Verizon customers will want to keep an eye on their inboxes today, as big red has begun sending emails to select customers offering a free upgrade to Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, Stratosphere, or Motorola's Droid RAZR with a new 2-year agreement.

The email is presumably being sent out to those customers who have a 3G-only plan, or who haven't made the jump to a smartphone yet, judging by the following snippet of text, though it's hard to be certain exactly who qualifies for the deal.

“There’s never been a better time to move to 4G LTE – Upgrade to your FREE 4G LTE smartphone today!”

The Next Web rightly notes that while the offer may seem bold for offering customers discounts between $99 and $299, it is likely that promoting 4G data plans will pull in enough cash to make the deal worthwhile.


If you think a free Galaxy Nexus, Droid RAZR, or Samsung Stratosphere is something you might enjoy (who wouldn't?), keep checking your email, or make a call to Verizon to see if you qualify.

Via The Next Web

Liam Spradlin
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  • Jonathan Weltback

    I got the e-mail last Friday and picked up the Galaxy Nexus on Saturday.

    Didn't do anything but upgrade my 2-year contract.

    I also asked if I could have gotten the Razr Maxx, and the guy agreed any 4G phone was available to me.

    • Tom

      Did you have an unlimited data plan before your upgrade? If so, were you able to keep that when renewing your 2year contract and getting a new phone?

      • stompsfrogs

        I was able to keep my unlimited plan when renewing my contract for a 4G phone.
        I paid for the phone though. FWIW.

      • Mark

        generally speaking, if you had the unlimited plan before they did away with it, they cannot take it away from you as long as you keep renewing the same contract...if you went from a phone to a tablet, that would cost you your unlimited data...but going from phone to phone will allow you to keep your unlimited data plan. between the 4 lines we have, we've upgraded probably 4 times since they've done away with the unlimited data plan, and we still have unlimited data

      • http://www.liamspradlin.com Liam Spradlin

        If you check the email link in the post above, there's a note indicating that customers with unlimited data packages can keep them after upgrading.

    • chris

      My gf just talked to Verizon and said that this isn't true and that its fake lol. She said no one has a clue to what she is talking about

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Considering it's a highly limited email-only offer, it's not surprising they had no clue about it. I'm sure VZW wanted to keep it on the dl.

  • joel mansfield

    This only applies to a very small subset of Verizon's existing customers. Online chat rep at VZW had no idea about the deal, but was quick to tell me that I didn't qualify.

  • Luis

    Good question Tom. I was thinking the same thing.


    I too just asked a Verizon employee about this over the chat. It does exist. I was asked if I saw the promotion pop-up upon log-in, but I couldn't lie and say I did. Although she too couldn't read, because I clearly was asking her about the promotion cuz I saw it on this site haha.

  • downtownjeff

    I got the email and tried the link for the Nexus. Still gave me the full retail price. So I webchated (?) with a rep and was told to call customer service and they would give me the free phone. (And yes, I have the transcript which she said it)

    So I called customer service. While I was not directly called a liar, it was heavily implied. She stated that she can see all the emails Verizon has sent me. I gave her all the links and information she asked for but was very rude and talked over me when I tried to ask her more questions.

    So I went back to the webchat. This time I was told that they are aware for the email and the only valid one were sent to customers in the south. No explanation on why I got one (email) and was told this has gone viral on the net so no. So I asked if I should get the first cs rep to buy me one since she told me I could get it from cs. Her answer was yes, I should try to contact them. She also suggested that I could call cs again and may get a different answer.

    So that is my experience.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Could you post a picture of the email?

  • Jays2Kings

    The source seems to lead to an Adobe article about Air.

    • http://www.liamspradlin.com Liam Spradlin

      Pasted the wrong link, it should work now!

  • Jkdjedi

    It's probably free to the costumers who are paying the big time Verizon bills, like at least $300 a month in service costs is what I'm thinking. No way Verizon is gonna GIVE you a top notch phone.

  • Mohmoh

    Worked for me, walked into a store and the rep was so confused and busy he gave me a free razor. Sad its only 16 GB :( Still free is Free :) Just wish nexus wasn't sold out.

  • timbo

    This is 100% real. Just got my phone. Called the number in the email. Rep told me it was real. Still hesitant. Went into version store. Rep was amazed and didn't believe me at first. Gave him my mobile number and the promo popped up on his screen. Told me to pick out any phone I wanted. Picked the razr maxx. Arrived today. Receipt shows $650 cost minus $650 promo. Didn't pay a cent

  • Jeff Brown

    Update to my previous post.

    I got a hold of Valerie Scheel in Dublin, OH. I explained the situation. I had both transcripts from my web chats and the email I received handy. I was asked to fax them but explained I don't have access to a fax machine so I was given the reps email at VZW. I got everything forwarded. I got a call yesterday from Melissa L., Ms. Scheel's supervisor. I was told that even though I had gotten an email and proof that both Kelly, East Coast Office, and Zia, Omaha office, that I should get the free phone I was told no. When Melissa accessed my email she said it did not link to the proper page. I went back into my email, VZW had changed the link, or where the link went I guess. Melissa then went on to tell me at great length how people were scamming the company and how they have to stop this kind of behavior. So I asked if she thought I was lying. And I quote"Well Mr. Brown, I can't say that and expect to keep my job." I told her I would call her back after I cooled down.

    After an hour cool down, I tried to get a hold of either Melissa or Valerie. Now now one has heard of either one. I tried to email Valerie but now I get a Delivery Status Notification saying my email client cannot find the above address.

    So here's to you Verizon Wireless. Thanks for:
    Calling me a liar despite my proofs
    Changing link targets so it appears I am lying
    Hiding within your phone fortress
    Having reps tell you they will honor it only to be redirected to a No You Can't person.
    Blocking communications between customers and corporate

    I will add this. It would be different if I didn't actually get the email in my inbox. The same inbox that my Thank You For Your Payment emails come to from VZW.

    The $75.00 to file a Conciliation Court case doesn't seem like that much if I add up ETF, loss of unlimited data, full retail price of the phone, remaining months of contract, and court costs. See your lawyers in court.....

  • eddie

    I got a call today and they gave me a free razr maxx if i upgrade from my droid x and i got to keep my unlimited data plan and my upgrade isnt suppose to be untill nov of this yr

  • Anthony

    I had something similar to this, but mine was a $100 off offer and an early upgrade (my upgrade date wasn't for another 4 months at this point).  I called customer service to make sure it was legit.  The lady I spoke to said that they were offering it to people who used "higher than normal" amounts of data, which made sense because I was the only one on the account that the offer was available to. (I use about 4-5GB a month, the other 3 members of my family use 1-2 a month).  She said they want to start unloading the 3G network and get people like me on LTE because "It provides a better experience for everyone."  I went to the store later that day and the person I dealt with had to get the manager to put the order through. But it was no hassle at all and I walked out with a brand new Droid 4 and a $50 accessory bundle for $120.

    And yes, I still got to keep my unlimited data plan... and I feel bad now because my data usage is up to 9-10GB a month now.  It's just so easy to blow through tons of data when it's 20 times faster than what you're used to