Last Updated: March 14th, 2012

A few days ago, Artem went in-depth with the MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Bluetooth headphones, and, for the most part, he loved them. They're sleek, sexy, functional, comfortable, and they provide good audio quality (what more can you ask for?). What makes these headphones exceptionally cool, though, is the six-button controller. But I'm not going to dish all of the details here - I encourage you to read the full review.

Go ahead, this giveaway will be here when you get back.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  • ZealotOnAStick
  • Carlos Moreno
  • David Lowe

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

For those who didn't win, MEElec is offering a 20% off consolation coupon code ANDROID_POLICE_AF32 good for any AF32 orders off this page (it expires sometime in the beginning of April 2012). This knocks the price down to $63.99 from $79.99 - not a bad deal at all. Just add the item(s) to your cart and enter the aforementioned coupon on the checkout page. Like so:


Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

What You Get


We have three pairs of the AF32s to give away to three lucky people. Here is the nuts-and-bolts of the headset, per MEElec's website:

  • A2DP stereo Bluetooth for music playback and use as a headset with the built-in mic
  • Conveniently located phone and music controls
  • Ultra-soft ear pads and adjustable headband for extended wearing comfort
  • Folds for convenient storage and comes with a travel bag
  • Rich and dynamic sound with enhanced deep bass and great clarity from the acoustically advanced, high efficiency 40mm driver
  • Convenient all-in-one design for simplicity and functionality
  • 3.5mm audio jack for wired use
  • Digital volume control
  • Talk hands-free on your phone
  • Voice dialing (if supported by your phone)
  • Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, Windows phones, Macs, Bluetooth dongles, and other Bluetooth enabled devices

Sound good? Thought so.

How To Win

wm_IMG_9956 wm_IMG_9964

Here lately we've been exploring new ways for you to enter contests, but we're going to kick it old school on this one. To enter, you need only leave a comment telling us why you want the AF32. When will you use them most? Why would they be beneficial to you? You know, the typical stuff.

This contest is open to users worldwide, and will end on Monday, March 5th at 11:59 PM PST.

If you're ready to enter, hit the comments!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Curtis

    No more tangled wires!

  • calvinnbs

    Cutting the cord would be great while doing work around the house

  • http://www.theminddiaries.com Jonathan

    To hear the sound of creatures being blown up on my TFP hooked to my TV (Shadowgun FTW)

  • Dániel Breszkovics

    I'd love to win these, because my actual earphones are kinda old, and they weren't the best even when I bought them, so meh... I'm pretty sure about that I listen to more music then most of the ppl here, so I'd really like to win one of these headphones. Also, I've never head wireless headphones, but I guess they are awesome. You know, cords + pocket = asgdfhsdfga.

  • Mesut Demir

    fap fap fap... Oh, I will use them to listen to music!
    Just kidding :D everybody needs a headset like this. Just epic!

  • Johnny Vu

    I want it because i love the style of this headphone. I will mostly use it for listening to musics on my phone.

  • http://romrepo.info TechJeeper

    My Fiance has wanted a pair of wireless headphones for a while now, and her birthday is next month ;)

  • stalemate

    Finally! Something to make household chores bearable!

    I could wear these while putzing around the house.

  • Carlos Moreno

    I'm not much of a person to be constrained. And that includes wires on typical devices. I would use them mostly at school where I am most likely to snag cables, which I've done plenty of times. But I really just want them because they look awesome!

  • Steven Crisostomo

    I need a pair because I'm tired of using my wired earphones

  • Mayank Chauhan

    Well, I want them because I dont have a wireless headphone and I talk on the phone very much. So I need them all day long.

  • Aaron

    I would use these in my attempt at my new years resolution...still haven't given it up yet. Would make it easier to workout and listen to some great music without getting tangled.

  • Daniel Santos

    Here lately we've been exploring new ways for you to enter contests, but we're going to kick it old school on this one. To enter, you need only leave a comment telling us why you want the AF32. When will you use them most? Why would they be beneficial to you? You know, the typical stuff.

