The HTC Vivid, one of AT&T's mid-range (if you can call it that) phones is getting an unofficial bump to ICS courtesy of, who else? XDA. User Pirateghost has offered up a flashable Android 4.0.3 ROM. Stock, rooted and ready to go. It even comes with all that AT&T carrier bloat intact. You're getting the 100% pure, unadulterated stock experience with this one, just rooted.

ICSOTA_About_phone ICS_OTA_main_menu ICS_OTA_settings2

As you can see, while it reads like ICS, it hardly looks like it at all. While this is a disappointment, it's also one we knew was coming. Oddly, some elements still look exactly like their pure Android counterparts (like the menu in the center shot above). If you're curious about the extent of the damage, or if you're aching to get your hands on Ice Cream Sandwich, Sense notwithstanding, head on over to XDA for downloads and instructions.

Source: XDA

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • el goog

    and nexus s users are still waiting desperately for their ICS. . .

  • Umang

    That looks ugly!

  • George C

    Actually, it's sense 3.6, which is decent... I've played with the sense 4.0 that was released for the Rezound on XDA... it's beautiful.

  • Dandmcd

    I'm sure the 12 owners of the Vivid are very excited.

    • flipp0

      I kinda like the fact that it's not really a high profile phone, yet still has the power of one.

  • slurms mckenzie

    when did sense 3.6 come out? and whats different than 3.5?

  • mars

    I remember pirateghost from the inspire section, good Guy. Just wait until he releases a custom rom based off of it. Its going to fly

    • SlashAdams

      actually, he released it today lol. it's pretty sick!

  • erik

    Nothing about that looks like a "pure, unadulterated stock experience." Unless it's meant to be read as "pure, unadulterated stock HTC Sense experience."

  • flipp0

    I think its meant to mean "pure, unadulterated AT&T stock HTC Sense experience."

  • http://android-maisters.net Rafael

    Mid range device? were u on crack when wirting this?

  • myvividshitsonyourphone

    Mid range my arse it wwasn't marketed right its the best phone AT&T has to offer hardware wise so far and soon to be software this is a beginning for the real development towards the vivid we had to wait forever for the bootloader and now OTA ics pirateghost left the forum because of some whiny people we now have to wait even longer for better builds. what phone do you even have?? A skyrocket? Smh POS phone and the iPhone 4s is weak af

  • keesh

    I have a vivid...and I love it. Idk where the whole "mid range" idea comes from. The best experience I've had with android to this date.