What good is four-to-five cores if you're not going to crank out some high-quality games to go along with it? That's the question NVIDIA had to ask itself. Thankfully, we're getting the answer in the form of some brand new quad-core-optimized games coming to the Tegra Zone. Perhaps the most recognizable name on the list is Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

In a follow up to Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I, available on the Market now, the sequel is bringing a new set of effects and updated graphics to the classic console games. NVIDIA says the new game will run on Tegra 3 devices cranking out up to 720p HD resolution.

Additionally, the game will bring back Tails, fulfilling his usual sidekick role alongside his big blue buddy. True to the original Genesis version of the game, you can even play a co-op mode with a friend controlling Tails. Episode I was already a fun game, so we're looking forward to seeing this new version and arguing with our friends who gets to be Sonic and who has to be the immortal sidekick.


Golden Arrow

golden arrow

Arriving for the first time on Tegra 3 devices, Golden Arrow is an action adventure game. We're promised "higher-resolution textures, high dynamic range lighting, soft shadows" along with "lens flares, explosions, and fires galore." Yup, this description was definitely written by NVIDIA. Still, if there's any Michel Bay fans out there who are looking to get the same thrill from their mobile gaming, NVIDIA is coming for you.

Dark Kingdom

Transporting from the PS3 to the mobile gaming circuit is Dark Kingdom, a role-playing game. In the game, the player is trying to find the his missing father at the tower of the gods. You collect spirit and rune stones to upgrade weapons, armor and skills. It's no Skyrim, but the world looks pretty fascinating. If you're looking for some more graphics processing buzzwords, this game even advertises some rag-doll physics. Fancy!


Built on the Unreal Engine, Eden to GREEEEN pits you "against alien machines from another planet" (so we can conclude "alien" doesn't mean "immigrant" here) who are trying to steal Eden's natural resources. It's up to you to save Euphoria, the natural energy of Eden. This totally original story comes with the descriptor "freemium", so we can probably count on some sort of in-app purchases, but NVIDIA promises Eden to GREEEEN won't "skimp on the gaming experience." Fingers crossed.

Hamilton's Great Adventure

The last of the new games NVIDIA is announcing for their Tegra 3 devices, Hamilton's Great Adventure is a strategy/puzzle game that actually seems mildly reminiscent of some of the newer 3D Super Mario games. NVIDIA even claims that the "fully dynamic levels" will "rival what you'd experience on the PC version of the game." The game has been adapted from Bitsquid's DirectX 11 engine.

The Tegra Zone app is always adding new games, but it's nice to get a peek behind the curtain and see all the work that's being done to bring large-scale PC and platform games to Android. As a platform, Android has the potential to turn into a really solid gaming system, if only developers will support it. NVIDIA is doing its part to ensure that developers make their way over to the Google garden. I, for one, couldn't be happier about this trend.

Source: NVIDIA

Eric Ravenscraft
Eric is a snarky technophile with a taste for the unusual. When he's not obsessing about Android, you can usually find him obsessing about movies, psychology, or the perfect energy drink. Eric weaves his own special blend of snark, satire, and comedy into all his articles.

  • Aldo

    Dark Kingdom love role playing games

  • JT2

    Sonic looks awesome.

  • monty

    "Hamilton's Great Adventure" looks the best out of the 5. i chose it as my favorite because its kind of similar to my favorite game "uncharted" because of the puzzle like features and it also reminds me of "Mario" because of all the jumping around and the gold coins

  • Martin

    I say dark kingdom. Androids already got enough puzzle and jump n run platform games. I want to see something more challenging that also pleases the eye. The dark kingdom just looks like that!

  • Trickwood23

    Sonic looks awesome with bringing back the classic with better graphics and speed quality and the sounds are so clear with the ring collecting and all the different kinds of levels

  • Alex Sliment

    The Golden Arrow looks like it is going to have great graphics

  • Mario D.

    Sonic FTW! This game is fun for kids of all ages. You're never to old to play!

  • Jesus C.

    I would have to choose Sonic! It brings back memories of playing on Sega. With this tablet it would be awesome!

