In early January, ARCHOS let everyone know that the update to Android 4.0 would be coming "in the near future" to all G9 tablets, and a week later we saw them demoing a said update at CES. The rep at CES said the update was scheduled to roll out in the first week of February - a target which the company obviously missed. Now they've taken to their Facebook page once again to apologize for the delay and announce that "they fully anticipate deploying the upgrade within the next two weeks."

2012-03-02 09h15_17

While the "anticipate" in that sentence leaves the company some wiggle room, it's nice to see the PR-challenged little company who has a spotty past on Android devices at least try to address both shortcomings.

[Source: Official ARCHOS Facebook]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • too too

    Believe it when I see it. I've seen them miss WAY TOO MANY announced deadlines -- deadlines they set if I may add. Unreliable company at best.

  • http://www.geekchoice.com Terri Smith

    Good things come to those who wait!

  • Clay

    Man I Remember When You Guys Put Out The Original Post A Few Months Back About ICS Coming To The G9 Series It Caused Me To Buy A 80 G9 And The Only Problem I Have Is Being Told By EMAIL From ARCHOS Them Self Not Once But Three Times It's Coming In Two Weeks Its Almost Like Being Told You've Won The Lottery And Then Being Told They Have Made A Mistake You're The Wrong Person Three Times LoL ha ha ha Well Maybe Not That Bad PLEASE ARCHOS PLEASE HURRY WITH OUR ICS AND GOD BLESS YOU GUYS

  • Alex

    why all words with capital letter?

    • Kwineon

      Probably on Chrome Beta. I hate that bug. Maybe it'll be fixed in the next update?

  • F.P. van der Leur

    And will there be any apologies for Archos' earlier customers, who bought their first tablets at the end of 2010 (!) and still have to deal with Android 2.2 (not a tablet version)?

  • Djore

    At least they trying... I was an early archos g8 adopter and archos updated the tablet almost every month and added new features every time. This Christmas i wanted to upgrade my tablet with new one faster and better because i find my self using it to much. I was thinking to buy archos g9 80 but i bought motorola xoom2 8,2. I wanted a premium tablet. Motorola firmware is buggy with no updats and no one knows when and if they release ics. I wish one day archos will create a premium tablet. They have few interesting ideas...