Last Updated: March 14th, 2012

A few days ago, Artem went in-depth with the MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Bluetooth headphones, and, for the most part, he loved them. They're sleek, sexy, functional, comfortable, and they provide good audio quality (what more can you ask for?). What makes these headphones exceptionally cool, though, is the six-button controller. But I'm not going to dish all of the details here - I encourage you to read the full review.

Go ahead, this giveaway will be here when you get back.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  • ZealotOnAStick
  • Carlos Moreno
  • David Lowe

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

For those who didn't win, MEElec is offering a 20% off consolation coupon code ANDROID_POLICE_AF32 good for any AF32 orders off this page (it expires sometime in the beginning of April 2012). This knocks the price down to $63.99 from $79.99 - not a bad deal at all. Just add the item(s) to your cart and enter the aforementioned coupon on the checkout page. Like so:


Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

What You Get


We have three pairs of the AF32s to give away to three lucky people. Here is the nuts-and-bolts of the headset, per MEElec's website:

  • A2DP stereo Bluetooth for music playback and use as a headset with the built-in mic
  • Conveniently located phone and music controls
  • Ultra-soft ear pads and adjustable headband for extended wearing comfort
  • Folds for convenient storage and comes with a travel bag
  • Rich and dynamic sound with enhanced deep bass and great clarity from the acoustically advanced, high efficiency 40mm driver
  • Convenient all-in-one design for simplicity and functionality
  • 3.5mm audio jack for wired use
  • Digital volume control
  • Talk hands-free on your phone
  • Voice dialing (if supported by your phone)
  • Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, Windows phones, Macs, Bluetooth dongles, and other Bluetooth enabled devices

Sound good? Thought so.

How To Win

wm_IMG_9956 wm_IMG_9964

Here lately we've been exploring new ways for you to enter contests, but we're going to kick it old school on this one. To enter, you need only leave a comment telling us why you want the AF32. When will you use them most? Why would they be beneficial to you? You know, the typical stuff.

This contest is open to users worldwide, and will end on Monday, March 5th at 11:59 PM PST.

If you're ready to enter, hit the comments!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Kylan Fabila

    I'd like one please.

  • http://www.bevonfindley.com Bevon Findley

    I love this. I love the color and it would be great to use every day especially when traveling or while reading. Plus no wires. awesomesauce

  • Chris A

    I want these because they looks cool, are well reviewed, and could prove useful on boring days at work.

  • http://415designs.com Tom Calisti

    Yo! I need it , :) ... I meant I can't find one good headphones pair for my computer / media player . wire free is definitely the way to go and this looks like great quality , I need to be Lucky! Please Gimme good hear !

  • http://www.cricketusers.com Keri

    These look pretty darn cool. I could actually use this while I'm sitting at my desk. And it's wireless so that could be useful.

  • http://facebook joshua

    I want the headset because im sick of my crappy 20$ headset. I would use them most playing online with my ps3 and while watching netflix on my transformer.

  • http://dtrguitar.tumblr.com Daniel T Rodriguez

    I'm an incredibly busy, classical guitar-playing college student majoring in music. I had a pair of MEElectronics earbuds for about 2 years now that were totally sweet, but the right wire has frayed from the microphone/input button and they no longer function. I need some sweet new headphones to study the art of controlled sound (and indulge in my guilty pleasure, progressive death metal) and help young musicians gracefully rock.

    Basically, I need these headphones to eradicate Justin Bieber (and his inevitable clones). If I don't win, Android Police will be held solely responsible.

    Your move, AP.

  • Lahcen Ghourabi

    I will use these headphones on the train when I go to school with my tablet to listen to music.

  • http://www.facebook.com/haseeb.shaikh7 Haseeb

    I want these because they look amazing and I am sure the sound quality is amazing. I listen to music all the time especially when I'm walking to and from campus.

  • Jan Mikolajczak

    I recently bought a stationary bluetooth speaker and fell in love with it - I am craving to have the same capability with headphones!

  • Luke

    I use a pair of headphones all day at work (software dev), usually listening to various radio/music apps on my phone. Having a good pair of headphones without wires would be AMAZING. I constantly get tangled up in the wire just getting up to stretch my legs...

