Baseball season 2012 is rapidly approaching and fans of America's past-time are gearing up to watch their favorite teams hit the field early next month. If you're one of those fans, then you probably want to keep up with all the latest info and developments before and throughout the season; for that, there' the MLB.com At Bat 2012 app.

The app allows you to quickly check what's going on with your favorite team throughout Spring Training, as well as listen to radio broadcasts of games, follow along batter-by-batter; search players, teams, or keywords; and grab the latest headlines.

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While the app is only covering Spring Training games, it will be updated with additional features and functionality before regular season begins.

At Bat '12 will set you back $14.99, but if you're a MLB.TV premium subscriber, you can gain full access to the At Bat '12 by downloading At Bat Lite and logging in with your MLB.com account.

Cameron Summerson
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  • David

    $14.99 is really way too much for what you're actually getting. It's a great app, but its not like you get stuff that you couldn't get anywhere else for free.

    • Jim

      There are scores of highly polished applications in the market that sell for a lot less than this. And these products don't become irrelevant a year after you purchase them. I agree with David's comment above - $14.99 is ludicrous for what you're getting.

      • arrowrand

        Get At Bat Lite if you don't want audio. It has everything but audio.

        • Mbrowne

          I just got an android 10.1 and i appears that i cant watch mlb live games with the premium package, i needed the android for the flash player due to my job but not being able to watch every ball game seems like a huge lose.  Does anyone know if there is a way around this?

    • arrowrand

      You get all home and away audio broadcasts without any blackouts. There's nowhere else to get that for free or legally.

      • Jay W.

        The audio is big for me. I got it last year as a gift... and am thinking of getting it for myself again this year. I was surprised at how much I used it last year.

      • Jim

        Still not worth $15. I follow more than one team - if one's blacked out, chances are I can watch another. If both are dark I listen on the radio or find something else to do (life is more than Baseball).

        IMO if they would lower the price by $10, they'd probably sell 10x as many copies.

    • Joe

      For $15 you get to listen to every game for the whole MLB season. 15 dollars for 7 months and a few thousand games. I'm a STL Cards fan and I live in California and don't get any of the games on tv. So how is $15 a bad deal?

  • bob

    doesnt work for ics?

    • Sam

      same on galaxy s ii with ics, looks like it has a lovely UI as well...

      • HTC – Samsung

        does it work on the galaxy s ii w/o ics?

  • Isaac

    Having some troubles currently with the audio on a Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V. Hopefully it gets fixed soon...but I would wait for further word before moving to the full version from lite if this problem doesn't get sorted out.

    And as a note, the audio is definitely worth the extra $15. Radio commentators have always been more exciting to listen to then TV commentators, and the app allows you to listen to the best of them.

  • Nicolas

    the app works great on my nexus s on ics so far, but I haven't tried to watch a game yet this year as spring training just started. I'm glad mlb gives it for free this year for those of us who pay for mlb.tv premium. And since I live in belgium, there is no other way for me to get baseball.
    but if it's anything like last year, it's gonna be good.
    Go BoSox! ;-)

  • Johan

    it doesnt work, why cant i download at bat 12? it doesnt even exist on android market? Or is it just me?

  • perry

    will samsung infuse ever be supported this season for mlb tv?

  • colin

    shouldn't you be able to watch games with an anroid phone with this app? I have a my touch 4g and all I can get is audio. On mlb.com it says you can watch all the games with at bat 2012. i have subscription to MLB.TV and I can only get audio on my phone. Has anyone come across this issue yet?

    • arrowrand

      You need MLB.TV Premium and a supported device.