Last Updated: March 14th, 2012

A few days ago, Artem went in-depth with the MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Bluetooth headphones, and, for the most part, he loved them. They're sleek, sexy, functional, comfortable, and they provide good audio quality (what more can you ask for?). What makes these headphones exceptionally cool, though, is the six-button controller. But I'm not going to dish all of the details here - I encourage you to read the full review.

Go ahead, this giveaway will be here when you get back.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  • ZealotOnAStick
  • Carlos Moreno
  • David Lowe

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

For those who didn't win, MEElec is offering a 20% off consolation coupon code ANDROID_POLICE_AF32 good for any AF32 orders off this page (it expires sometime in the beginning of April 2012). This knocks the price down to $63.99 from $79.99 - not a bad deal at all. Just add the item(s) to your cart and enter the aforementioned coupon on the checkout page. Like so:


Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

What You Get


We have three pairs of the AF32s to give away to three lucky people. Here is the nuts-and-bolts of the headset, per MEElec's website:

  • A2DP stereo Bluetooth for music playback and use as a headset with the built-in mic
  • Conveniently located phone and music controls
  • Ultra-soft ear pads and adjustable headband for extended wearing comfort
  • Folds for convenient storage and comes with a travel bag
  • Rich and dynamic sound with enhanced deep bass and great clarity from the acoustically advanced, high efficiency 40mm driver
  • Convenient all-in-one design for simplicity and functionality
  • 3.5mm audio jack for wired use
  • Digital volume control
  • Talk hands-free on your phone
  • Voice dialing (if supported by your phone)
  • Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, Windows phones, Macs, Bluetooth dongles, and other Bluetooth enabled devices

Sound good? Thought so.

How To Win

wm_IMG_9956 wm_IMG_9964

Here lately we've been exploring new ways for you to enter contests, but we're going to kick it old school on this one. To enter, you need only leave a comment telling us why you want the AF32. When will you use them most? Why would they be beneficial to you? You know, the typical stuff.

This contest is open to users worldwide, and will end on Monday, March 5th at 11:59 PM PST.

If you're ready to enter, hit the comments!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Nadav

    I am an airforce pilot, I ride to my base everyday on my electric bicycle. Wired headphones are very cumbersome and the wires get tangled do drop the buds out of my ear.
    I'm in need of new bluetooth headphones as my dog recently ate my 903 headphones.
    These seem to be amazing, both in looks and sound.

  • John

    I think these look pretty nice. I would wear them in the gym while I work out and in my office while having some free time.

    • Beerman

      I want these headphones to rock at the gym Ahh around the military base I'm currently stationed at. I like the look and I like wireless even more. It would also be nice to showoff to my army buddies.

  • djmattm

    i love meelec products, i have the a151 and they're awesome for the price! But i lack a bluetooth headset so let's hope in these babies!!

  • Faraz

    "i really love them they best in specs as well as in aesthetic and would use it will traveling as it will get rid of all the wired tangles"

  • http://www.spanish-soul.com Ali A. Alali

    I just lost my Beats by Dr. dre headphones, and I heard about those that they are great. And I'll use them when I travel, like in the plane, it is the best time that you could test headphones. And I hope they have a noise cancelation. Also because it has a Bluetooth feature, I don't really have to worry about the wires.

  • Tschutora

    I could definitively use those AF32, sooner or later the cable on all my headphones break and that really sucks...also i could use some entertainment on my way home from work at 1 am it's just plain boring on the streets and a little music should really help.

  • Scott

    I would like these headphones because I do not own any good headphones and definitely not any bluetooth ones. I would use these at the gym and also at home while surfing the internet(Android Police). These are also some great looking headphones.

  • http://www.th3sh4k4.blogspot.com German Pimentel

    Cause i can't live without music, if this babes can make mine sound better...
    Shut up and take my money...

  • db

    I would use them most around the house and for walks around the neighborhood.

  • Christian Collet

    I bike to work and use (cabled) headphones for music. They have an awful tendency to get pulled outta my ears by my jacket or when getting on/off the bike. BT headphones would certainly alleviate that!