  • Jason Frye

    These headphones would be an awesome way to drown out the random blathering idiot sitting next to me on my bus commutes to work everyday. :-)

  • Jon Sibley

    These look awesome.
    I would love a pair of these headphones. I've been lusting after the AF32's for a little while now, but can't afford to buy them. They would be ideal for my commute to work and while walking the dog.
    Plus the review said they work well with the Samsung Galaxy S2, which is great news for me.
    Mostly though, I would love to win a pair because they look awesome!

  • Jon Sibley

    These look awesome.
    I would love a pair of these headphones. I've been lusting after the AF32's for a little while now, but can't afford to buy them. They would be ideal for my commute to work and while walking the dog.
    Plus the review said they work well with the Samsung Galaxy S2, which is great news for me.
    Mostly though, I would love to win a pair because they look awesome!

  • Louis

    these would be perfect for playing WoW and being on Vent or Skype

  • valentino

    I want to win because I'm tired of cables and I think these will go great with my Galaxy S2

  • Deeds

    They look awesome

  • Jeremy C

    These sound great. I have a set of MEElectronics IEMs, and they're fantastic, but I'd like a set of headphones for better audio at home. The wireless is really icing on the cake.

  • Jing Yang

    I want the AF32 cause i want to win it for the Asia region, android police seems never to gift away winner at Asia. I would use AF32 in every way I could. It would be very useful for VOIP skype or gaming.

  • Pete

    1. Cool looking and apperantly (based on AP review) functional headphones.
    2. What more than to listen to my music freely w/o tanggle wires, etc. anytime, anywhere.
    3. They are FREE.

  • Jimmy

    Because they're bluetooth!

  • Nolan

    I'd use these for background music while biking.

  • Stephen Tee

    When would I use them? Always!
    I've been using my phone as an mp3 with a wired pair of headphones. They always catch on things and I'm afraid they will break or even worse, throw my phone on the ground and break it. Also, for what its worth, the color scheme matches my shoes :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/naijanupe_ Benard Akinnibosun

    I need these headphones for work and when I do lifting at the gym. I can use these as well while driving and can easily pick up and hang up my calls. I have a problem of always somehow snapping the headphones from my ears. To be able to use them and not having to worry about hurting myself would be saving this android citizen from endangering himself and other fellow android citizens. Android Police it is your duty to protect and serve.

  • JERRY G.

    I've been looking and shopping headphones for a while that would free me up in my office area (need to have head phones on to block out the rest of the world in there) to work and have podcasts/tunes playing! What better way to go wireless... a pair of these!

  • Aritra Mukherjee

    Most of time passes with music only, i am using a cheap Meelec M2P for that. Now the soundstage as well as mid range of AF32 is incomparable with that. And it will save me from the uncomfort of sticking an IEM all of the time. And i wont need to carry my mobile with me whenever i go to bathroom or to the next room in pocket.
    Most of all, I love meelec products, and its much much more balanced and widen than what I am using, I guess, it will mostly improve my listening experience. :)

  • Ton

    Oh great just in time to retire my motos

  • OFI

    Just want them so I can walk around work like a bauce listening to Kelly Clarkson.

  • Kausick Bag

    I can connect my tablet while commuting. It's always clumsy to connect via wire in rush.

  • Paul

    Right now I have the ear bugs that came with my phone. They are falling apart and shock the inside of my ear from time to time.

    Where will I use these? At work in my cube. This way I won't have to hear the annoying woman next to me talking on the phone to her 12 stupid kids. Rather, I can listen to some slacker or Pandora with out the addition of little wires sitting in my ear waiting for a change to shock me again.

  • Justin

    These would be so fantastic for when I'm walking or jogging with the dog. No wires to get tangled up in the leash, and I can either have music or a conversation.

  • Nathaniel Chia

    I'll need a new pair of earphones as the ones I am currently using are on the brink of spoiling.

  • Micah Madru

    I want them so I can have a good pair of headsets to listen to in the library while I work on school. I don't have a good pair of headsets (only earbuds).

  • Logan Edwards

    Android Police reviewed them and gave them a thumbs up. thats all i needed to hear to want a pair!

  • FortressMinimus

    I use some Motorola BT headphones fir listening to music and audiobooks while commuting and I'd like a better more modern one.