    I would like to win the AF32 Headset because as a college student who takes a bus around town to my campus (we have 2 in different towns) it would be nice to ignore my surroundings and jam out. I would be able to read on the bus drowning out all the people next to me. I would use these headphones all the time day and night haha.

  • Alex Kibler

    I would love to have them because I have switched to an almost completely wireless setup with my computer and phone: Wireless charging for my Galaxy Nexus via Pogo Pin mod, Wireless Keyboard, Wireless Mouse, Wireless router. The only thing left to complete this would be wireless headphones.

  • Biswash

    I want these headphone because i hate penetrating (my defy has a flap covering the headphone jack)

  • Isti

    I don't have a wireless headset and I can't afford one right now. I really would like one, because I saw your review and I really liked it. I travel a lot by bus every day and with my current headphones it's a real pain in the ass. I'm all about music. I listen to music all day when I can and I could use some good quality headphones. So I thought I enter the contest and I'm hoping to win these.

  • Dave McDaniel

    I walk everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, and I listen to music as I walk, the cables on my headphones drive me nuts though lol, these are the first bluetooth headphones that seem like a decent replacement for wired. Can see a lot of people wanting them, so I don't expect to win, but thanks for the in depth review, definitely interested in hearing how they fare after long term use.

  • Joe Liserio

    I really like the fact that they are full size headphones, and not earbuds. Having full range sound reproduction has got to be better. I commute an hour and a half each way to work five days a week and these would be awesome.

  • Kevin M

    I would really like to win one of these mainly to watch movies on my phone. I would really like to head how these headphones would sound like.

  • rockstar323

    I'm a lab tech at an asphalt plant. I listen to music while I'm testing asphalt all day. My current headphones are wired and the wire tends to get in the way. Plus I have to keep my phone on me at all times which is bad since I come in contact with a lot of sand so my screens tend to scratch often. With these headphones I wouldn't have to worry about a wire getting in the way and I could leave my phone at my desk.

  • Skyler

    These would be great for both my computer and my phone to use around the house or outdoors and be wire free! So stylish to top it all off!

  • hyperbolic

    I want the AF32 because only then my gf won't tell me to lower down the volume when I am watching my movies :D

  • Tim P.

    I could see myself using them for jogs, as well as at my home PC late in the evening / early in the morning. Heck, I'm sure I'd come up with at least a few more ways to use it if I had such a pair of headphones.

  • http://about.me/dukkokun Duccio Shinichi Mondanelli

    I'd use those beautiful headsets in the gym: the damned cords always tangle and make me look awkward!

  • Luis Acevedo

    I would love a pair of these headphones I need a pair since I been DJing lately I use my phone to play my mixes when walking to and back from work I would use them all the time especially since it has a mic so I can still make calls I got my fingers crossed.

  • Sebastien Coulombe

    I need them to help motivate me to work out and lose my 38 year old baby fat ;-)

  • Seith Keough

    So my daughter won't yank my headphones cord.

  • Derek Smith

    I have never used Bluetooth headphones but that would make working out easier

  • Nadeepa Ranasinghe

    I would love a set of bluetooth earphones... especially for use with my phone on my commute to work. This set looks fantastic!

  • Raji

    My son has recently got a job at his dream company! Next sunday, on his birthday, a brand new ford fiesta would be waiting for him. This headphones would really be a great bundle! Would really like to get these!

  • Petr

    1st Why?: Cause I really need new headphones!
    When?: Everytime and everywhere.
    2nd Why?: Free headphones are always beneficial!

  • Zach B

    I would love these headsets so I don't have to listen to my company's Milton's radio all day. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • bettadaze

    to drown out my obnoxious neighbors having relations in the middle of the night

  • Albert L.

    It'd be great to be able to use my tablet for music instead of draining my phone's battery.

