Last Updated: March 14th, 2012

A few days ago, Artem went in-depth with the MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Bluetooth headphones, and, for the most part, he loved them. They're sleek, sexy, functional, comfortable, and they provide good audio quality (what more can you ask for?). What makes these headphones exceptionally cool, though, is the six-button controller. But I'm not going to dish all of the details here - I encourage you to read the full review.

Go ahead, this giveaway will be here when you get back.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  • ZealotOnAStick
  • Carlos Moreno
  • David Lowe

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

For those who didn't win, MEElec is offering a 20% off consolation coupon code ANDROID_POLICE_AF32 good for any AF32 orders off this page (it expires sometime in the beginning of April 2012). This knocks the price down to $63.99 from $79.99 - not a bad deal at all. Just add the item(s) to your cart and enter the aforementioned coupon on the checkout page. Like so:


Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

What You Get


We have three pairs of the AF32s to give away to three lucky people. Here is the nuts-and-bolts of the headset, per MEElec's website:

  • A2DP stereo Bluetooth for music playback and use as a headset with the built-in mic
  • Conveniently located phone and music controls
  • Ultra-soft ear pads and adjustable headband for extended wearing comfort
  • Folds for convenient storage and comes with a travel bag
  • Rich and dynamic sound with enhanced deep bass and great clarity from the acoustically advanced, high efficiency 40mm driver
  • Convenient all-in-one design for simplicity and functionality
  • 3.5mm audio jack for wired use
  • Digital volume control
  • Talk hands-free on your phone
  • Voice dialing (if supported by your phone)
  • Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, Windows phones, Macs, Bluetooth dongles, and other Bluetooth enabled devices

Sound good? Thought so.

How To Win

wm_IMG_9956 wm_IMG_9964

Here lately we've been exploring new ways for you to enter contests, but we're going to kick it old school on this one. To enter, you need only leave a comment telling us why you want the AF32. When will you use them most? Why would they be beneficial to you? You know, the typical stuff.

This contest is open to users worldwide, and will end on Monday, March 5th at 11:59 PM PST.

If you're ready to enter, hit the comments!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://gplus.to/antfelici anthony feliciano

    me want one now

  • Joshu

    I want it since my wired headphones never seem to reach long enough. I need wireless!

  • http://www.mortemtuamgfxs.com Alex Hernandez

    Shoot! Would love a pair of these!! My kids have domain over our television and Netflix...I have tried watching on my tablet while they are watching their shows, But the earbuds I have suck donkeys!

    Would love to enjoy my shows on my Iconia with these babies!

    Good luck all!!

  • Rence

    I want them because you vouched for them, they must be great.

  • Michael

    Would love these to use at work, since I can't let my music "scream" at people. And I am not a big fan of ear buds...

  • http://gplus.to/antfelici anthony feliciano

    i work for the post office delivering mail and i would love to have these headphones while on my route. i have a pair of wired ones now and they're always getting caught on stuff.

  • http://www.ultimamusicblog.net Jeffrey Allee

    Totally would love these. Definitely would help with the stuff I do. WINNAGE!

  • http://vtrickz.blogspot.com/ Vivek

    At this moment i've no smart phone. When i buy a new one i'll use this to enjoy digital music. Thanx.

  • Bennett Piater

    I would like to get these because I am in desperate need of new headphones for listening to music; I could really use Bluetooth because cables are
    1. unpractical for sports and
    2. usually don't survive it-

  • http://www.falcodelphi.com Bem

    I have a 1.5 hour commute ONE way, these would allow me to drown out some of the road noise, and give me the chance to listen to some of the audio books I've got.

  • Mike Ciampaglione

    I would love these! They'd be great with my Thunderbolt, especially when I'm working outside. I may even let the kids use these with their tablet.

  • whatsinaname

    I would love these for the walk home after work each night. I like headphones like this because if you see someone you want to talk to you just hang them around your neck. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/116731393305044465534/posts Amish Crusader

    I request a pair to replace my missing BT3030's. That would be aces, MEElectronics! Thanks for the giveaways, AP ;)

  • NDcart

    Oh man, these would be perfect for me! No more wired ear buds. Would be great for my business trips on airplanes, while I'm working out (toning my man suit), and hanging out at the ballpark! PLEASE, I'm begging you! :)

  • tookie

    I would like it to replace my earphones that came with my sgs2, and since I use my earphones everywhere I go (commuting, studying etc), this headphone would take over the job :)

    You wrote that it was so awesome in your review, I would like to try it out too! (with the soft padding, it won't hurt my ears, promise!)