  • Shahir Mahfudz

    I'd get them if I could afford them! But sadly I can't so I hope you can help me get a pair :)

    They're absolutely perfect for my daily walk to university, because after 45 mins of walking, the wire on my headphones feels as heavy as an anchor, while making the most annoying noises as it sways about hitting everything as I walk!

    Study areas on campus and at home does get quite noisy too, forcing me to have headphones on pretty much throughout the day, so good headphones as light and portable as this would be perfect!

    Oh and not forgetting when I'm forced to keep my headphones for lectures. Hate that it's wires tangle up with all my notes, stationeries, packed lunch etc. It's especially a hassle on those days with lots of lectures with lots of study breaks in between. Got tons of work to do but I'm wasting time taking forever just to untangle the wires each time!

  • S mck

    These would be great for me because I would give them to my wife! Bonus points for me.
    She runs and gyms it a lot and these would be great.

  • BrungerM

    I would love these headphones for PC gaming. High end sound + High end graphics = Epic win.

  • fbike

    Save me from cords!

  • Hensen Lizar (李显程)

    there are few reasons for why I want this BT headphone. first of all is no wire. Wire can be troublesome in a crowded place and I keep thinking the earphone going to fall. second, I don't like to use earphone because my ear feel pain after few hours which means on ear or over ear is the best solution. third, it's really great for travelling and following your girlfriend during shopping. In car or train it will be good companion especially when you need to accompany your girlfriend for shopping.

  • Matt

    I have been in the market for a new pair of BT headphones for a couple of weeks..since my Moto Rokr S305 died on me. I use them at work for about 6 hours a day and need a good pair. Not to mention they would be nice to have for working out as long as sweat doesnt mess them up like they did my s305's.

  • Robert A

    There are too many wires in my life. This is the only solution to untangle the mess I’m in.

  • Byron petty

    Wires are so 2011, i think its time i moved past them with these swanky new headphones.

  • Gamerjra

    These look like a nice Pair, i would love to listen to how they actually sound.

  • Riccardo, B. Desantis

    I'm sick of my wired in-ear headphones, they always stuck everywhere when I'm out... These would be perfect for my Nexus S or my computer at home or anywhere! Please! é_è

  • crackinthewall

    Sounds like a nice pair to use for listening to my professors' lectures and it definitely looks better than the Nokia bluetooth headphones littering the streets around here. Morning commutes would definitely be more interesting with this around my ears instead of my old Skullcandy. With it around, I wouldn't have to hold a huge slab over my ear to make calls.

  • ash

    it would be amazing to have these cuz walk and take a bus to work, and I'm constantly snagging the wire on fences, my arm, door knobs, you name it and I've probly snagged the wire on it and either pulled the phone out my pocket and dropped it or pulled the headphones off my ears. these looks sweet, and I don't have much cash to pony out for any BT headphones even tho I work six days a week! PLEASE HELP A MUSIC LOVER who is having major issues beingstuck tethered to my device!!!

  • Rob

    I'd love to have these to listen to at work instead of my old crappy pair of headphones.

  • David Lowe

    I would love these headphones because I don't have any right now. I would use them all the time to listen to music. Having some headphones that make the sound like your in the room with the band would be more that awesome.

  • Garrick

    The biggest benefit: wireless. I hate wires and they can be such a pain in the butt when trying to hold all my stuff when walking to class. The fact that they look good, perform well, great battery life, and has an impressive battery life is all icing on the cake. I tried out a pair of motorola bluetooth headphone things and they were just to ugly, bad sound, and didn't work that well. Right now I'm using some old ipod earphones from 2004 or something. Lets just say it's not the best for listening to music on my Android. A pair of these would improve my life so much. I'm constantly listening to music on my phone and these would make it that much more enjoyable. Hopefully I win! Thank you.

  • jc

    Whoa, these would be great strapped around my head. I'm tired of cords getting caught on everything during my daily moves.

  • Chuck N

    I would use them all the time..on 1 ear while driving since my jawbone just died today and at home to listen to music and videos so my wife stops yelling at me to "lower that crap".

