Last Updated: March 4th, 2012

Before I got my Galaxy Nexus, I was a die hard user of GO Launcher EX. I was actually reluctant to try it at first, but a good friend of mine basically forced me to use it for a day, after which, I never looked back (Thanks, Chris!). I can't imagine having a pre-ICS phone without installing GO.

Now, the GO Team has brought the goodness of GO Launcher EX to Android 3.0+ tablets by way of GO Launcher HD. It's still in beta at this point, though it doesn't quite have that "beta" feel to it; in fact, it already feels polished enough to use as a daily driver.

device-2012-03-02-120508 device-2012-03-02-120618

If you're familiar with GO Launcher EX, then you'll feel right at home in GO HD. It offers many of the same features as its phone-specific counterpart, albeit a bit stripped down (likely due to the fact that it's still beta) - you won't find any of the GO's typical flippy-floppy transition animations or the bells and whistles of EX, but we imagine they'll be present in the final version.

device-2012-03-02-120631 device-2012-03-02-120707

device-2012-03-02-120717 device-2012-03-02-120740

GO HD offers a few customizations to the homescreens right now, like the ability to modify the grid size. Otherwise, it's basically a standard launcher with a static dock bar at the bottom of all home screens. One great thing about this launcher in its current state is how intuitive it is. It all flows really well - everything from adding new items to the homescreens to changing settings just makes sense.

Since GO HD is still beta, it's not yet in the Market, so hit this link to grab the download and give it a shot.

[GO Blog via Droid Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Taedirk

    GO Launcher HD is available for tablet devices with Android 3.0 or above.

    Kind of an important detail.

    • kaisnowy

      Well 3.0 is android's tablet OS so its kind of a given that it would require it being a tablet version..at least it was obvious to me.

      • fonix232

        Not necessarily, there are a few pretty good Froyo and GB tablets out, from China ;D

        • Drew

          Google Tablet OS. All other versions where phone ports to the tablet world and not official tablet versions via Google specs.

  • Viola Whiteside

    Never having bluetooth headphones before, this would be a great way to move into a new audio arena !!

    • Cameron Summerson

      heh, I think you commented on the wrong post.


    So has the Go Team finally explained what they do with your data, or whether they use it at all? I remember there was a huge brouhaha over their SMS application a few days back, and how they stored messages on their server.

  • Ruperto

    Just what I needed. I always hated the default launcher that came with the Galaxy Tabs.

  • ABTBenjamins

    I've just opted to run Ubuntu on my TF-101

  • http://www.unlocktheinbox.com wpfn

    Anyone try this on Google TV?

    • http://mitchs.co mitch

      Works great. The icons are a little too tight, so you can't always read the names.
      That also means the widgets overlap a little bit.
      But I like it! I think I will keep it for a while!


    I'll stick with Nova Launcher. I used to love the abundance of Android Apps that would have ton's of options/customizations, but now Dolphin HD, Go Launcher, Handcent, etc just feel so bloated.

    Does anyone else feel this way?

    • sriracha

      i agree with dolphin hd, i dropped that months ago when they came out with all those damned plugins.. 37 app installs later.. no thanks. i used GO for about a week, never had the right visual appeal, feels cheap to me. never used handcent or etc. so no comment there.

      speaking of bloat, checked out like every google app update lately? those things are growing like weeds. too bad every app needs tons of features, when sometimes, just sometimes, they were fine the way they were.

      • Pelican

        Yes, sire. Let's stop. No further development please. Too many features! Nova is the best, because it's so simple and doesn't do anything but start other applications.

        OK, guys. Sell your cars and feed the horses. You need to travel back in time. Those modern times are too early for you.

        • tommmmmm

          Hyperbole much? Geez. There's a difference between offering lots of features and being bloated. I don't want a million options presented to me (the main screen in Dolphin HD or the menu button in Go Launcher) when using the app, they should be tucked away and organized coherently in the settings.

  • dezmond

    damn, i just updated today to 4.0, tried a lot of launchers (apex, nova, trebuchet), but this is just great! the best so far on my Advent Vega

  • ryan

    that looks like a ridiculously large dock bar.

  • Adam

    I use Go Launcher EX on my tablet, and it does everything I want it to. I can't see the point in changing to this version, really.

  • fonix232

    Nice, but needs more features (like, higher row setting, the default launcher has a 7*8 grid), and to get rid of that stupid dock bar!

  • http://www.androidpolice.com kikikoko

    I'm giving it a try......... And it looks great so far.

  • Jess

    Quite like Go on my SGSII, so figured I'd give this a go. It is not playing nice with my A500... hardly any widgets are working, and I rely on my widgets. They either show up blank, or I get 'problem loading widget'. Not sure if it's because it's in beta, or if it's my Iconia.

    Will keep testing it, I'm really looking forward to the finished product!

    • Jess

      Well... just tried a couple of widgets again, and they're working well. Guess fourth time was the charm!

  • Pat

    Stock ics you can only have 20 items in a folder which is dumb. With go launcher I had enough room.