  • David Greengas

    I am always listening to podcasts on my android phone. These headphone would allow me to not only get good sound, but also allow me to stash my phone in my pants pocket rather than needing to keep it in my shirt pocket as I do now. Plus, the audio controls would be great for moving through the slow parts of podcasts or even going to the next one without having to fumble for my phone, unlock it, and adjust the playback.

  • Jordan

    I want these so i can listen to music while I snowboard and keep my phone in my pockets.

  • http://www.martynhaigh.com Martyn

    I'm just about to start working in London again, which is a 1.5 hour commute each way including a ride on the tube. These would be invaluable for drowning out all the other people I'm going to have to share the train with.

  • http://www.iamjeffbell.com Jeff

    It sit in a high traffic spot at work and would love to drown out passers by with some sweet headphones.

  • Eoin

    My girlfriend really needs to study, and i just love blasting the sound while gaming on my Epic 4g Touch. Please AP, save our relationship!

  • Sodiq

    I'd love these on my hour long commute to work on the nyc subway system. The deep bass would make my madvillain collection that much better

  • Ian

    These look great, I would like to get a pair but money these days is tight and I can't afford items like these

  • Gary Weldon

    Need these, my damn cat keeps chewing through my headphone cables.

  • http://gplus.to/justinheap Justin

    YES! I would absolutely love to have these! Me and my son (3 1/2) are both ecstatic about headphones. Can you say, Quality Time!? Haha.

  • Chris W

    These would be amazing, not for me but for my dad. He is currently suffering from stage 4 liver cancer and loves to still listen to music or books from his phone. Sadly he has the hardest time using ear buds because he is in and our of a wheelchair with my assistance on a regular basic and they always cause more problems then they're worth. These would make things that much easier for him and myself. I would love to win these for him.

  • Igor Bessa

    I want the AF32 because you guys told me it´s an amazing headset!!!

  • http://None Steve Baptista

    To enter, you need only leave a comment telling us why you want the AF32.
    So I can listen to my TF101 on the Subway to work. And Survive the almost 2 hour trip.

    When will you use them most? all the time when using my Tablet. I promiss to tell anyone who ask's I got them from AndroidPolice :)

    Why would they be beneficial to you?
    I cant affored to get a bluetooth earphones, I REALLY NEED THESE PLEASE

  • Mercury

    Would love a pair of these for when i am riding the bike, working out or working in the garage... cords always seem to get in the way and i move around so much that a speaker is impractical...

  • rc213

    I need these because my niece stole my pair.

  • Patrick

    I'd use these to listen wirelessly to Netflix or Pandora on my iPad 2 at work or when out and about.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lowpapasmurf Randy Bihlmayer

    I would love a pair of new headphones for work. I could use them for playback of prompt recordings, listening to music while I code new projects and online videos. I could also use them at home for music and games.

  • http://altm.posterous.com James

    Trying to get myself fit again! Running with wired earphones/earbuds is a right pain!!
    These bad boys would be one more incentive to go out into the cold running aimlessly in a given direction for the benefit of my health! :D

  • Ray

    Why pick style over function or viceversa when you can have them both with these? I'd definitely use these all the time, from the office to the supermarket!

  • http://kkepinski.com Chris Kepinski

    Well, I dream about this kind of headphones. Here, in Poland it costs little to much for me and this model (or even the manufacturer) I've never seen before. Also, I work on open-space office (50 ppl or more) as programmer, the noice is disturbing, every day. I had few wired headphones but the wires got damaged after few months of using. I listen to wide range of music - electronic, classic, metal, ambient... and I can write a review for you, if you wish :)

  • http://aSpaceforRants.blogspot.com Shawn

    My current Superlux HC668Bs are just too large and open to wear on the subway to school. These would be just awesome. And you haven't had anyone from Singapore win anything yet right? :D

  • Andre

    I will wear them in the bathroom with my socks on.