  • Daniel

    I want them cuz they look sexy and your review makes me want them even more...

  • http://cougil.com Nacho Cougil

    Because I need a good headphones without cables to use in my daily travels with public transport. Sometimes is very difficult to manage your bags when you are listening music with cables. You know what I mean, don't you?

  • Szalo Cristina

    They look really nice. I don't currently have a bluetooth headset so i could really use one. I'd use almost everywhere, because i listen to a lot of music.

  • Giorgio Aresu

    I'd like to have them because my actual earphones are ruining. They are nice, good quality and wireless, just perfect for my new Galaxy Nexus =D

  • Richard

    Would love to have them. With the wife and both girls constantly rocking in the house with their ipods and iphone I need an escape with some real metal :)

  • Dg

    I want one for everyday use/gym wear. Im tired of buying earphones for ~3 months and having the wiring fray... expensive headseta still have cheap ass wiring....

  • James

    I love the design and color accents. It will be great to put it on when I'm doing yard work, jogging or just taking a stroll in the park.

  • Saurabh

    I really need new headphones. It's about time I replaced my current ones which work on both ears only if I smash my head against the pillow just the right way. If you give me these headphones, I'll pet them, and care for them, and call them George. For real.

  • Shane

    Medicsl school requires countless hours of studying in a forsaken library. An awesome, comfy pair of headphones would make studying all day much better. As someone who can't study in silence - these would certainly help me out for the next 3.5 years!

  • Eric To

    Gotta use these to step up your headphone game. Beats audio? Those were so yesterday. I want people to see these and ask where they're from. Then I'll tell them, "M-E-Electronics." I'll probably laugh though, it's a pretty terrible name =p

  • Laurentiu A

    I need some new headphones because my old ones got broken about a week ago. And I would be using them absolutely every were.

  • Nyamka Ganni

    I'm in need for new headphones! my current one is not good enough in terms of sound quality... I just want to feel what it's like to listen to music through such a beautiful and good headphones!

  • lahiru

    I could use these AF32 at gym and probably when I'm not studing. Listing to music make my mind calm. Also I'm a big traveler.I could use them while I'm travelling

  • Jordi Balcells

    These would really come in handy for listening to music in the street or in the bus _and_ picking up calls without unplugging my regular headphones. I would also love them to watch movies from the sofa.

  • elyas

    I want cause it looks cool, and I have never got wireless headphone, I will use it mostly with my PSVita ,it would be great.

  • Franz

    Those are clearly for me!

    I am sitting in a very busy office trying to write code. This only works with the best headphones ever. Believe me, just when you get your head around this second sub query with multiple joins and havings - somebody thinks about to call their telco and have a shouting battle with some innocent Indian family man who only does his job - or tell everybody in the office about their weekend, discuss the newest car or chick-flick or how awesome their newest gadget is. And the report needs to run by 10am when the big meeting starts...

    But the most important reason is: This headphones would be saving every bodies job - because I am the sole developer here. Nothing here works with out me... nothing! Nobody else knows anything about how to write sql queries or stick the newest policies on the intranet or maintain the p2p Java app, running on a proprietary protocol which was invented when there was no headphones around and the noise was just unbearable here...

  • zauriel

    I want them because whenever i unbox a new gadget I just go back to childhood and it's now more than 4 months since my last gadget i could buy :( pick me!!!!! :)

  • Vyacheslav

    I really want it! I read many reviews about headphones of Meelectronics and this brand is great! New model (AF32 Bluetooth Headphones) looks amazing, this model is first really good bluetooth headphones. I use it everywhere! I like this headphones.

  • Kaupo pild

    I would love to run around my room and apartment, without worrying about the neighbors and wires.

  • Alex

    I'd like to win such a headphones because they would be very convenient in cooperation with my mobile phone. I use my bluetooth loud speaker to listen to some audio in my car. Having bluetooth headphones I could quickly switch to them when I left the car.

  • Shark

    Looks awesome! I'd like to use the to listen to music on the noisy bus on the transit to work. The plus is no wires getting tangled with my bag and stuff!

  • Josue

    I would rock these headphones walking to campus or while Jogging, no more cable in the way.

