We first discussed the impressively-featured, but somewhat ugly, CloudAround Music Player when it was released about two months ago. The developers promised a "slick new interface" was coming soon, and boy have they delivered - as well as brought some new, even more impressive features.

Let's start with the features first:

  • Full settings section including:
    • Caching limits
    • Cache Clearing
    • Ability to toggle hiding duplicates
    • Force album/artist art scan
    • Prevent artist metadata scanning
    • Wifi only settings
    • Artist art download quality
  • Completely new beautiful UI based on user feedback
    • We've had easily a hundred emails of requests
    • default background images that are easy on the eye
    • default art covers
  • New mini player on the songs listing page, with control as well as progress
  • Enhanced for tablet sized interfaces
  • Landscape and portrait mode for player pages
  • Artist Image Backgrounds
  • Fixed foundation layer to provide for a more reliable player under OS stress
  • Improved stream times
  • Ability to hide/unhide artists/albums/songs from user view
  • Performance boosts, which were critical for massive cloud accounts

When they say brand new interface, they really mean it. Check out the old (top) versus the new (bottom) interfaces, below:

cloudaround_old1 cloudaround_old2cloudaround_old3

cloudaround_new1 cloudaround_new3 cloudaround_new5

The new UI is certainly very reminiscent of the Google Music UI, but with 100% less ugly.

Now, if they can just integrate Google Music streaming, they might just have the perfect music player...

Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • Gully

    If it could stream from my NAS it would be my go to

  • Rob

    The images in the article is an exact representation of my current play list :o

  • Raphael

    Are you me when I was 15?

  • https://plus.google.com/117644260838398696723/ William Thieme

    The UI kinda reminds me of the Zune desktop client... or at least what it looked like when I stopped using it last year!

  • http://androidgeeky.weebly.com David G.

    Sounds interesting.let's give it a try. Thank you

  • SamuelFrench

    I love that app!!!! I have been using it for the last couple of days and absolutely love the fact that I can store my music out there in the cloud and it will just work... I was worried about the UI first that look like zune but in fact it is pretty awesome and really much more intuitive that any other media player on android... Great work guys,

    • http://www.cloudaround.com Will

      Thanks! We want to hear about any feedback you can bring to us, and are really focusing on the user experience before we go crazy on adding more features. I think we addressed most concerns in this last update, but there will be more we can improve on. Our users have really shaped the app from the ground up.

      Your kind words are certainly appreciated.

      • Tangs

        I just bought your application but it won't work.
        I use a galaxy note 2 (rom stock), i uploaded few album on my Box cloud, i see them when i sync with the app but it won't stream. There is the circle of the loading that is turning and never stop, the song won't play.

        Help me please, i don't buy app usualy and i really hope it will work !

        • Will

          Hey there,

          Please email us at feedback-at-cloudaround.com. We will add you to the notification list for this bug. It's only affecting the Note 2 from what we have seen. We need to get our hands on one of the devices to fix it, but in the meantime we are going to send out special downloads for users to help us test.


  • http://www.seriousbusiness.ca/ Darryl Wright

    Seems like a cool idea except I have a really big collection. Google Music is free, Dropbox is $100 and Google Drive (if it were even supported) is $60. There's a clear winner if you want to have access to your whole collection.

  • alex

    Yeah, this is a great app. The last update brought it the much-needed UI overhaul, and I'm pretty happy to say that in the ~3 months I've used this app the experience has been improving rapidly.

    I own a LG Nexus 4 - and guess what? Here's a tip for y'all: Box.com provides 50gb of free storage for LG owners. So I uploaded all my music on there and I'm now enjoying music everywhere I go.

    This app really is worth the money.