  • http://brazenandroid.com Mark

    Would really appreciate a pair of these MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Bluetooth headphones then I would stop getting so frustrated with tangled wires and plugging & unplugging my current wired phones & earbuds when switching between phone & tablet.

  • Jay

    This would be so useful for listening to music in the gym.

  • Ryan

    I would like get these because I like to listen to music. I would use them away from my desk. They will be great so I don't have to trip over long extension cords. Wireless, awesome way to travel.

  • http://forteania.blogspot.com/ Tony Morrill

    Since these bad boys are BT I will be using them to rock out with my brand new PS Vita. Which is also why I would need to win them, because after shelling out the money to buy the Vita my tech budget is all of about $0. It would pretty sweet when I'm chilling at my schools library or work playing some PSP games or watching some netflix to not have to worry about any additional cables (beyond the charger for the Vita depending upon how long I have played that day). So yeah, it would be pretty awesome if I won.

  • http://darkkinder.deviantart.com/ darkkinder

    I would love these headphones, I would use them on my Android,TV,PC, and on Brazil good headphones are too expensive T_T

  • Damon

    I need these because I don't have any arms. I lost them in the war. 'Nam. It's bad. I can't use normal headsets because I have to hold a pencil in my mouth to use my touchscreen...doesn't leave me any mouth (or pencils) to deal with wires and stuff.



  • MercuryPDX

    I've never bothered to listen to music on my phone. I prefer to keep it in my pants or jacket pocket, neither of which are very "corded headphones" friendly. Winning this would definitely solve that problem.

  • http://mattdonders.com Stigy

    These would be perfect for my commute to work. My headphone cord always gets stuck around my bag and I rip my headphones out of my ears sometimes and twice already have lost the in ear pieces.

  • Matt

    I would like one because I gave my brother my old ones when he left for Iran.

  • http://www.awseibert.net Aaron

    I just want to cut my cords.

  • http://www.eharning.us/ Thomas Harning

    Would love one of these!
    Great for working out - I can put my phone in a discount waterproof case (ziplock bag) and not worry about it getting sweat-damage.

    Also great for work - can hook this up and have 1 less cord to deal with (USB cords up to wazoo here... 2-3 keyboards on average, USB hardware being tested, etc...)

  • Mrs. B

    I'd love to give these to my husband for his birthday. He listens to music at work so he can focus. He's unselfish and wouldn't spend money on himself, so I'd enjoy giving him something like this.

  • Ondra Kolarik

    ´Cos I want it and my mama dont wanna buy it for me :(

  • Lucas

    I need a new wireless headset as the one I used to have broke a few weeks ago. I'm currently stuck using wired ones. :(

  • Rob MacDonadl

    These would be great for my train ride into work- I like to catch up on podcasts and these would no doubt be a great improvement over my current earbuds.

  • Scott Byl

    I would love to have one of these. I would use them for communication during gaming sessions, and to listen to music at the office.

  • Mike

    I want these because I want real headphones, not ones made by a company who also makes overpriced home theatre accessories! ;)

  • Nicholas West

    I do a lot of walking in the country, so being free of cables will be a godsend. Thanks if I win, thanks if I don't!

  • Ryan

    I would love to use these when I run. Right now my earbuds are always falling out or get yanked out when my arm gets caught in them. OUCH!

  • Matt

    I'm going out of the country soon and these headphones would be great for the plane!

  • http://pra.sh Prash

    I'd use them for running at the gym. Its really annoying having to be tethered to a wire to a device when you're trying to focus on cardio. Getting in the way and getting tangled up in the equipment. Bluetooth headphones would be a godsend to stop worrying about it and focus on what I'm doing.

  • David Baxter

    These wireless headphones would be great, always getting annoyed with the cable on my current ones and I really like the look/style of them too!

  • Adam

    I want the AF32 b/c I can't stand having to use headphones with a wire. I constantly rip the cord out from the phone, and it's a huge inconvenience! I will use them most while I'm at work & while I exercise. It would definitely help my day to day activities, since I'm such a music enthusiast.

