Hot on the heels of this weekend's LG Cayman (now called the Lucid 4G) and Droid Fighter release date leak comes rumors of yet another set of release dates for some new VZW hotness. This go around is a 16GB version of the Galaxy Nexus - presumably in both white and black - set to hit on April 4th for all those folks who are convinced that 32GB is just too much storage, or perhaps those who just can't justify the price tag but still want to get in on some of that Nexus action.


Aside from the GNex, the latest iteration of the Droid Incredible line, the Droid Incredible 3 4G is expected to hit on April 26th. Little is known about this new Incredible at this time, but we expect to start seeing more info pop up in the coming weeks.

[via Droid Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://zepeast.com ryan z

    I just want a galaxy note( journal)....PLEASE VERIZON!

    • Steve

      Same here. This is what I am currently saving my upgrade for.


      • ben

        I too want a Note/Journal. PLEASE PLEASE......

  • eYe

    What is the price point for 16gb GNex is I wonder? 3 notes is too much in my opinion, if they price this one at $200, I might jump in on that action.

  • Michael

    Yes, give me my journal Verizon!

  • William D

    I was under the impression 16GB was the ONLY model available. I heard Sprint cancelled their 32GB version, and was going with 16GB, which is again, from my understanding the only model there was. Knowing there is a 32GB phone from Google that CAN go head to head against the iPhone, I see no reason why a 32GB version ISNT offered.

  • falconator

    DInc3...now with more bloatware!

  • J-Dog

    Any chance the 16GB GNex might have a SD card included?

    The 32GBs seems, IMHO, to be a consolation prize for the inability to upgrade the phone's on-board storage with an SD card, so...

    The lack of an SD card is one of the main reasons I haven't jumped on the GNex (that & my current contract isn't up until October). I'm sure I'm not the only one who wouldn't mind a few extra mm thicker phone to have both NFC & SD.