  • Pang

    This headphone is the perfect match to enjoy even more of my phone and ta

    • Pang

      lol, sorry for this uncompleted message.....clicked too quickly

  • http://www.barcemex.es Antonio Chillaron Barahona

    I would like this Bluetooth earphones to listen to my Android phone music and to get ride of these messy cables around me!

  • Pang

    This headphone is the perfect acessory to enjoy even more of musics, movies and games in my phone and tablet!

  • rabadi

    Want to win this because I do not have a headphone and I can't stand using the earphone which comes with my Android smartphone (or any earphones in general). What will I use it for? To listen to music in the office, of course.

  • Nathan A.

    I want the AF32 headphone because they would be a great replacement to the pair of Skullcandy's I use currently. The wire on my headphones tangle easily so these headphones will be more manageable.

  • Alex Gude

    I would love to win a pair. I travel for work a lot and can listen to music as I work, but the wires always make it a pain. Help me cut the cords and give me some music for my soul.

  • http://theintroverteer.com Griffin

    Cables are the bane of my existence in living a mobile lifestyle. Bluetooth headphones like this would be a solution to my problems. I listen to my music in my way to lasses so this would be great.

  • Aatif Sumar

    Because its a bluetooth headset! I dig bluetooth headsets.

  • George

    Needing a nice bluetooth headset for my wife :D

  • Steve

    I'd love to win one of these because I've been getting increasingly fed up with the cable transference from my current in-ear headset (Ultimate Ears from Logitech). Now I'm a bit of an audiophile, but being a student, I generally can't afford a new awesome headset all the time, but when I read the review I knew I needed to get this, good controls, and finally good wireless quality by all accounts! Then I checked my bank account and saw I couldn't :( So here's to hoping! :)

  • Fadi Mansor

    yes i'd love to have one, cables are wicked and i keep on replacing headphones all the time, im sure this is one is going to be the one and only for me :D

  • Letsan

    I'd probably use them the most to talk through the phone in my house, and in the subway if they can keep up with the noise :D

  • Wesley Moore

    Because I strive to be cordless, headphones are the one last cordless accessory that I need!

  • Steve

    My old headphones broke and I'm stuck using Apple earbuds right now... *shudder* It's time to get an upgrade! I'll use these all the time, since I'm always listening to music. And they're wireless!

  • http://www.facebook.com/MichaelWilson37 Michael David Wilson

    Honestly, My girlfriend took my headphones to Vegas... yes they were crappy but and these are a billion times better, but regardless, I want them cuz I am now deprived of music :/

  • Angie

    I want the AF32 because I've been wanting bluetooth headphones for a while but a good pair is out of my budget. Mostly would like to use them with my phone on my way to school. Good quality, no wires and the ability to use them as a headset would make these a pretty awesome pair to own in any situation.

  • DcMasta

    I can use them while working my shift all night long (8PM - 7AM)! It would be nice to not be chained to my laptop by a cord!
    Plus: http://i.imgur.com/eOt0E.jpg

  • Joel Chan

    I would love the cordless headphone as it is hassle-free! Would definitely be glad to have it as I listen to music while studying and I'm taking my O Levels this year.

  • feedDunk

    I could SOOOO use these!
    I would use them on the ps3 at night, when my 4 kids go zzzzz.
    I would use them on my xoom, to watch netflix and movies in bed, while the wife sleeps.
    I would use them while streaming google music to my EVO 3D.
    I would use them for a little late night gaming on the PC.


    (My feeble attempt to honor Dr. Seuss on his bday)

  • Chris Bozsik

    I read the review of these posted a few days ago and was impressed by them and would love a pair for myself :D Would be great to use with my phone and my new Vita, which I sadly don't have a bluetooth headset for :(

  • Acar B

    I want it. Looks so sexy! I would love to have a Bluetooth headset that I could Skype with my LDR lover with. <3

  • William

    Because thay're cool

  • Chris

    been stuck using a pair of headphones that are over 6 years old. so much so that the padding around the ears sort of fell off (the way sponge does) and i had to sew new covers for them. goodness knows i need a new pair.

  • Nicolas

    why wouldn't I want them? they look great and from the review they sound great too. and i've been waiting for decent bluetooth headphones for ever.

  • Josh

    I'm still using earbuds I got with a Zune I got several years ago. Maybe I'm just cheap, but I sure could use a decent pair of headphones.