  • G4N0N

    I use this heaphones to make new oportunities for my firends buy a new one

  • Vladimir Medvedev (Владимир Медведев)

    I would use it for watching movies in the night. I can't watch them in the evening because of my little son - if the laptop is on - he demands of watching cartoons. After he falling asleep I could do that I want but only if it's quiet thing. If I had this headphones the problem can be resolved ;-)

  • Andy Boatman

    I want them so I can use them at work, and at home. I have a wired USB headset I use with my PC, and my kids have nearly destroyed the cord. This would kill two birds with one stone: I can replace my aging headset at home, and I can listen to my music in peace at work.

  • joey

    I would use them at the gym, and when my baby girl is watching Disney shows, the great part would be no wires to ruin, like my beats by dre..... Thanks for my new headphones.

  • http://anchordudes.com tac1000 (Tom Campbell)

    When I'm cleaning one of the rental houses, I usually listen to Pandora with the earbuds on a cord. Nothing's worse than ripping a bud out of your ear when you get the cord caught on the vacuum cleaner handle!
    I'd love to listen wirelessly instead!

  • Jason Hatman

    I'd rock these to Pandora while at work. I do a great deal of redundant work setting up computers and such and these with my phone or computer would be awesome. They'd give me the room in need to move around freely.

  • Yap Kok Kee

    I'll use them mostly on the go alone while walking across the streets or while waiting for someone or maybe even while walking across the campus area of my university.
    Benefits? No wires of course. It won't tangle itself up on my bag that's for sure.

  • TB

    Hmm .

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I'd like these headphones
    To listen to music while I sleep :)

  • Nathaniel Webb

    They match my superhero outfit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1376059873 Jerry B. Culala

    i want to win one! i could use it on my iphone 4s i also won from facebook contest. ill be using it when playing music and games on my phone. i want one coz i cant afford to buy one, i join contest to win me gadgets i cant afford to buy..:)

  • Ed

    I have four kids and should win due to pity. The wireless feature and convenient buttons should help with my sanity-

  • Lewissd

    I would use them to block out the noise while studying at school and at starbucks.

  • Kraig

    These headphones would be perfect for the gym. I cannot count the number of times that the cord on my current set has found itself wrapped around some piece of equipment during my workout. Add quality sound to that, and I see no reason why I shouldn't want to test them for you!

  • J.K

    I would use these for online gaming, video calls, and just for everyday use. I have a pair of plantronics bluetooth headphones, and they're great, but these seem much better!

  • Piyush Parulkar

    I want the AF32 because my headphones have been damaged so i dont have some pocket money left with me to buy new ones.as my tution is far away from my home it takes about half hour to reach there so i will use them at that time.they would be helpful in killing my time giving a better music experience than other headphones and will also help me concentrate better :P

  • http://www.techrebels.net Raj

    I would use this while I'm travelling to office and also would review about it on my tech blog if given a chance.

  • Praveen

    I want it so that during my morning subway commute, wires don't get wrapped around people. And also I can jam to the sweet tunes making the subway ride oh so much more enjoyable!

  • Kingrz

    It would be nice to use this headphones because I work in a Call Center. When I'm at work I'm wired and even at home! Release me from those wires!

  • niyamath

    i want to talk to my wife hands free when i am going on my bike to work and others should think i am listening to some cool high bass song

  • eh101

    These would be great for a number of uses, the first being to block out all of the annoyances at Texas Tech University. My class schedule there is kinda screwed up this semester so I find myself watching Netflix or listening to music quite a bit now. Unfortunately, the headphones I have now are the ones that came with my Galaxy Nexus and are nothing to write home about. Also, since these have Bluetooth I'm thinking it might be possible to set these up with an xbox or ps3 like turtlebeach headsets but without the mic. That would be interesting and might get my upstairs neighbor who apparently has super hearing off my butt. Sorry for the long comment and thanks for the chance to win.

  • survey

    working from home , i could use these as the ultimate hands free headset being able to take calls and listen to music freely without being bound to the contraints of the cable.

  • J.L.

    My old headphone don't even compare to these.

