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As the Galaxy S II is one of the best-selling Android devices to date, it's no surprise that many users are eagerly awaiting an update to Android 4.0. Samsung has already confirmed that it is in the works, and we've even seen a leaked build of what it could look like, but we've yet to hear an exact date that users can actually expect the update to roll out on.

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Fortunately, Samsung Israel has taken to Facebook to announce that versions of the device in Israel - both unlocked and carrier-branded - will receive the update on March 15. While this is undoubtedly great news, the majority of Galaxy S II users will have to keep waiting, at least until Samsung announces a roll out for other areas of the world. In particular, U.S. GSII owners will likely have the longest wait, as there are several hardware variations between the carriers.

Still, it's good to see Samsung making timely process on getting the update ready to roll.

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Source: Samsung Israel

  • Justified

    Let's take a look at what Google is doing with their OS and their own line of Nexus phones. When Google can not efficiently or speedily update their own OS on their own line of Nexus phones before the OEM's, there is a major problem. It is now March and we still have no idea what went wrong with the ICS update for the Nexus S and 4G as Google has been completely silent on the matter for the last three months. Three months without a word from Google does not instill any kind of confidence in their competence of supporting their own OS on just their own line of Nexus phones, let alone every other device with Android on it. Not to mention that this is a long time to strand your users on an OS (rooting and flashing a downgrade is not a viable fix as it voids manufacturers warranty) that is draining their phones battery in less than six hours. There is also a very large problem with Google's customer service for Android and the Nexus line of phones. The Nexus is special in that if there is any kind of software problem the manufacturer (Samsung, HTC) and the carrier (Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon) will refer you to Google to find any kind of help. They are not on the hook, as the Android OS is Google's responsibility on the Nexus line. Problem being that Google does not have any kind of customer service for the Nexus and it's OS other than a forum. This forum goes largely ignored with even the most basic of questions and problems. Imagine if Apple only supplied a forum (no 800 number, no e-mail address, no Genius bar) as customer service for the iPhone. People would flip out. How is it okay for Google to treat it's users and customers in this manner?

    Please take a look at Google's forums here: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Google+Mobile/label?lid=551c5c4cca...
    Almost every question marked as answered is not actually answered. They are just some reply from another user saying they have the same problem. On the off chance you finally find a question that Google has responded to, it is just some low level employee stating they know it's a problem (offering no solution) or asking for bug reports. In fact it has gotten so bad on these forums that it's Nexus users have resorted to spamming Android's Google+ page https://plus.google.com/104629412415657030658/posts in the hopes that Google will finally say something, anything on the issue. There are a lot of ignored and angry Nexus users out there.

    Frankly I am tired of beta testing Google's android OS and am appalled by their lack of customer service for the number one mobile OS in the world and their Nexus line of phones. Really, all of you should be too.

  • memememe

    I doubt it as will do so until it is confirmed to be rolling out by customers. But at least there is hope, one country is enough to get the libs.

  • http://www.dogodroid.com Pavel

    well ... he's bluffing, as far as it comes to this company. they are trying to sue retail shops that sells a SGSII devices with Hebrew localization under the claim that it was "stolen" from them, and waving around with promises ...
    i'm seriously in doubt that it will be published at the stated date, if at all.

  • http://yash1229.wordpress.com Yash Bhatia

    Justified, get an iPhone.

    • Lon Lawrence

      iphone? Oh, yeah, right. No 4G when the rest of the world has tired of 4G and is rolling out LTE? that makes apple at least 2 years behind the rest of the world. And ios? joke. all your apps have to be on your home screen... no app drawer. And let's talk about tiny screens when the rest of the world's standard is 4.3" and a few running as big as 5.3". Widgets? Apple never heard of them. does Android have problems, yep, all because they outsell iphone now about 3:1 and because the phone manufacturers figure there's a reason to put their own UI on each phone. Where in heck did that even come from? Android is terribly fractured by that tactic, but in the same light, we wouldn't have the variation and customer following that we do to put it ahead of any other mobile OS at present, even with the problems. iphone is a simple phone for simple people. It's pre-smartphone. In fact, it's the dumbest smartphone on the market, doing things are barely above non-smart phones. And while I don't think Windows 7/8 are ever going to be a major player, they are actually better than iphone in many ways.

