Mid last month, Google announced the Android style guide for Ice Cream Sandwich, which was put in place to help developers make their apps blend in with the rest of the ICS UI. Since then, Google has received many requests for ICS stencils to make the conversion (or creation) process all the more simple.


Well, turns out that it listened. A full set of Android 4.0-style stencils are now available over at the Android Developers' blog. It's everything that we love about the elegance and beauty of ICS, all wrapped in a nice, neat little package ready for drag-and-drop fun.

Hit the source link to grab the download and get to ICS-ifying your app!

[Android Developers]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Kree

    Oh snap, thats whats up. Gonna go learn some code so i can get to making an app. Anyone know of a good place to start?

    • Aaron

      thenewboston tutorials on youtube. I'm around 50 on them, they're great. You will probably want to start with the java ones at least for awhile before moving on to the android tutorials.

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody Toombs

        Agreed, thenewboston was an awesome way to start learning. The big problem is that it's already pretty outdated. When they started making them I think Froyo had just been released (I may be off, but I remember noticing a lot of stuff that was considerably outdated even before ICS was announced). There's at least 2-3 segments they kinda need to deprecate/update, or at least come out with a follow-up. Tabs, Menu, Google API (Maps) and probably even build a whole line just to cover the new Fragment feature would all be good spots.

        Regarding the Stencils, I really wish they would find a way to target products other than Fireworks and OmniGraffle. I know they are among the better options, there are free alternatives that would probably be popular among Android Developers.

  • Luly

    The minimalist approach to matte and elegant UI. ICS design is really stunning IMO.

  • Mike

    dark, plain, tron graphics? i give this standard 6 more months at being the 'standard'.. how long did you guys have the adw or golauncher tron them on your phone?