  • hugobosslives

    simples. they look epic

  • http://pitris.net PiTRiS

    my old nokia bh-503 are almost dead and these seem like fine replacement :)

  • Kevin Jones

    I want these because I need some good portable headphones. Normal earbuds hurt my ears after about 5-10 minutes, and I hate having a long cord attached to my Galaxy Nexus.

  • http://www.jkulow.com Kulow

    I'd like them because I dont have a set of decent headphones and I hate earbuds. I'd use them on flights car trips when I happen to not be driving.

  • Daryl Henson

    I would LOVE a pair of these, and I'm sure my coworkers would too. I've been looking for a good pair of BT headphones so that my coworkers will stop complaining about my taste in music.

  • http://mattbrodeur.com MattB5

    I want them for around the house and on the treadmill or outside walking. I hate having a cord dangling between my phone and my ears. I've flung my phone onto the concrete twice from the treadmill. Been looking for a decent wireless solution.

  • Tom R

    I'm stuck using an old pair of Blackberry ear buds to listen to music at work. These would be a much-needed upgrade!

  • Ryan Maxwell

    I want these amazing headphones because I broke my skullcandys and I'm to poor to afford a new pair!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/ap1618 Aravinda

    Oh I LOVE the color! looks like a badass exotic car. I listen to a lot of music on my phone, and this would enable me to listen untethered. Maybe even better quality than my current wired earphones!

  • Mitannic

    These would be perfect for use at work. I am having to move around a lot, changing from one set of computer screens to another. My phone is plugged in, so corded headphones can often get in the way. It would be awesome to be free!

  • Gary Patrowicz

    I would use them most when running but also to block out the distractions when my kids are home and I am trying to work. Great to just put some music on and zone while working.

  • Brad Jahnel

    I like to try out new things. Don't have a nice set of headphones like this. They would be great at work and if I decided to take a trip somewhere they would definitely come in handy.

  • Douglas Friedman

    These would be great for riding into work in the morning because I wouldn't have to worry about the cord getting caught on stuff during my commute.

    p.s. Even though I've never won, these giveaways are awesome.

  • Sean

    I ride the bus to work everyday. These would be infinitely better than my current earbuds. Please, I need them.

  • Jeff

    I want these, no more needing to hear the roomie!!!!!

    GIVE ME!!!!!

  • Seph

    I've been looking for a honest to goodness wireless headphone for more than a year now. I think this is it. ... oh and it's my birthday month :) Thanks AP and sponsors.

  • Radek

    I simply want these because... Oh fok, not any good reason came to my mind, so never mind...

    And Not a Single Headphones Were Given That Day :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/mbfkevin Kevin Newton

    These would be amazing for me in my college studies. I need to listen to multimedia presentations all the time and, with no headphones, I usually have to wait until the family isn't around so I can listen in peace. These headphones would change everything!

  • Steven G

    I need these so I don't look AS poor on the bus

  • Nikos K.

    These look great, I would like to get a pair but money these days is tight and I can't afford items like these

  • http://rootzwiki.com/topic/13354-cust2232012-thundershed-v13-ics-ish-cm720-rc1-android-237/ workshed

    I never win these giveaways :(
    But, I'm deserving. I currently don't even have a working wired pair... I really need to re-evaluate my life lol.

  • pradeepf

    I am 22 years Old,till now i used 8-10 wired headphones.But the wire always go pulled out from the sides.I broke all of them.So i perhaps can make a bluetooth headset survive.

  • http://androidpolice thomas gilmore

    my earbuds always lose a chanel because their wired !

  • http://twitter.com/itsmarkhoj mark

    Is like to win them because those are beautiful looking headphones, and I've ruined a countless number of ear buds washing them in pants pockets. I would cherish those though.

  • Attila

    I got two broken headphones and I can't listen to music only loud and that disturbs my parents. So if I'll win it my parent's will be happy. It will be a "gift" for him.

  • http://facebook.com/bobbycr Luis Morice

    I want one of those to stop listening to me boss during work!!!!.....or is it a need! :P

  • http://twitter.com/thetaylorkirk Taylor

    I want them so I won't have to deal with a headphone cable getting caught on stuff while I'm mowing the lawn and pulling out my earbuds.