  • maxkobi

    would love to go cordless at the gym. always a huge pain when the cord hits a rack and they get ripped from my ears =/

  • Caleb B

    Well, since my brother moved out he took his headphones, which were the only ones I had and was able to use. So, I'm definitely lacking a pair. Also, I do guitar covers on youtube and when I do, I almost always figure how the songs are played by ear, and headphone is a much more accurate and reliable way to do this compared to through my Logitech G51 synthetic surround sound. Also, I do a lot of gaming, well as much as I have time for, and I've never owned a real pair of gaming headphones, and these looks great! Thanks AP for doing awesome giveaways all the time. You rock. :)

    Anyone wanting to check out my guitar covers hit this link, and most of it is angry yelling music, but I have some mainstream rock here and there.


  • Aaron C

    The option for wired use is awesome. I'd mostly use them around campus

  • Soukthachone

    Would love to win one for my Vita. <3

  • http://www.jmlagapa.com/ JM

    I spend a lot of time on the road, in the bus going to and from the office or on the train to a mall or heading to my friend's house. I need this to help when for when I am listening to music or watching movies while on the travel. :)

  • Coy L

    I have always wanted to try out a wireless head set. I would use them at work on planes and just about anywhere I go. I hate messing with the cords and would love to go wireless. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • http://infolookup.securegossip.com Sherwyn aka Infolookup

    why you want the AF32.
    "The real should is who wouldn't want one of these? The are super kool, and I wouldn't accidentally strangle myself while I sleep with them on my ears :)."

    When will you use them most? I commute 3.5 hours daily to and form work so the would be perfect on the NYC subway trains.

    Why would they be beneficial to you? Because I dont have good headphones, the pretty awesome, and I will look kool wearing them.

  • Abhishek

    Ah m gonna use them everytime....guess even when sleeping too, with some soft trance playing :)
    And the best thing is they are ultraportable like my phone ;) no wires required and fold-able....do i want to ask more ?
    Will love to have one.
    Thanks AP and Meelectronics

  • Dirk

    I need them urgently, since I want to be watch movie, listen to my favorite music and play games 'unplugged'. Well, I do a lot of these things in bed, having my wife sleeping next to me and me having a Bluetooth headset would make her even more happy than me ... :-)

  • Steve Arrants

    I'd use them in my lab while cell counting. A corded headset would get in the way, and this would let me listen without worrying I'd knock over a plate or samples..

  • jonathan

    I dont and never have owned a decent set of headphones. I would love to experience the better sounds produced from quality. I honestly would carry these around everywhere!

  • Sean B

    When wouldn't I use these is the bigger question. Work, home, gym, everywhere I can think is where I'd like to use them. Wireless is a plus, because it can get complicated with cords in the way..

  • ChaosKiller

    To be honest, I love good audio. I hate wires. What's better than to such a headphone?

  • Michael Oberhausen

    I would love these for when I work out! My headphones always fall out and cause me to look focus. These would be perfect!

  • Albert Kuo

    My father is not good with technology and he doesn't know how to use a computer too well, but I have taught him the basic functions of his smart phone because we have the same one. He knows how to turn on pandora and that is mainly all he uses for music. I would like to get these for him because his 60th birthday is coming up and I would like him to be able to enjoy some custom Frank Sinatra stations I'm going to make for him with the ease of controlling everything from the headset instead of having to delve into menus!

  • Jeff bates

    I would like these because I have a crappy pair. I will be using these for traveling as I'm going to be flying Alot because my mom has cancer. They will benefit me because I can do everything with one set of headphones. Listing to music and be able to take her calls with out having to take my phone out of my pocket.

  • Michael

    My current pair are falling apart after a year of prolonged use, I needs my headphones to workout with.

  • Yuval

    I really want to try them out - they look cool and I expect a lot from MEElectronics after their awesome A151. I'll be using it while on the go - It's always good to be free of cables. I would benefit from them cause I'll get great sound - MEElec's sound.

  • Jack

    I would love these headphones to actually use some decent headphones to mix ma tunezzzz!! ha

  • John R

    I've been thinking about getting a pair and free is always better!

  • Miha

    This giveaway came at a right time, my old headset broke and I'm left the little ones :/. So these would come very handy as alot of my time goes to music :)

  • Jason

    I want a small haedphone

  • Nick

    I have enough wires dangling in the car and would love to get rid of one.....