  • George Anthony Rai

    Well one for it is bluetooth enabled and with these i can go easily on my running and other stuff.
    secondly the review of the sound and bass is said to be extraodinary .
    And Ya i m out of Headphones as my sony headphone is a sham.

  • Michael

    I ride a lot on the meta here in Chicago, I do a lot listening to music or playing games on my GS2. I would love to show off how awesome these are and tell people where they can get a pair for themselves.

  • Erik

    I would love to own a pair of AF32 headphones. My headphones are so old, they came with my WalkMan portable cassette tape player over 10 years ago!

    Ok, so that's a slight exaggeration. But still, owning a pair of these headphones would be about as awesome as the androidpolice.com contributors! :D

    I would use them most while working out and while volunteering at the local animal shelter saving puppies' lives.

    Everyone loves puppies!

  • james

    I would love these my current head phones a breaking and i have to wiggle the wire around a lot D=

  • viknesh

    i need this headset because i use it while play games and listen to songs.

  • Brian

    I want these due to being a military guy I travel a lot! It would be nice to be able to listen to my music on a plane without having a stupid wire getting snagged on stuff. Plus it would be cool to FINALLY win a contest here haha. I always lose and hoping that will change!

  • enderwig

    better than clock radio speakers, that's why I need them.

  • DannyDarko

    I could use these as my Skullcandies are a joke. Let me win,Thanks.

  • http://www.unwiredmedic.com Christopher Matthews

    I stream audio through my Plantronics regularly, but would love to have actual stereo. I also would be using them with my laptop BT to listen to the many videos, movies, and podcasts I watch and listen to. Thanks for the contest!

  • http://about.me/kdemoya Kelvin De Moya

    I've had to buy those wired headphones over and over again because they break so easily. I'd use these ones every single day without worry about the useless wires.

  • Anjie

    I love music and these would be a great replacement for the earphones i lost a while back. I'd use it everyday when i get home so i don't have to hear my mom nagging at me.

  • Steve

    Nice prize, yet another great example of new bluetooth devices that will make life easier.

  • Johnny Sausedo

    I want these so i can spare my coworkers from having to listen to my pandora stations blasting from my moto atrix 4g!

  • Bipple Sheen

    I would use those bad boys the most at work. I have to walk about 3 miles everyday at work on the beach. It gets really boring if I don't have music or an audiobook to listen to and having no wires to get tangled in while I'm working would kick ass so you should totally choose me!

  • Saurav P

    My Girlfriend: "Holy sugar, can't you save your money!?"

    Me: "Yeah but these sound amazing and streamline my life!"

    My Girlfriend: "I'll streamline your life...*walks out and slams the door* How does that sound!!!"

    See, that's why I want these.

  • Shaun

    I would love to use these while at work and not disturb others and I can get up and still move around.

  • Eric

    I work all day rehabbing trailers. It's dirty and lonely, and all I have to keep me company is my podcasts and music. I'm currently using earbuds but I have tiny earholes that buds don't fit very well. I need a sharp classy pair of headphone's to keep me company at my awful job.

  • CawSDS

    I will use them on my long walks across campus to class. I hate having to stuff my wired buds into my pocket all the time...

  • Gerardo Pedraza

    I want these headphones because they're really cool have a lot of features plus they are Bluetooth no wires ,means better experience
    The last pair of ear buds I had where from the OG Droid so winning these would be a really big step for me :-)

  • Daniel

    I would use them for daily use. i am a major music junky of all kinds of music

  • http://www.webwibe.com Aasif Khan

    i have been searching for a wireless headset for a long time.Now i have my atrix so if i had one of these i could listen to music all day.Even when i am on bed.

  • Anuradha

    I would love these earphones as they'd be an awesome successor to my Lowriders, would make life easier as they're wire free and I won't always be on the edge trying to prevent the wire from getting caught on stuff, and most importantly, IT'S RED, AND LOOKS LIKE LEATHER!

  • http://www.mileagedesign.ca Mileage

    It would be nice to ignore the wires of my current headphones while making the mundane work of data entry and verification livable by cranking Rage Against the Machine!