  • Matt

    These headphones would be great for the commute to work and on long trips in the car or on a flight. Would love to have a wireless set of headphones to listen to music, movies, and podcasts with!

  • João Duarte

    I need those wireless Headphones so I can move without worrying about wires and so I could watch a film in my bed. And those headphones are super comfortable as said in the review made here in AndroidPolice.

  • Wendell

    That headphone would be awesome...

    Would be great to practice my most amazing dancing moves because, as you know, dancing with you ears tethered by a cord to something heavy on your hand on pocket is no where near as fun, and a heck of a lot dangerous to your devices !

  • Edgar

    I would definitly love a pair of these AF32s headphones. Mainly because i drive a lot and It would be benificial to me in my long drives when i'm on the phone. Right now I don't own any, so i have to use the Speaker fucntion.

    But if i owned one of these, it would make my life a whole lot easier.

  • hugobosslives

    simples. they look epic. love them

  • https://market.android.com/details?id=com.estudio.cheke.game.flamma cheke

    I am a music lover,
    I feel within me,
    is everything and I can not choose,
    I want those headphones,
    and enjoy more of this passion.

  • http://JaxWeather.net Bob Johnson

    OMG these are Great, and not just from the Review... I got a set 3 weeks ago and just LOVE them.

    I use them to listen to my Jukebox Stereo (computer driven) when my wife wants to watch some junk on TV and use them with my Cellphone for Raditaz and MP3 player all the time.

    These are JUST great headphones and the bluetooth freedom is just great and I would really LOVE to get a 2nd Headset to give to my Wife...

    MEElectronics makes the greatest headphones, all my kids and wife are using the ME9's and it sure would be nice to upgrade to these for my Wife :)

  • Kaushal

    I am going partly deaf from my in-ears, I need these to save my ears !!! Haaalppp !! Also, the wires try to strangle me in my sleep sometimes :(

  • http://facebook.com/HearthCore Timo Götzken

    Wow. Just WOW!

    This headset sounds too good to be true!

    Since i'm listening to Music nearly every second of the day.. I'd simply never take it off !
    (okay while sleeping and washing it could be a hinder..)!

    I absolutely LOVE music.
    And i've been on the looks for a good Headphone BT Headset for AGES!

    With this, i could ride and read at the same time without all the corded hassle.

    I could get on the dancefloor and have flashy thingiys around my neck while not having restrains on my body that dull my movements, Hell yea!

    I've waited for this..
    Please, god of gifts, be so kind *prays*

  • http://www.theotakutalk.tk June

    I would love to have those headphones just to help me become productive through wireless music when I work, and also whenever I buff myself up at the gym.

  • darrell waites

    I would like to win these because I like trying something different.These would be useful for using my phone while I use my computer.They would stay on better than the jawbones do on my ears.

  • http://tabletoviny.cz tomulinek

    Why I want the AF32? Because one of them was already build for my better listening of the beats and tones and sharing with my dearest.

  • mastermind26

    I have THREE excellent reasons why I want, no scratch that, NEED these:

    1) kids
    2) work
    3) pleasure

    Nothing like ignoring my kids and boss.....I mean....tuning out noise and bringing pleasure to my ears!

  • Martin Diósi

    I'm playing drums and making music and i would love to have a wireless headphone

  • Shawn

    I could definitely use these I was given a pair of horrible knock off Bluetooth headphones that where junk cant use them. Been researching for a few weeks and was about to get the Motorola s10s when I was this article if I don't win I will probably still buy them as I use headphones at work for about 6 hours a day and even more at home so THANK YOU

  • Marten

    I just want to rock my freaking ears!

    Also red and black headphones make my eyes look even more prettier.

  • Raviteja

    Headset Looks awesome......I can't buy this much AWESOME headset Hope I will win........All The Best Every One

  • Matt A

    I would like a pair because my last pair of headphones went through the wash...

  • MartinParfitt

    My commute, my old headphones got stolen and cant afford a new pair yet. This would be so great!

  • James

    Bluetooth Baby!!!!

  • Casey

    My ears are hideous. These would surely hide them from cruel, cruel society.