  • Joe Hensel

    I've always wanted to try a Bluetooth headset. I'd try using it at the gym or on a bike ride.

  • William Thieme

    I want these stylish bluetooth headphones because I'm tired of having my headphones ripped out of my ears when the cable gets caught on things when I'm walking around the house.

  • Gabriel Ocegueda

    Music lover needs headphones to play music from Android Phone!

  • Gary Patrowicz

    I would use these daily to drowned out my children when i work from home . Nothing like a good pair of headphones and some blues to get me working

  • Mohammed Abeen

    I am in my AF's drinking some booze, thinking about getting some AF32's to listen to some tunes and to let it loose. Peace Out :)

  • David

    I would improve my phone's music experience, because I'm stuck with stock headphones, and I will use it to ROCK my world!!!

  • Tyler Crady

    Those headphones would be perfect when I am intensely gaming and my girlfriend calls me. Instead of pausing the game and answering I could answer my phone from my headset.

  • John Toso

    I would use them when my wife goes to bed so I can still watch hockey on my phone.

  • Aaron

    I want them to help me get psyched before a game! Walking around without having a long cord dangling would be awesome.

  • Sun Joon Baik

    Tired of these little puny headphones with cords. I want freedom with lots of beats!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002164648011 Vladimir Griga

    I listen to music everyday on my Galaxy S2, and it would be really awesome to have these headphones because mine pretty suck. I was looking forward to buy some new headphones so this is a great occasion to boost my music experience with these awesome headphones. Cheers from Romania !

  • Narinder

    I am writting this just to try my luck, haha...it got a really cool design

  • Chris F.

    I want these so I don't have to constantly watch out for strangling myself in my cubicle as I spin from one computer to another like corded earphones cause :P

  • http://www.twitter.com/manuel_e_castro Manuel E. Castro Córdova

    If I had them, my daily walk to school and work would not be so boring with Pandora and my new headphones.

  • Steve N

    I would use them when I'm watching movies on the Samsung galaxy tab I just got!

  • Tamás Nagy

    I'm an audio enthusiast. I like to try out new headphones, but I have not tried out many wireless headphones yet.

  • Vedsouvan

    I always want one , would be perfect for both my SGS II and MP3.

  • duRi90

    I would like to win those headphones as I tend to break every wired one. I almost break my earbuds couple of times now.
    And cake is a lie.

  • Rohit Kumar Singh

    I'd love to get rid of the cords. & once I get these, I'll use it almost always! I usually use my in-ears all the time, but what I really need is a cordless bluetooth headphone, so tht I m finally free of the troublesome cord..!

  • http://patricksoon.com Patrick Soon

    I got a pair of really cheap bluetooth headphones two years ago. They were about 15 bucks after discount. I use them for everything though. The gym, flying, riding my bike, etc. Love them. Just wish they had remote controls and deeper bass. You getwhat you pay for I guess.

  • Whitney

    I really want and need a set of these for the gym and riding the bike. Sure would make things easier not having to fight with a cord everyday. Thanks

  • alex

    i want a pair because my over-the-ear headphones recently broke and i am currently having to use earbuds with everything... problem is my kids use them too and it grosses me out having my earbuds in other's ears...

  • jason

    I looooovvveeeeee music and i use my blue tooth platronics hd to listen and this would make my year to win a pair of these they look awsome!!!!!!

  • http://freemyfire.blogspot.com Steven

    I would use them to listen to music when I'm at my computer developing. If I don't win, these things are so nice, I'm probbably gonna buy some anyway.

  • Steven Catlett

    Need to replace my Target specials.

  • kerjani

    I could really use this on a long journey.
    Oh not, i will wear it all time! :)

  • Jim Martin

    if i had these, I would no longer pull my phone off the treadmill and nearly stepping on it while working out

  • Rob

    I would love to win these headphones as my crappy Jays in-ear ones aren't as good as I thought they would be.