  • Andrew D

    Would love to win.

    Golden Arrow or Sonic 4 would be my choice!

  • Michael

    Love.to play Dark knight on my new Asus tablet.

  • Zed

    Dark Kingdom cause its got growly monsters and swords

  • Nate

    I think Dark Kingdom looks good. My kinda game.

  • keith comfort

    Sonic looked the most fun.

  • David G

    Sonic 4 because of the "Comic Mischief" in the ratings description, but Hamilton's Great Adventure looks to be challenging, so it would be the game I'm most looking forward to see. A top of line Prime would be sweet!

  • http://www.cellphonejoe.com Joseph Portillo

    Without a doubt, Sonic, because it is a vivid reminder of my childhood. As a broke college student it would be nice to have a blast from the past and be able to relive my childhhod happiness through the game.

    • http://www.cellphonejoe.com Joseph Portillo

      Corretcion: *childhood

      • http://www.cellphonejoe.com Joseph Portillo

        Correction: *correction

  • Jasen Green

    I like the sound of golden arrow. I have recently really started to love action adventure games but don't get time to play at home much on my console so once I can't wait to get a tegra 3 device so I can play on the go!

  • Wing Tan

    A quad core processor on an android tablet would be awesome for gaming and for general web browsing. Looking forward, especially, to the upcoming Eden to GREEEEN game.

  • Jasen Green

    I have to vote for Golden Arrow, I've recently gotten hooked on action adventure games and this looks right up my alley. Now I just need the device to play it on.

  • josh

    Can't wait for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II! Old school fun with a new look in the palm of your hands. Literally! Woohoo!

  • phillymatt

    Sonic looks awesome! I hope they will do an episode 3 as well

  • Jeff Lynch

    Dark Kingdom, rpg time, inerested to see how good the port is from PS3

  • D.

    I'm looking forward to Dark Kingdom. It looks like a great RPG!

  • Sean

    Dark Kingdom because the graphics are very good and shows the potential that tegra 3 has in the mobile market

  • justin

    This isn't even a contest! Sonic is the best simply because it reminds of being 10 years old again. Plus he's much faster than Mario!

  • Zechariah Allison

    It's totally sonic! It is just an all time favorite. Don't get me wrong dungeons and magic and hack and slash is awesome but side scroll sonic hasn't been seen in a very long time. So totally vote sonic!

  • Frank

    I will have to go with Sonic, since I grew up playing it!

  • Yurniwati

    I think "Eden to GREEEEN" is the best, because the truck looks like real. And the flower very unique. Great game!

  • Hardik

    I like Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II because of all HD graphics it looks awesome.

  • Mikel Smith

    Dark Kingdom looks like a great Game

  • Yurniwati

    I like Eden to GREEEEN very much. The truck looks real and clourfull. It is very challenging

  • Jon

    Dark Kingdom. Looks really impressive graphically and it would be great to have a high quality action-RPG like this on a portable device. Loot collecting anywhere, anytime might become an addiction.

  • Mohammed

    Hamiltons Great Adventure, It shows that mobile gaming is catching up to the Consoles!

  • Hub

    Sweet..... Giggidy....

  • Gollum

    Dark Kingdom. Hack and slash role playing games is the way to go!

  • Jay

    My pick is Dark Kingdom. It looks like a detailed and well put together dungeon crawler.

  • http://www.twitter.com/clayfell Clayfell Harris

    Sonic 4 episode 2 looks amazing. Bringing a classic back on a portable device has me so excited. Its crazy how a side scrolling game can be transformed and turned into a graphical masterpiece. Definitely the most excited about this game!

  • Michael Staley

    Dark kingdoms The would be my choice. I picked it because I love rpg's and this one brings alot of old and news concepts together. I can't wait to get my hands on this title in my eyes it looks to be the best when it hits GooglePlay.

  • Tyler

    Even though the series hasn't been very good in recent years, I'm gonna say that I'm looking forward to Sonic the most.

  • Michael Staley

    Typo: Dark Kingdoms THD

  • Mark

    Sonic looks insane. Loved it on the Sega Genesis back in the day, can't wait to play it on a capable android device.