  • Donovan

    I think these would be great for a jog along the beach as the sun goes down. Simple, stylish and best of all no wires!

  • Jason

    Deff would make great use of these...I spend upwards of 8 hours a day providing remote support for high end network data storage and most of that time I am streaming media of some sort while i do my research.. one less wire on my desk and exception audio quality? how could it fail?

  • David

    All I've got are some $10 ear buds. While these are handy to carry in my pocket (and cheap), Led Zeppelin's Kashmir just does not sound the way it should. Plus, who can really, and I mean REALLY rock out when they're connected at the head to the phone with a 3 foot wire?

  • Ishaan

    I love the fact that they are wireless; tangled wires just annoy me so much. I'd use these both with my computer at home and with my phone on the go.

  • Aaron

    I would like to have these to listen to music in the office without bothering other workers, or other various situations. But more than anything, I would like to have them because they are free! Is this good? Are choices going to be random or based on content? I would place the content in this post at the top of the list, if the latter. It is indeed exploding with content with which to choose from when making the choice that you will choose. So choose this choice.

  • Drootz

    I want these to listen to my online google music library while at work. Music totally makes the day go by faster, especially when the music sounds better due to quality equipment.

  • Enoch

    it would be awesome to have these headphones because being a musician having a nice headphones with a long tangly cord is not intuitive at all especially when doing covers or practicing on electric instruments. Being able to go wireless and bluetooth connect to my phone to hear my music while i do my every day things is excellent too, excercising in the mornings with my light jog would become even better without the cables!

  • Joseph

    As a pastor, i love listening to inspiring messages on my phone and tablet. Having these wireless AF32 headphones would be an absolute delight because i could easily listen to my messages and music anywhere i go with no hassle!

  • Ryan

    I would like them because I would like them. Also I don't like wires.

  • DoomsDave

    I would use these head phones at work. being able to listen to my music without having restrictions of wires. Could allow me to listen more freely. I love the look of these and would not mind having my own pair.

  • Jamal

    I recently have been using earphones, I really enjoyed them until they decided not to work at all. Now I can't listen to music, watch movies, etc because they broke. This wireless headphone would alleviate all the problems of having cables get tangled up and broken and would be a great thing to wear and use at all times.

  • AndrewR

    Id love to use this headset with the new beats audio mod that was just released for android. I currently do not have high quality audiophile-esque headphones and this would be excellent

  • brent b

    I could use another pair. I'll wear them around the house and at the gym. No cord means it wont get in the way of my workout.

  • Donald

    I do commecial flooring. Headphones dangling a cord into the glue isn't the best thing. Actually it makes a huge mess. These would be fantastic. Plus working on music the go these would be great since they have a wired ability too.

  • Ramon Gutierrez

    I watch movies on my phone during lunch time at work and my headphones cable always on the way, plus it will cut the cable clutter I have on my computer at home when I play games!

  • Collin

    I wanna win so there is no cord to break or get messed up!

  • http://www.iangrey.org Ian Grey

    My Bose quietcomfort noise cancellers are going all scabby now, best £200 I ever spent and I've had a good seven years out of them. My next ones could do with being cordless and I might try and track a pair of these down if I don't win.

    I wear them to drown out the mother-in-law when she rings up my wife to organise the home shopping delivery!

  • Christopher Green

    I would use these at work to listen to my tunes and/or podcasts. Home use for netflix movies would be great too. Less cords means more freedom, and I could always use more freedom.

  • alex

    Its purrtyyy :)

  • http://www.flickr.com/__max Max Chiu

    I've always wanted a pair of wireless headphones... I'd wear them while I'm at work snapping pictures of cars. Right now, the cord on my headphones always manages to snag onto random things as I'm moving around, and it gets really annoying!

  • MrManiacNF

    I'm a sad panda right now, and will be for quite some time to come. I was up all night studying for a test thursday night, and around 4am I got hungry and ran to store to get a snack. The next morning I get up, and I'm getting ready and about to leave for class and I look for my wallet. I can't find it, I didn't find it, and havn't to this day. I lost it. It had $565 in it that was to pay Co-Op fee's for college. Music is supposed to cheer you up, well hopefully androidpolice can help a fellow out with some nice headphones.