  • Micky

    It can heal my music addictive disease

  • Ian Stephenson

    I would love to win one of these, Bluetooth headphones are really hard to find in store, and the ones online are outrageously expensive.

  • Sumpter Carter

    I love musicals, and I would love to be able to listen to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack with those. I will probably user them a school a majority of the time to down out the constant Minecraft griefer complaints (my school hosts a minecraft server).

  • Chan Poh Ching

    Now I can have my cake and eat it without any 'wire' attached. Win a Chic MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones and display the prettiest earphone dust plug.

  • Alexander Genvarev

    I'm so tired of the wires in my headphones, I want to be free from them and freely listen to music where I want it without interference

  • Simon Te

    I can dance to my music with no wires hassling my movement. I'll be using it pretty much everyday and anywhere. Movin' and groovin' will be much fun if you have something to show off with. Plus the fact that I'm sick of using stock Samsung earplugs.

  • Cristina O’Neill

    I spend so much time listening to music, and so many genres. I broke my pair of headphones about 2 weeks ago, they lasted me for years. Winning a new good pair would be great!
    Thanks for the giveaways AP!

  • chad

    Actually I want these for my 5 year old daughter...got her a kindle fire and she drives me nuts playing plants vs zombies..she plays it on the loudest level. Plus her birthday is coming up so this would be a good add on present.

  • http://justreboot.wordpress.com deidein

    I could really use a new pair of headphones - any headphones. I just backed my chair-wheel over my last pair of wired ones, and I cannot understate my sadness.

  • keegs

    Well these would be awesome to use on a daily basis just to listen to your tunes. Nothing like the freedom of having no wires to deal with. Makes for a much nicer and clean way to go. In the world.of technology wires can give you a headache.

  • Vikramaditya Rai

    Bluetooth = No hassles.
    I love listening to music & these will be perfect for me!!

  • elden w

    I just badly need a new set of headphones. Mine are being held together by shipping tape. These look like awesome headphones so yes I want them!

  • david s strange

    Besides for the good looks id love to try these out on the ps3 with some MW3 action.

  • vibhor

    i want that due to their looks, sound quality and their are lots of features like bluetooth in it which will make my lif a lot easier

  • Kenji Yamamoto

    I've always wanted to have cordless headphones to use while on the treadmill.

  • jrod

    I need these headphones, my wife has started snoring its driving me crazy. The TV is on, but she has it on Golden Girls. I bought a backbeat 900 they were Doa. so here I an midnight listening to a mix of my wife's snoring and and Betty white's voice... its the episode where her boyfriend is impotent... please guys come on. I am literally begging. Quietly I don't want to wake my wife.I just wanna watch some firefly on Netflix or some sling loaded dish... she can tell when I change the channel throw me a bone guys.

  • Nocturnhaboe

    I need these head phones because I.... I don't need them I just really want them BADLY because they are fking AWESOME.

  • Chad Prusz

    They look good, no cord, and would make my wife jealous. Would use them the most to listen to music at work.

  • Martin Rachev

    I 'LL use them all day long!!! In school, in gym, even when i do things with my GD.

  • Disko Chuk

    They look really swell!

  • Jonathan Weltback

    I would really like to have these headphones because I don't listen to music that often on the go because of the mess of having wires to mess with, and frankly, my cheap $15 headphones don't sound great.

    I'd use these ones a lot more often.

  • Jai

    OHHH I WANT THEM SOOOOOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!! I really was eyeing them for a long time, but I couldn't afford them.. They really are awesome, and I think its REALLY kind of you to give them away.. Just wish wish I could be that one lucky guy, amongst these hundreds of comments...

  • Kay Weng Daniel

    music and game sounds in ears without hassle from the smartphone via this headset!

  • chinna_rao

    I have just recently lost my awesome sennheiser headphones.i am still recovering... :-(
    i love listening to my gf talk and talk to me one the phone and since I hate the wire clutter that i already have in my bag i would like to try a wireless one for the first time.