  • Ryan B

    I listen to podcasts while working, but the chord gets in the way at times. I would LOVE to have that wireless freedom!

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    Why do I want them?????I think the list is way too big for people to take some time out of their lives and read it

  • Keir S

    It would be nice to watch TV on my couch at whatever volume I want withoutdisturbing my roommate, and some Bluetooth headphones would give me the wireless freedom to do that!

  • Carlos

    Just because I need another way to suck down the power on my phone. ;-)

  • http://www.fie.umich.mx Ubaldo Flores

    Well with these pair of awesome headphones I will do all kinds of things, listening to music while jogging, and get rid off the wire cable attached to my old and beat up earphones.

  • Yod-b

    Why? Because I just bought a Transformer Prime, and I want great new headphones for it. (Y'know, you can't use a prime with something medium cool...) When? All the time. While I go to work, while I ride my bike. Bluetooth and remote come pretty handy for biking. So lemme have it! ;)

  • Jru

    Pick me, I would like to have them for listening to music, what else. B-)

  • Mattchew

    I sure could use the AF32! I listen to music when working and the cord gets in the way.

  • zyphbear

    I would honestly say between the better bass and the ability to also connect physically, it has everything i want in a fantastic set of headphones!

  • EvansDad

    I want these headphones because FINALLY I'll be able to hold my baby boy without him ripping the headphones off of my head, lol:) He loves grabbing the cord of my archaic wired headphones...

  • Chad D

    I'm still using my old MOT bluetooth headset, it really needs to be replaced!! In fact I'll donate them to you if I win!

  • http://ifaisal.com Mint

    because i wanna get rid off of all wire stuf while i'm work , or studying some medical stuff ..
    i want something modern and have a good look + could go under pressure for a 3 or 4 hours of music with out any break ..
    mainly , i want that to talk off all small talks around me , while i'm trying to focus on subject .. i want that for college ..

  • Hiram Lester

    It's always nice to have a good set of Bluetooth headphones, and my last set broke. :(

  • Vishal Sheth

    These would be great to have. I'd use them all the time. On the bus to and from school, on jogs, and at the gym. Having cords getting in the way is super annoying.

  • Kaustubh Ghanekar

    I am a trance lover newbie, as of now don't have much money to satisfy my earbuds, These will help a lot! Moving on bicycle... these controls will give me nice company... PLEASEEEEEE PICKKKKK MEEEE UPPPP!! :)

  • Eduardo

    Well, i need new great headphones for my New gadget, my Asus Prime, and i think those ones are great!

  • Ali Salman

    They're beautiful headphones, I'd use them everyday for everything.

  • chris

    I would love these headphones. no wires is exactly what i need.

  • Jason F

    Well, I have needed a new Bluetooth device for a long time. All my old ones the quality of sound through them was bad or they didn’t function very well on top of the fact I am always listening to music and most Bluetooth devices out there aren’t meant for both music and calling. They seem like they’d be really great for both and I know everyone around me would like them a lot more since they wouldn’t have to listen to my music from my phone blaring out. It would just be really nice to have something like this that seems to be making the steps to better connectivity and future Bluetooth multimedia devices. Anyways I’d really love them! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.lookedpath.tk Simone de Blasiis

    I'd like to win this headphones because if i get it i can listen music without any cable and make my life more easier when I have to change song and receive calls without approaching the phone to my mouth...
    Obviously I'm an happy Android user owner of an LG Optimus Black...

  • Torribio


    I'd love to pair them with my pink-earlobes


  • Igor Farago

    I travel one hour every day to work by train, usually listening to music or audio books. Going cordless.... yes, I'm in!

  • palmer nyako

    I would love one for the gym, and for running around in my attempts to get in better shape. Running, dancing or even moving... is very annoying with regular wired heaphones, they mess up your flow, fall out, and restrict freedom when you're in the zone at the gym or just bumping along to your favorite song(lol i know that running around with wireless headphones wouldn't be that good either but i believe artem said it would fit better if you had a bigger head like mine...). the fact that these headphones also has a mic is amazing, ill be able to go from music to calls uninterrupted! i would love to win this contest! and yes, i read the review a week ago lol, i called artem mr fat pockets.