    PS: My school have given me a week extension to pay the fee's, but everyone know's students are broke.

  • KamikaZee

    I need those. I have pretty boring commutes from/to university and I listen to music to keep me entertained.

    Unfortunately my ears hate any kind of in ear headphones, they always fall out no matter the size or type.
    So winning these would make my life quite a bit more enjoyable :D

  • xXOutlawXx

    I want them, because they look nice, have those convenient controls, and i CAN'T stand this!!! http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3368/3177410197_0a2069647d_z.jpg

  • http://facebook.com/sickopsycho andrew vincent

    I would love a pair of these because I currently do not own a pair of bluetooth headphones. I listen to music all the time and it seems anytime I do anything i either rip the buds out of my ear or rip the jack out of my phone. I would adore a pair of these =)

  • Ben Mahoney

    I want these headphones because I am sick and tired of the apple earbuds, and I would want them to brag at my brothers because they have very nice headphones

  • Chad

    I would used them at home and work to listen to music and books

  • Sam Monty

    "Why you want the AF32" - Exceptional bluetooth capability with high signal to noise ratio and great battery life..What's not to want.

    "When will you use them most ?" - to-n-fro to office and all the time when I feel like stepping away in my own musicY world.

    "Why would they be beneficial to you ?" - Am a believer of 'no strings attached' theory, so wire-less wud help prevent all that mingled up wireY frustration + don't like pushing in buds into my ears..it kinda feels uncomfortable.

  • Alejo

    my car exploded (literally) and now I'm going to work by train. I need one of these to listen to my music while I enjoy the view.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com kikikoko

    I FINALLY FOUND WAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!! Since Christmas I have been shoping for a pair Bluetooth headphones to give to my 17 year son. He got one pair from a BB store and he didn't like them, Now these look great. "If I win a pair I dont heave to buy them"

  • Jakey

    Well to start off, I have never tried one of these bluetooth headphones so it'll be quite nice if one literally fell into my lap.

    The specs look great and I'm pretty sure the sound quality is superb.

    I would use it daily on my commute to work and daily during my workouts. Also on weekend offroad bike expeditions......and while studying.

    it'll be especially fantastic for the workouts I think.......no wires. and while biking off-road as wires tend to get snagged on tiny branches quite a lot.

  • M.J. Moore

    I want one so bad! I want to be able to talk on my phone while holding my kid, and listen to music from my gadgets while he sleeps...

  • Seeker8907

    These look sexy.

  • nac1380

    I would love to have these headphones because they look great, and would stop the problems I always have with my wired headphones getting caught on things. I would use them while working out, to drown out the noises on a long car ride, and whenever I just need to have some personal listening time while others are sleeping.

  • Andy Bell

    Wires are annoying. That's why I want to win!

  • http://facebook.com/smsmycarandme Force

    So I don't crash because I was talking on the phone while driving... na just kidding, I actually wrote an app for that.

  • Omar Perez

    I want because look awesome and i can use it with my galaxy Note to rock all the time and be the first have it where i work

  • Jason Fee

    I want these because they are the essence of sexiness! if I win these I swear girls will become pregnant just on contact of me because of the sexiness being emitted by me. In fact if I win these I believe the overall sexiness and suave design of them and my already sexy demeanor and irresistible body could benefit all of woman kind. May even cause for peace to break out. So if you want world piece you should pick me. ;)

  • Jason Fee

    I want these because they are the essence of sexiness! if I win these I swear girls will become pregnant just on contact of me because of the sexiness being emitted by me. In fact if I win these I believe the overall sexiness and suave design of them and my already sexy demeanor and irresistible body could benefit all of woman kind. May even cause for peace to break out. So if you want world piece you should pick me. ;) ;)

  • http://sketaful.se Sketaful

    Since my headphones for my phone (and musicplayer) broke and my daughter 'stole' my other headset for her Minecraf-sessions I'm in desperate need of something to listen to my music in.

    These would make my day alot brighter.

  • Dion T.