  • http://www.about.me/ryanmmoore ryan

    I can haz bt head phonez?

    Would be awesome as I use my sennheisers on my phone, this would be perfect for my tablet, instead of having to unpair and then pair etc...

    and i do most of my listening to music mostly by tablet (larger storage) and tend to be more relaxed when using the tablet... so it only makes sense to have the better phones on that!

  • Stanley Green

    I would really like one of the pairs. I would use them about all day long while at work so I wouldn't interrupt my co-workers as well as use them while I'm working around the house. I would get hours of use out of them.

  • DanielS

    Simply put, I want to cut the chord.

  • johnathan Higginson

    Been looking to win one of these giveaways.
    (Awesome) Bluetooth headphones would be a sweet addition to my CE collection.

  • William Ashley

    I would love to have these while I'm in the gym, that way I can listen to my music on my phone, without having to have it strapped to me, and use the wired headphones, which catch and get pulled out.

    That and these headphones look sexy, and I'd love to be able to flaunt them around and say I got them from Android Police <3

  • http://www.darkhorsetraining.com Greg Schneider

    I lost my Sennheiser headphones, and now I need something new to use at the gym.

    Having my phone in my pocket when lifting makes the bar hit it during dead lifts, but without having wires, I could put it on the side, out of the way, and lift freely.

  • Brian Walls

    I have Moto S305's and a pair of Artic Sounds. I use them in my cubicle, in the gym, and mowing the lawn. What I really want, is a pair that really focuses on audio quality and visual appeal.

  • Alaan

    Would love to use these to avoid cables. Three kids happily playing in the background can be quite loud at times :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • http://www.arzbhatia.com Arz Bhatia

    As a music freak, I REALLY need this headphone for my Android device! My brother took my SkullCandy headphones and then he got robbed, he now has my AKG headphones, and I gave my iTouch with headphones to my girlfriend so that we can be forever connected! I have NOTHING right now and I'm not fond of earphones!

    So, pweeeeeeeeeaz? :)

  • http://twitter.com/drakuwa Bojan Ilievski

    Well, I would really love to get a pair of the AF32, first of all because I live a very dynamic life and bluetooth headphones will really make my life easier (I don't own any). I travel a lot, so I would use them while on the way to some place... I don't know, I really want them but they're a little pricey for my budget...

  • cheyenne

    I would love to have these. I am on my 4th pair of earbuds since Christmas, they always break. They get about 60 hrs or use each week. I need a good, quality pair that will stand up to those demands. I've always wanted wireless but I just don't know enough about them.

  • Tim Dowker

    I really want a pair of these - been looking into getting a good pair of bluetooth headphones for both the gym and when the wife is sleeping during days and I have to be quiet. :P

  • hendro

    this is probably the best one could own. nice!!

  • Murtaza

    I want one because i want to enjoy music on my phone and games on my PS3 without the messy wire =)

  • Brian Getchel

    Phone tucked away, music still in my ears, count me in! These look awesome

  • Joe

    I would love to have these bluetooth headphones! My computer is 10 feet from my stereo and I'm tired of using 10 feet of headphone extensions when I've got to keep it quiet

  • Pomacat

    We all want one

  • Joshua

    These headphones would be awesome as they have no cord! "The cord is invisible!"

  • Matt Tater Hodson

    I want them because my wired headphones at work are always getting in the way! (And shorting out and shocking my ears)

  • Nick Dunn

    I have been really wanting to get a good Bluetooth headset and have one less cord to deal with. I would love to win these! I use public transportation, and not having to deal with the cord or worry about it snagging while I listen to music through my phone would be great.

  • Glenton Ashby

    With these music listening on the phone would be better. And my wife likes red.

  • Jaime P

    These will help me remain sane at work. Thanks!

  • Jason

    These would be perfect for while I am mowing the lawn... I could leave my GNex safely on the patio whilst riding around, free from the worry of it falling out of my pocket when hitting a bump and being chopped up!

  • Syr

    I do like my current headphones a lot, but I've always wanted to ditch the cords. These would provide the high quality audio I desire without that pesky wire. (RHYME!!!!!!)

