Ever since its unveiling at CES 2012, Splashtop THD has been eagerly awaited by owners of (the admittedly few) Tegra 3 devices. And fortunately, they have not been waiting in vain: Splashtop THD has just been released – and as promised, the ability to stream smooth, high-res video and audio from PCs and Macs alike is included.

Unlike its predecessor, Splashtop Remote HD, THD is capable of streaming content at 60 frames per second with a sub-30 millisecond latency, meaning you’ll be able to play all the 3D PC games you want (Skyrim, anyone?). Moreover, you’ll have full gaming control overlays at the bottom of the screen – as a result, gaming should be a dream.


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The only real disclaimer is that it’s only compatible with ICS-running Tegra 3 devices (and there isn’t exactly an abundance of those at the moment). Still, if you’re lucky enough to own one (and have a spare $6.99), be sure to scan the QR code below and enjoy your ultimate remote desktop experience.

Thanks for the tip, Alex Cue!

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • jan

    Why is this T3 only? it is not like i is in need of using that much power :S

  • falconator

    I've tested the HD version on my A500 tablet playing some MMO's on a wifi network and sometimes you do get that lag in there. I get why they want the Tegra3 only deal, but, I wish they would tweak the HD version more instead.

    Still nice to see something like though especially for those who want to take there games on the road. I wouldn't try this with a flaky network though or 3g either.

  • Deltaechoe

    I guess this means i have to buy yet ANOTHER version of splashtop to take full advantage...

  • Alex Cue

    I bought it, and tried to play Skyrim by launching it normally. Nope, no full-screen access. I must be missing how to access & launch Skyrim from Splashtop. I was able to launch it in windowed mode, but my wireless mouse went nuts, like I jacked the DPI up to 5000 or something. I was able to play normally with my keyboard dock, though.

    I also have recurring issues with my multi-monitor setup in HD, and that THD hasn't resolved. I don't use the Eyefinity mode on my card unless I want to game, but Splashtop doesn't handle my three 22" monitors nicely at all. I can't access my third monitor, and switching to my second monitor isn't handled as well as I'd like either.

    Ultimately, there is a *ton* of potential here (low latency video/gaming!!), but I keep running into nagging issues that prevent it from totally replacing TeamViewer. I refunded the app until I can better suss out what exactly I need to do to get my setup working.

    • Deltaechoe

      Best thing to do is to turn off your extra monitors (i mean in the OS and not just physically turn them off) before you plan on using splashtop because you are correct, it doesn't handle multimonitor setups very well

    • Tim Diamond

      There is some known problem between (i think specifically Direct X games, which is almost every pc game) Splashtop and trying to use your mouse.

      I just recently tried it with star wars the old republic and the mouse goes crazy as if you set the dpi to 10000 (same thing streaming to my netbook btw, its a streaming problem not a tablet/touch input problem)

      Anyway there's a few threads about it on splashtop's forums, but no answers as of yet.

      I will say this though if you drag finger across your tablet to a certain spot on the screen (or mouse), around the middle usually, there is a spot that is still very sensitive to input but it works good enough to do very simple things such as rotate your camera in a mmo. In SWTOR for example i still used splashtop to hang around the Auction House and craft, but in any games that require precise movements you can forget about it.

      for reference i was using the basic version on tablet, not HD; but it affects every version i think. Hopefully its fixed in this one, but like some other guy said, this will be like the 3rd version of this App which is kinda frustrating if your paying for each one, but at the same time if they fix this problem and reduce the lag some more its going to be awesome....the app is freaking amazing in general.

  • Chris Bozsik

    I don't understand the framerate video in the video on the market page... are they testing it's FPS or showing us that it can do it? If it's testing than streaming a test from your desktop to your tablet doesn't prove anything as it will just show your desktops performance...

    Also half the comments say that fullscreen games don't even work. They should really have just updated the HD version rather than robbing people with a new version...

  • Dandmcd

    I wonder if Transformer Prime owners can get together and request Asus update the baked-in Splashtop with this version. I already own another version of Splashtop, I really don't wish to pay again!

  • Todd Fagan

    Purchased Splashtop HD for $10.99 less then 6 months ago, don't use often due to lag. Do I really want to pay another $7 for this version?

  • GraveUypo

    so i bought this shit app only to find out they won't improve it, but rather release a new version that works how the old ones should? that's rich.


    I think you also need a geforce gpu to run smooth. its wrong for them to charge for the app twice. i asked so many places if splashtop and thd version are same now i know. you can force the app to run true resolution. anyone have a success on running the app as advertised?

  • Charles

    So when you say 3D, do you mean nvidia 3d vision? will that work over splashtop?