  • Tim R

    Am living with my 85 yr old parents while Mom has knee surgery. Could sure use these to drown out the bickering from time to time. Don't get me wrong, I love them both but they have been married 62 yrs and they love each other but these days..read winter when Dad cant play golf everyday...they don"t always like each other. Please consider me. Thanks

  • Jason F

    Pick me and I'll be super happy!!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Aayush singhal

    i realy want these because once i got my legs tangled in the wires of my old headphones,and i fell down,
    i will use them to listen music and to wish my sis happy birthday by quietly slipping them on her eras while she is asleep,and play birthday song

  • Irfan K.

    I would love CD to use these with my Android phone and on my computer while gaming!!! Thanks for the giveaways!

  • chris a

    No tangles would be great.

  • Jake McKnight

    They'd be great for my 45 minute bus commute, and feeling less tied to my desk at the office.

  • http://www.openintro.com Eric

    I listen to music all day at work and am sick of the cord getting tangled up in my chair. Wireless is the way to go and these headphones look slick to boot!

  • Will

    I would love these at work! I recently modded my Nexus to charge without wires. being able to rock out sans wires would be icing on the cake!

  • Louis Royal

    I would love these to use on my Acer Iconia Tab A500 with ICS for Music Games Skype And Movies.
    I travel alot so people nearby always want me to turn down my tablets sound because they dont want to hear it and cheap headsets dont sound good or don't work on android well. I would use these all the time.

  • Julius

    I want them because I currently have only a mono headset and actual one would be real nice.

  • Christopher

    I have a set of MEelectronics earbuds (M9s) and they're great. Unfortunately, they don't work in my phone anymore.

    You see, some careless stranger rear-ended me (or, more specifically, his car rear-ended my car) while my phone was plugged into the car stereo, knocking my poor mobile to the floor. The impact seems to have knocked loose the stereo jack input on my phone, and now I have no sound in the right earbud. However, I tried using my friend's bluetooth headphones and they worked great.

    I would love to get a set of these, which sounded awesome in Artem's review, just to be able to listen to music from my phone again. Please help bring my phone to life again!

  • Irfan K.

    Would love to win these for my phone and PC!!

  • http://tamakun.livejournal.com Tamakun

    I just recently got myself a Google Nexus S, and it's become pretty much glued to my hand. I've never actually had an MP3 player all this time, but now I don't know how I went without one. Bluetooth Headphones would be the icing on the cake. :D

  • Sean H.

    I want to order them now but i am going to try my luck first....HA HA HA

  • deranged

    If only I'd had these last week to drown out the sports talk radio for an 8 hour ride.

  • Mr. Harvester

    freedom of movement, freedom to listen, that's nice

  • Daniel B

    I want AF32s because im always listening to my phone. I would use them mostly for when im in class and when im doing homework because I cant concentrate without music on. I also would want to show them off because they look clean!

  • Landrovan

    I really need a new headphone. Plus it is wireless and with control button! I want them so much

  • palmer nyako

    can't even update my own comment -_- update to disqus plz
    i wanted to put that it would also be great for gaming on and off my phone >:D

  • Marco

    I want the AF32 bcus I'm always listening to music everywhere I go :) well use it the most when I'm on my way to nd from work nd everywhere around my house. They would benefit me bcus I'm always watching videos nd listening to music on my phone, and also I never had a wireless headset so that would be pretty awesome:)

  • Robert Whittaker

    Just what I need for my walk to work, no more untangling of wires

  • http://none craig

    These would be great to have while flying my rc's.. There's nothing worse then getting tangled in a cord mid flight..

  • James Wilhite

    I would love to have these as it would make a wonderful birthday present. I would use them on my commute into work on the train or while playing games at home. It would also make any other task at work or home that much more enjoyable as I don't have to worry about a wire getting in the way.

  • EL

    These would be great to use when I travel and at work. It's great when I can move around my workstation or through the airport without having to worry about the restrictions of a wire.