    I'd use them most on my daily commute and even when I'm playing the flute. (ANOTHER RHYME!!!!1111!!!)

  • _ThaNerd_

    Been looking for these everywhere in Canada, seems like NewEgg.ca is the only one here selling them and they are sold out! Would be AMAZING to win these!

  • Jonathan Hagberg

    Never had any proper headphones and these seem really nice.

  • Shawn

    I. Simply. Love. BT Headphones.
    I've been through 2 pairs of M oto branded ones in the last year already, because they're cheap. And it shows.

    I do two kinds of commute, depending on the weather, subway or bike. And no matter which I take, BT headphones are invaluable.
    When I bike, well, that's the obvious one. No wires to get caught in my handlebars or messenger bag, yank the headphones off/out my ears, and easy to control while actually riding. For music, or the random call.
    But, even on the subway, same thing I've found, stopping/starting podcasts, not having to pull out my phone on a crowded train, exposing it to theft. Not having to pull out the damn corded thing, untangle it, plug it in, THEN get to my phone to start listening.

    Ive recently broken my second MotoRckr, and can't afford (atm) to get a new set. And returning to the corded earbuds has been a trial. I can't believe I ever put up with them so long. I hate them.
    I've been researching new ones, new brands, but I had not heard of these until I read Art's review. (And I read it before this giveaway.) Couldn't afford them then, or now. But the controls look nice, more than anything else. And they Fold! (I am pretty sure my pockets are what ruined my Motos. They are not designed for tight pockets, or any other place I can think of...)

    Please pick me. ;-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/herson.v.agmata Herson Villalba AGmata

    Obviously,i love to use this kind of headset,and its totally wireless where i still dont have this kind too. I always wanting this because i love to listen music with no hassle taking off and on unlike this kind of Headset its "hassle-free".

  • BG

    I want this because my tablet came without any ear buds in these cold days - not even some cheap, crappy one. And sound from the speakers is not satisfying me :(

  • Tim M

    I want a set because I keep going through headphones because the wires are so cheap they keep getting loose.

  • Jared Sartin

    I would love to win these to have a new pair of nice headphones to replace my ratty old Sony's I wear when I walk to work.

  • David S

    I want the AF32 for so I can listen to more music while I'm on the go. My current earbuds continuously fall out when walking around so I can listen to music. They would be great for me because I wouldn't have to deal with my earbuds falling out anymore.

  • poke50uk

    Ok, these AF32 headphones are pretty sexy. When dressing for an evening out (i.e. no pockets!), the worse thing on the journey is trying to leave your mobile in your handbag and somehow get some headphones long enough to reach your head! Some wireless ones in my favourite colours of red & black would be very nice <3

    Also, running... I hate those little in ear ones, rubbish quality, sweaty ears, and still a cable going everywhere. Again, a proper set like the AF32's would be perfect <3

    Finally get to use the music player on my phone to its full extent!

  • Umang

    Just flashed Beats Audio zip from XDA, so desperately need this to hear something good.

  • david

    i need it because my jabra bt8010 have failed on me....

  • Ignacio Armijo

    I would like to win these so that I can listen to my iPad and do stuff around the house without looking like a weirdo, lol

  • Giorgos Mavrikas

    I want them for being one of the best set of headphones out there!

  • Aditya

    I live in a world of wires at work. My job involves use of many gadgets and there are distractions which don't always let me focus on task at hand.

    These headphones will allow me to stay focussed on the job, while their design will also ensure that I do not miss out on any chatter that's directed towards me by my peers or the boss. And best of all? No more missed calls.

    I'd absolutely love to own a pair of these to simplify my life. And being a long time reader, hope the Android Police team shines a little luck my way.

  • Rizwan Saudagar

    Awesum giveaway... Gimme one...

  • Christian

    I want to win this headset because I hate cables. That's it.

  • oddball

    I want these because I ride my bike to work and the wires for my headset keep getting knocked out of place while I'm pedaling.

  • David

    I have a pair of IEMs but having something in my ear is rather painful for me; I would love to get a pair of super awesome on-ear/over-ear headphones

  • Xaviell

    I would love these headphones. I've been wanting to try wireless since the wire on my pfes always ges in the way. I