    I owned a pair of creative cb8100 which I loved, they had a really nice sound, but just about a month ago I decided to give it to a kid that told me he just bought an android phone because he thought my Gnex was awesome. I don't regret giving it away to a new android fan, but I now miss having no wires ;)

  • Michael

    looks convenient and I love their product as I believe the price is fair

  • Kree

    Ive always wanted bluetooth headphones and these look very nice. I would use these on daily basis while im at school between classes.

  • rune

    I've always loved MEE products. They are great for the price and can compete with some of the hi-end headphones out there. Would love to add the bluetooth headset to my collection! With the Poweramp sale, cm9 on my S2 and the MEE headset..this would be the best weekend Everrrrrrr!

  • eric ziegenfus

    I would listen to music while working out or my podcasts while at work!

  • Chris Richter

    I'd listen to em all day walking around campus.

  • David Cheng

    Would like to give them a try, walking around campus all day. I should would be great to be without wires.

  • seanhuston

    I jave tried moto nokia seinheiser and jaybird.... Still havent found what I am lookin for

  • seanhuston

    I jave tried moto nokia seinheiser and jaybird.... Still havent found what I am lookin for.

  • Jack

    I would love to win one of theses awesome headsets, because i never win anything.

  • Santy

    It will be the solution to the most irritating problem with wired headphones, the cable getting caught in something and pulling the plug or hurting your ears.

  • Robert Walters

    These look sick have great specs and I would use it all the time!

  • http://AndriodPolice Bill Bristol

    With over 1200 cds and 2800 tunes transferred, this bad boy better be prepared to put in some serious overtime. And I have not even mentioned movies.

  • Steve G

    I would totally wear these everywhere. Right now I'm using a pair of Moto ROKR EH20 wired headphones and would love a high quality bluetooth set.

  • aaron

    why why you ask cause meeltronics is the shit thats why

  • Nir

    Those headphones look great !
    In my work i work with louder machine and i use the original earphones that came with my phone, it's a problem because every time i need to move the wire because it interapting me to do my work.
    I think those will do me a big relief, i could do my job without moving the cable all the time.

    Thank you !

  • koridawn

    Would it be wrong and stereotypically female if I said I like the color combination?

  • W

    These would make me look way less of a dork than my 70's disco headphones!

  • Alan

    My big sister might like one for her birthday!

  • Spencer Rosengarten

    These headphones would definitely come in handy on my next vacation when my wife and daughter are sleeping and I'm in the same room watching streaming videos.

  • Chris

    Working in and around the house a lot, I really could use a nice pair. I don't currently own a headset and have been looking into getting one. These seem to be sturdy and reliable, and would be a great addition to my audio gear.

  • http://sharepress.org Nidhin Raj J

    I need them so badly, Please don't make me beg for them..thanks for the giveaway contest..

  • http://jeffratte.com Jeff

    I've love these because I need a new pair. When would I use them? Almost every day!

  • Andrew

    I want these because it would be great to have cordless headphones with good audio quality. I'd mainly use these to listen to music.

  • Moonrakerone

    So i can ditch these wires!

  • Chango

    My recently purchased pair of Skullcandy headphones just died with both drivers blowing out. It seriously sounds like cardboard speakers from the 70s all blown out. Absolutely unusable and just out of warranty. Owning these headphones would fit in perfectly with my digital mobile oriented lifestyle.

  • Christopher

    This would be nice for going on walks and stuff where I don't want headphone cables to get in the way. Also, the speakers on my Transformer pooped and that would help also.

  • Edwin

    I have a Mac, Android phone, Windows netbook, and an iPod touch, so these headphones would make my life SOOOO much easier. Since these are compatible with all my devices, I won't need to buy any other headphones. I get to save money AND can help save the environment. Oh, and being wireless is a HUGE plus too!

  • SQurel23

    I'd love these because they'll make me look awesome while listening to the awesome beats I make.

  • Kavinda

    This will be amazing. I really want it

  • http://anoopjacob.tk Jakes

    I really love them.. I have this habit of walking here and there to take a break from coding. So at such times, a bluetooth headset wil be so useful.. And Af32 simply seems awesome

  • doseas

    I need them because I currently don't have any headphones.