  • Matt

    Hello AndroidPolice,

    I don't actually want the headphones for myself since i wouldn't really have a use for them because i don't yet have any android devices. But i just got my girlfriend of 3 years a tablet for our anniversary and she just got her first android phone just the other day and i think that they would be great for her. Thanks for reading my comment. =]

  • Jason

    I want these so i can listen to talk radio with a decent set of headphones

  • Adam Lewis

    Hey guys, I'd love to own these sexy looking headphones for two reasons. First, I'm a musician still in college so the pair I'm rocking is two years old and falling apart. Secondly, I've been following you guys for the past 6 months and trust that pretty much any product you showcase is going to rock my socks off.

    Good luck to all!

  • Hector

    They're Red, I need them.

  • Gary

    I will use these when I'm jogging, don't want to get tripped up with the wires.

  • Graham

    I need them so I can use my new tablet in bed without waking/keeping up the significant other. Just tried an in-ear set of headphones, and I hate 'em.

  • maxsteel

    I will use when doing my work at office. Because it is wireless and the size is perfect to hide it from my boss!

  • Nexuz-Uno

    I would really like these headphones because I have been looking for a decent pair or wireless headphones for years, and these seem perfect. Not only are they beautiful, but seem like I could get really good use out of them. I would use it while I'm flying so that the cord doesn't get pulled and my phone doesn't fall off the tray table, for everyday music listening, and while watching TV because my family gets annoyed with the noise. I also want to mention that I am the biggest Android/Android Police fan and read the site between 15 and 25 times a day 24/7. Also, I never win anything which would only make me more appreciative if I won these headphones. :)


  • Jaciesx2c

    A must have so all the girlies know I'm pimp and all the haters choke on envy cause I know they will rock on me.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/114708236093254680275 Ekaansh Arora

    Hey guys,
    I want Them So baaaaaaaaad!!!
    I willl use them everytime eating, drinking, playing, studying, even sleeping!!
    always wanted to try out sumthng wirelesss
    plz i want it plz

  • Stuart

    Why? Partly because I am learning a new language for my new home, but mostly 'cos I really don't like cables :)

  • Jerry Runion

    They would be a great help at work. Be able to listen to my radio and not have wires.

  • Jessie Cagara

    "I am in deep need of a good set of bluetooth headphones as of the moment, I am sick and tired of my cheap spaghetti wired headphones, not only for my mobile phone but as well as for my laptop video chatting needs as I am away from my family and we are in need of constant communication hence this necessity for MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Bluetooth headphones."
    -Jessie Cagara

    PS Androif police please let me win!

  • Jason F

    I really really want these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BD XD 8D :D

  • David Wei

    I just recently broke my beats tour, would love a new pair of earphones! These look absolutely amazing! :)

  • TA

    I need new headphones, since the side of my current pair is busted, and I could use some that don't get me tangled up in wires.

  • Jim

    I want to test out those things to learn a language while you sleep, but I toss around a lot. Wires get in the way!

  • Jason F

    I want these because they are the essence of sexiness! if I win these I swear girls will become pregnant just on contact of me because of the sexiness being emitted by me. In fact if I win these I believe the overall sexiness and suave design of them and my already sexy demeanor and irresistible body could benefit all of woman kind. May even cause for peace to break out. So if you want world piece you should pick me. ;)

  • Jason F

    I want these because they are the essence of sexiness! if I win these, I swear girls will become pregnant just on contact of me because of the sexiness being emitted by me. In fact if I win these I believe the overall sexiness and suave design of them and my already sexy demeanor and irresistible body could benefit all of woman kind. May even cause for peace to break out. So if you want world piece you should pick me. ;)

  • http://www.cresta.gr badirontree

    I want a different color :P

  • Freezy

    those headphone looks superb! i want one of them. i'll use it on my way to school. and without any wires bugging me of course!

  • http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/ Hrw

    Why I want them? Because my BT headset suxx - it moves on my ear and I can not listen to music with it.

    With those headphones all my calls and conferences will be pleasure ;)

  • Chromie

    Why I need them? Because I don't have a good pair of headphones and I would love to get one . :P

  • saurabh

    It looks awesome and will be ideal for my PC

  • ChiaoChye

    Omg.. so love this. Wish I can have to replace my MEElectronics M9P and use it in the gym so that i dont get so lonely :D

  • Yossi Revah

    I was just waiting for headphone like that, I will use that at work and where I constantly on the phone with the US.

    Now I can both talk and change diapers at same time without cables holding me off.