewhere there are lawyers preparing to file for unemployment thanks to Apple's "olive branch"

  • sriracha

    i hope Moto and Sammy give Apple the finger. i think it would be great to see all Android related companies unite just to screw Apple a little harder. Apple wanted to play hardball, fine, give it to them, both barrels, no mercy. drain Apples bank, ride them hard, dump them on the next corner. don't start something you don't plan on finishing. fuckers.

    • Ishken

      My feelings exactly sir!

  • Freak4Dell

    Hopefully Motorola and Samsung tell Apple to kick rocks. I want to see Apple crushed, not rewarded.

  • metzalx

    Does Apple realize how cheap they made themselves look?

  • Hugo

    I wonder when and if it will be possible for Samsung and Motorola to legally draw the line by saying:
    “OK, Apple doesn’t want to pay us what we are asking for our patents.
    After years of litigation. Let’s just not licence ANY more patents at all to Apple.
    See how far they go building devices on magic and idiotic software patents.”

  • http://bz.com BZ

    Perhaps apple have read the writing on the wall - the new crop of android phones blow away anything else that apple can possibly come up with fairly soon. Hopefully people will start to wake up and come out of the "pseudo-religious apple zeal" now they release that their false prophet is dead, and (and from a fully survivable rare variant of cancer that he chose to self treat with "alternative" therapies until way too late- boy- talk about an egotistical and stupid decision - kinda like "thermonuclear" war on android......)

  • Mdk

    At least it's kind of Apple admitting Android is selling big times (so they're trying to profit from this)

  • Andrew – Des Moines

    A PC Mag article put Apple's profit at $357 per iPhone. So Apple is willing to make 3% of that profit on a competitor's device. Just goes to show how valuable they view their own patent portfolio.

  • Rob

    IMHO, it's foolish to think that Google doesn't have a team of lawyer to revival any team in corporate tech today.

    Apple gets the focus more-often-than-not because they play, with precision, the role of the "Evil Empire" that everyone loves to hate.

    Sorry to say it, but if the shoe was on the other foot, I'm sure Google would do what it needed to do to protect it's interests as well.

    Android may be open-source and retail slightly cheaper (in some, but not all cases) than some Apple products, but Google has a vested interest to protect its investment in Android since it supports and enhances their core business of generating revenue through the delivery of ads and search results.

    • Asphyx

      These lawsuits have nothing to do with Mobile Phones, Patents and Technology!

      It is all about the Private Information war that is being waged by Google, Apple, and Facebook!

      All of them want to be the be all and end all of your private data!
      But they can't do that if you have ways around their little Private info dossier schemes!

      Google does it by requiring you to have a google account to use your phone!
      Apple does it by requiring you to do everything via iTunes
      Facebook does it by locking out syncing of YOUR information they already got you to give up to any devices that do not have their software controls on!

      Since Facebook appears to be platform independent and the biggest collector of personal info the two mobile platforms are fighting to dominate the market so they can get the leverage over Facebook they need!

      This isn't about design or hardware or technology it's about Data Collection!
      The more they know the more they can target their ads which means more money in ad revenue!

      The rest is just smokescreen and catfighting to get that info on an exclusive basis!

      • L boogie

        You got a good point there especially since this privacy thing is getting bigger by the seconds, considering how data gathering & money is vital to their businesses but let's not overlook Apple's quest to nuke out Android as per the request of the late Jobs and since that's not working to their liking, let's try to get extort money and add to the gazillions we already have.

        • Asphyx

          Well the truth is he is trying to nuke out Android because he failed to nuke out Microsoft!

          He needed some other method for getting an in to the PC architecture and found out that the USB port is a more effective way than trying to knock Microsoft out of business!

          He can't get you to change operating systems but he can get you to put his data collection software on any operating system by creating devices that you need to sync your personal data and by doing so give it to Apple!

          WHy is it simple? Why is it locked?
          because simple people have no clue what is going on and it's locked so that when the UNSIMPLE use it they can't see or change what is going on!

          If he was simply interested in making portable devices and controlling that market he would not force you to use iTunes for everything!

          Information is the new Gold Standard in this country!
          What is odd is we all say we fear big brother and then fill out and submit his profile form without a care!

  • MBC

    F*ch apple, all they think is that they invented everything thats already been there for years. F*cking greedy bastards...that's why I dont own a single shitty product of theirs.

  • Asphyx

    If I was Motorola I would agree to this deal and then charge them the same amount per unit for the use of their Email patent!

    Moto would make a killing since Apple has sold many more units than Moto has!

    And maybe Apple would learn it's lesson!

    • John O’Connor

      Stage 1, I suppose.

      Perhaps, they can all just drop these ridiculous and frivolous lawsuits by coming to an agreement of dropping and nullifying all current lawsuits and litigation against each other while providing a limited license for the next several years for the respective patents supposedly infringed.

  • HayabusaJames

    Isn't this the result of German courts fed up with this nonsense, and Aphole know this so this is the next logical way to keep milking others for money?

  • Aarontm

    Apple really has gone rotten to the core since Job's passing. I wish they would rot and go away. Just because they aren't #1 anymore doesn't mean they can get money for it. BS!!! Never buying an iPhone....NEVER!!

  • Zach

    Perhaps Apple realized some companies has some "Bombs" to use in this "Thermonuclear war" and are trying to avoid being sued to hell?

  • L boogie

    Obviously, Apple became worth half a trillion by initiating low production costs of its devices then selling said devices at astronomical prices, stealin others' work & claiming it as their own while suing anything remotely close to said stolen property all the while, informing the masses of their magical products. Toss in inhuman labour, patent lawsuit sagas & a dying man's wish to eradicate a major competition and still that's not good enough for dear Apple, so lets add more to our cash pile by milking two major threats to our organization. Wow, somehow this has the making of a blockbuster movie with some fine writing, editing, acting & directing. Needs a good title.

  • John O’Connor

    An apt title would be
    Apple: The Tale of the Forbidden Fruit

  • Franky

    Call it "Pear". Mind the copyright.

  • Perry

    I lost all respect for apple and its legions of mindless automatons ages ago.

    No matter how superior a product might be the isheep will always feel their product is better...after all its made by apple!

    They are too dumb to realize that the counter culture inspired apple has now become THE MAN and is the culture.

  • VertigoKeyz

    I would make a counter offer. Tell them they get $0 for each handset sold, and they get to continue to blow it out of their pomaceous asses lest they forget that an apple is a reference to sin, just like greed.

  • Nick Kemp

    Hmm they think they are gods of technology but in fact they only produce consumer items that fill landfill and dupe customers with their piranna sales bonuses to peddle thier shiny baubles to the natives for their money. Now they think they are robber barons and can dupe anybody into thinking that they are the originators of all thought. Rebel their delusions of grandure and know that they are clutching at straws as their inspiration is running out since Jobs was lost to them. Apple now have no inspiration only the remenants of a great man and now clutch at those straws to remidy their diminished capacity.