  • Sam B.

    I want it because i never win any contests so and my UE100 is getting old

  • Martip

    They just look incredible! The perfect stylish addition to our beloved gadgets...

  • http://smisa27.deviantart.com/ Sean Misa

    i think those would look good on my ears =)

  • aj34

    I am a night owl and my boyfriend has to go to bed early for work so I need an awesome set of headphones so I can watch vid and listen to music while he is in dreamland and I am wide awake. Thanks for the most excellent giveaway. I also love them because they are bluetooth and I hate cords.

  • Joe Bryant

    Those look awesome. I'd mostly use them between classes, or whenever the mood struck!

  • CrazyAndro

    My Andro wants it, cos it hates wires :-)

    Would luv to switch on some music wen my girlfriend is bothering me ;-)

    Alo, a great treat to ears while travelling to office and sweating out in gym.

  • Mark Arpon

    I want these simply because I hate wires. Wireless is the way to go. ;)

  • tim

    Thanks for the oppertunity to win one of the Bluetooth Headphones.
    Nice Website.

  • Vamsi

    I go running a lot and, would love to hear music as it should be .. With this AF32 headphones, i can accomplish it.. Would love to have these headphones..

  • shumeow

    because I live in New Zealand where technology is severely lagging and these super cool bluetooth headphones would be streets ahead

  • Chong

    I have always been a fan of headphones, but i could only afford used ones. I believe that this might be the chance I can finally lay hands on a decent pair of bluetooth headphones. The possibilities would be limitless if i can be the lucky winner.

  • itai marom

    i will use them at home to watch movies and TV show at night so i wont wake up my parents.
    and the bed is far away from the PC so a cable is not an option

  • K

    Coz the default samsung ones suck or maybe the gs2 sound card sucks

  • Federico Landra

    I really hope to win these wonderful headphones cause they're so useful, they haven't those annoying wires and they're completely not cumbersome; i like them so much!! I partecipate!

  • Alex

    The AF-32 is the Sex in the headphones range. They look sooooo stylish, sexy and immaculate. If i was to win them, i would surely use them every day with my Galaxy S2, as i make daily hour trips to and back from college, and with such quality of sound i would surely enjoy them a lot more, especially without the hassle of wires! I surely believe that whoever receives them will be really satisfied! Good luck everyone :)

  • Azasel

    I'm in my mid teens and my 4 year old iPod nano is dying on me, I already have an android phone and I'm considering changing my players. I'd use this during my commute to school, in between classes, in the car with my family, even at home.

  • AC

    I would use it during my daily long commutes in the very overcrowded public transport of Bombay where wires often get entangled with disembarking passengers. So if its not you, then its your mobile MP3 player getting pulled off at the wrong station. :-) Would be extremely soothing to frayed nerves & tensed wires :P

  • Arthur Mendes

    Hey, music is life beyond life, and with the Air-Fi AF32 BT headphones this can go even further. Would use this awasomeness every single day when running, going to school, work, going to sleep!...

  • Giap Yong Su

    I have had enough of cable tangles. I would love to have these wireless headphones that not only provide convenience but also offers great sound quality!

  • Sachin Singh

    I would like the AF32 as they would be so perfect when I am working around the house to listen to my favorite tunes without disturbing anyone else. Tangled up wires irritate me like nothing else so hell yeah baby, Artem - I think you just convinced me to go bluetooth!

  • http://www.facebook.com/roberto.frenna Roberto Frenna

    I would like that headphones because I like them very much, and also they'll be useful to listen music without disturbing my family.

  • Indulis Andris

    I would like the AF32 when I am working out, or when im using my htc desire z, because all the other headphones broke, and as soon as they look so badass I am putting them up on my wishlist <3

  • Tim Portnoy

    I want the headphones because my other headphone`s cables are always get tangled and in the end they break

  • theFox

    early this year i won a poweramp license from you guys but i do not own a proper headphones on my Sensation to enjoy music. Please, i love this pair of cans, please let me have a pair.

  • Dizwix

    Oh dear lord, I do want those headphones.
    Maybe this time I'll win.