      • http://www.twitter.com/shakerya Aash

        Buddy, I think he was telling the first commenter to get an iPhone because of his problems with Android. 'Justified' is the first commenter's name.

      • Hal Motley

        I stand in the wonderful minority that if Android fell I would defect permanently back to iOS. Mainly because I would rather run UNIX on my phone, then anything made by Microsoft.

        I also proudly own a PS3.

  • Avraham

    Oh GOD that is some big Google Translate mistake...
    In the original post (in Hebrew) they wrote "גלאקסי אס 3" which is "Galaxy S 3" but phonetically. and since the letter "S" ("Es") sounds like "Ace" - Translate was fooled.
    I don't think that a lot of people will care about the "Ace 3"...

  • =)

    Thank goodness for the CM team. =)
    *4.0.3 original epic 4g.

    • Hal Motley

      Yes and Codeworkx (or is he part of CM). I am running Codeworkx nightly build and I have to say "I won't be changing anytime soon."

  • Edd

    Can't come soon enough! On Google's end, they shouldn't announce the OS is released in November if its not coming til March / April

  • Charles

    I am still patiently waiting, can't wait to get the message, check every morning waiting for it to come in.

  • Adam

    Where's ICS on my galaxy tab 10.1? :(

    • Chris Bozsik

      Dunno. *goes back to my Viewsonic Gtablet with ICS*

    • Hal Motley


      I want to know when the official ICS update via Kies will be available in the UK!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii
  • Lewis

    Cant wait for it on my Galaxy S2 on Orange UK

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Check the link above.

  • Dan

    Not really that bothered now. Just want the S3 to be released so i can buy that.

  • Raphael

    Androidpolice, we need you and other blogs to pressure google to respond. Where is ICS for the Nexus S? We are quick to blame the OEMs for lack of updates but no one seems to want to question google

    • Justified

      Very good point. I have talked to editors at AndroidCentral and DroidLife with neither wanting to write an article on this to draw attention. The DroidLife editor even stated that a public outcry was probably necessary. I have also sent e-mails to AndroidPolice as well asking for an article to shed some light on this subject. Why is it the OEM's are torn to shreds over this issue yet no one even ask's Google what they are doing? Seems that none of the Android blogs want to ruffle Google's feathers. Why could that be?

      • Hal Motley

        I heard that they made an update for the Nexus S but they pulled it when people weren't satisfied with the battery life.

        I went into the Carphone Warehouse (because I am British) and there was a Nexus S running ICS and I doubt that a phone store would install a custom ROM.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Google will release it when they're satisfied with its quality - why would you want a final release that has bugs even they're not comfortable with releasing? Yeah, it's taking ages, and it shouldn't, but what good is stating what we already know publicly going to do?

      • Raphael

        But why don't we use the same standard for the OEMs? It's been universally accepted to RIP them for not updating on time so I don't see why Google should be treated any different. No one is asking for them to release something that is not ready but they can give a status update. I think it is clear as in the case of the Bootloader issue with HTC that we can make a difference when whe demand answers.

  • Roi

    Lol, Winduz von hebrew :)
    (windows phone with hebrew)
    anyway pretty good trasnlation except some glitches.

    great news for GS2 users. it's almost prefect phone platform.

  • 1bmwdrvr1

    Tired of Google lying about updating it's OS? Well me too! Can't stand Apple and their my way or the highway approach? Well me too. Want to know what we can do about it? ME TOO! Maybe we can just hang on to our existing phones for as long as possible, attempting to speak with our dollars. Since GOOGLE DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN!

  • kevin sharpe

    i'm still on android 2 point something on my S II ...
    wtf ???

    • deX

      Um, majority of the S2 owners are, since 3.x is for tablets only and 4.x is yet to be released..

  • hyperbolic

    Many times, the official importer of Samsung in Israel, Davidi, mentioned that he has a really close business relation with the co of marketing or one of the other co in Samsung Korea.

    So we are talking about tight connections ;D

  • http://aol cedric

    when will i get it for my phone its driving me crazy