Many TF101 owners have been [im]patiently waiting on Android 4.0 to hit their devices for at least a week now to no avail. Of course, knowing an update is floating around out there and having to wait for it is even more frustrating than actually waiting for the update to become available, so ASUS UK took to its Facebook page earlier today with a tip on how to get your hands on the update right now from the ASUS support pages for the TF101.

2012-03-05 12h19_10

Seems pretty straightforward, right? The only caveat to be aware of is that there are a few different versions of the 4.0.3 update available for different regions, so make sure you download the correct one.

2012-03-05 12h21_23

Once you figure out which is the correct version for you, simply extract the contents of the downloaded folder, drop it on the root of your TF's internal storage, and the rest should happen automatically.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
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  • Max

    Well, you guys might actually ask why not all Transformers are receiving the update yet. It appears there are still a lot of issues with the update; I'm talking reboots, serious battery drains (as in, draining a tablet in 3 hours during a crash). So I assume ASUS is holding back until they fix this.

    I love the ICS update, but it comes at a price of not knowing whether you can still use the tablet 2 hours later

    • Citrus Rain

      To fix the reboots, you have to do a factory reset.

      (after backing up data of course)

      Found the solution by googling it - since the FAQ on ASUS's site was off topic (how to install XP on your eee & other unrelated stuff) and their twitter didn't answer.

      • Max

        I did a factory reset, and it did not fix this.
        Moreover, I read from plenty of other people that this did not fix it.

        • Citrus Rain

          That's a real disapointment.

          Hopefully someone finds a way to root the unrootable models soon.

    • tmcquake

      It could be a region specific issue, too. I have a WW version TF101 and I have had no issues after the ICS update. Maybe I am one of the lucky few? It sucks for those that have waited months for this update and then their tablet becomes almost unusable.

    • http://www.arcane.org Mystech

      Agreed, requiring a factory reset to upgrade is a cop-out and Asus needs to fix this issue, both for people that updated in good faith and for people waiting for the update.

  • Citrus Rain

    I managed to get mine running smoothly, except that the default launcher started crashing consistently. I was told to factory reset, but I wasn't ready to do that again after doing that to make the random reboots that freeze at boot go away.

    So basically, I installed an alternate launcher, or I couldn't open anything. Went with cyanogen's... https://market.android.com/details?id=com.teslacoilsw.launcher

    • tmcquake

      Excellent Launcher option. I use this on my TF101 and my Nexus S.

      • Citrus Rain

        I just wish the apps could be closer to the sides of the screen in landscape mode so I can reach them.


        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

          Increase the number of columns in the Nova Settings. It's not a perfect solution, but it helps.

  • Josh

    Speaking of CyanogenMod, is CM9 out for the TF101 yet? If so, anyone have links handy for how-to?

  • http://talk3g.co.uk Hands0n

    I did the manual update. Asus own documentation is outdated for this release. It took a while to get it right - Apple Mac tends to decompress the pair of zip files, leaving a folder!

  • dogitout

    Not any problems here. Smooth as could be

  • http://rwj.me Richard W. Jones

    ICS sucks big time on the TF101. Random freezes mean it barely lasts more than a few hours between needing to reboot. The curse of the "transparent launcher" is a big problem. A factory reset solved nothing. Asus made a dog's breakfast of this, sadly. 3.2 was fantastically stable and fast.

  • denbo

    I've had random freezes and often times the Media Storage process goes haywire and pegs the CPU (removing media files didn't help any).

    For those of you who have not received the upgrade I'd be patient.

    All I can say is my next tablet is less likely to be an Asus after this.

  • http://rwj.me/ Richard W. Jones
  • Thiago

    Ok, I'm trying to do the update this way, cause I still did not get it automatically, but that part of things should work automatically after dropping contents are not working... Maybe I'm putting on the wrong folder...
    When you say root folder you mean the sdcard folder?
    The other one doesnt allow me to put anything...