  • Timothy

    I would want these because I exercise without those wires.... Let my buddies listen without having to rearrange the wire... Walk around my room and not having to carry my phone with me(especially when some of my pants don't have pockets)....

    Btw... Is this international? If so also for minors but with consent from legal guardians(like before)...

  • GoodGuyGreg

    My old pair of motorola bluetooth headphones just died on me and I'm having a hard time coping with the loss....you just never know how much something means to you until it's gone....this fine set of headphones would help get me back on my feet again.

  • Christopher Daley

    Im sick and tired of wired headsets and would love to have a pair of these for music, apps, videos on both my android phone and tablet. Im in phone sales and would love to be able to refer people who are looking for a great wireless headset. That's why I would want them, to be able to help people get into a great set because I've been able to use them myself and know their performance, Thanks!

  • Larry

    These would be awesome while walking and listening to Pandora!

  • BrazenRain

    I love Meelec; their earphones have amazing quality for the price. I'd love to try headphones instead.
    Also, they match my homescreen's color scheme.

  • coryteague

    I've been shopping around for bluetooth headsets and phones but haven't bucked up because Im not sure how well the sound quality would be.. These look nice. I would use it primarily for listening to podcasts, google+ hangouts etc at night on my Transformer prime AND for garageband recordings on my macbook pro

  • Gal Stern

    Great! With this she could wander around the house while minding her stuff and her music won't disturb me studying!

  • Ben Teichman

    I always have issues with cables getting tangled and although this improved when switching from in ear to on ear, I would really like a product that does away with them entirely

  • Charles Knight

    I've been looking for a good pair of A2DP 'phones for a while now. These look awesome!

  • bk w/ bloody sauce

    sweet, for me I'm always on call for a children's hospital I can't say the name of, and doing other things, like mowing the yard, hedges, dishes, cloths..you get it, I always have my headphones on, I've tried a few bluetooth headsets but they all kind of sux, so right now I'm using old wired headphones with mic. I have to have my phone with me 24/7...so i'd love to give these a go! Thanks for the chance androidpolice!

  • Black Napalm

    Wow, this would be awesome! Just put on the headphones and leave the phone in the pocket or on the table (at work/home), and you can listen to music AND still receive calls. Cool!

  • Ken

    I would love to win these. I can't stand headphone cords and wouldn't just use these around campus and at home, but nearly everywhere I go. I listen to headphones quite a bit at night while others are sleeping and I hate wrestling with cords. My current headphones are some cheapies I got from Urban Outfitters and they give me terrible headaches from squeezing pressure points with virtually no decent cushioning.

    I would love to have these. lol

  • Mgamerz

    Wireless headphones are the best! I got screwed by Motorola's Customer Service Department and got a terrible pair of S9-HD's... I need an upgrade.

  • khilpaine

    I would use them I was in a car accident and in a neck brace so its annoying to have wires hanging around getting caught in the brace .I would use them all the time everywhere

  • Zach B

    I want them because I've been in the market for some new headphones, and cutting the cord would be pretty sweet.

  • sara courtney

    I recently went back to college, but since my husband is deployed and my son is 2, I have to do a lot of work at night while everyone is asleep. Due to an audio processing disorder, I have to record almost everything in class, but that same 2 year old has just recently destroyed the ear plugs on my last and best set of head phones. I will probably go out and get another pair. I have always wanted something like these, but could never justify spending money on something such as this just for myself.

  • Taedirk

    I've been using $5 earbuds the past few months that sound rather cheap. I've been looking at wireless headphones recently but most of my bluetooth experiences have kept me wary of them. I'd love to see how a quality headset sounds but not at the entry cost most manufactures want.

  • Seth Mader

    I had some old school Motorola DJ bluetooth head phones that I loved, but eventually they wouldn't charge anymore. I'm currently using Beats by Dre corded head phones but the cord gets caught on everything (or maybe I'm just clumsy ). I'd use them at the gym, running outside or when I'm working on my motorcycle or pregnant girlfriend's car.