  • DLA

    Dark Kingdoms THD looks awesome, if I had to pick if definitely has to be that one.

  • Gordon French

    My choice is Hamilton's Great Adventure.
    I think that strategy is more fun than action.

  • Anthony Vecchio

    They all look very good. Especially Sonic. Very clean looking. Then again with a Tegra 3 chipset it's hard not to look good!

  • Zach Powell

    Sonic 4... Classic game re-made great..

  • Zach

    Sonic 4... Classic game remade great..

  • Francisco ruiz

    Sonic 4 and with the quad core chip set the game will run tremendously well/smooth.

  • chuong ton

    I liked Sonic the Hedgehog 4. looks nice!

  • Marty

    Eden Greeeeeeeeeen!

  • Storey R

    Dark Kingdom looks pretty damn awesome! :D Can't wait to play some of these!

  • Max

    Eden to GREEEEN seems to be the most original game

  • Wilhelm

    Dark Kingdom :)

  • Anshul

    Sonic is my choice as it seems to be the game with maximum fun quotient and I love the character too.Would love to play it on the Transformer Prime.

  • Anshul

    Sonic is my choice as it seems to be the game with the maximum fun quotient and I love the character too.Would love to play it on the Transformer Prime.

  • Alex

    Definitely Sonic because it's a classic!

  • Cosmin Bontas

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
    Old school baby...old school :D

  • Niraj Bardia

    Hedgehog 4...game play looks amazing..Wish to try few of these though..! :D

  • Hector Acevedo

    Dark Kingdom looks sick!!!

  • Niteize

    Sonic the Hedgehog, takes me back to the Sega Mega Drive!!

  • ShanShan

    Lets go Sonic, Lets go!

  • Ilkka Nieminen

    Sonic is the one i choose...

  • Chad

    My 32 gb prime is full, along with a few microsd cards so I need this 64 gb!

  • chonater

    Love to have the transformer prime, playing sonic will bring a great blast from the past.

  • Andrey

    Just by now I realize how great the Android games development has become. I'm not that real gamer but the performance of Tegra 3 already made me get rid of old good Asus laptop in order to buy the Prime which is unfortunately still not been selling in my country. Patiently waiting...

  • Andrew

    Gonna have to go with Hamilton's Great Adventure. As someone else mentioned, it has a little bit of Mario mixed with Uncharted, and frankly, it just looks fun to play.

    I've been looking to get a tablet soon, but if I can save a few hundred and just win one instead, that'd be awesome!

  • Shawn

    Sonic and Golden Arrow for sure. Got to love Transformers and Nvidia. :-D

  • doris

    oo sonic is exciting, cannot wait to play it again

  • Nicola

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II, the choise of a good old gamer ehehe :-)

  • Nicki

    Sonic is definitely the one. Brings back memories of Sega Mega Drive... only with massively better graphics!!! :-)

  • Theo

    Golden Arrow looks awesome! Great graphics and animation.

  • Svippy

    Hamilton's Great Adventure. A laid-back and cerebral experience with a nice Slab Age / Nebulus vibe on the one hand; and great visuals on the other. What's not to like?

  • Rafael Gómez

    I am a very fan of rpg games like wow, tibia, runescape, ... and I think that Dark Kingdom is the best game there. Look at this awesome graphics of monsters (like the scorpion boss), the fully customizable armor of the protagonist (with spikes :D) and that familiar sound of rpg games. Personally I would buy it without thinking twice :D.

  • Caleb Wright

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II is a highly polished version of the sonic I used to play. I would recommend it to anyone

  • Ron Farrow

    I will love Hamiltons great adventure! Looks like a fantastic platformer with plenty of puzzles. The graphics and story line look fun as well. Good stuff.

  • Patrick

    I would love to play Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 because it was a childhood game.

  • Tim Thomas

    I Like Hamilton's Great Adventure. Cant wait to play it on the new Asus Transformer Prime That I won! (Hint Hint). :0


    Sonic is my choose.Classic game:)

  • Antinne

    I'm fairly sure I will ultimately get all of these games, but I enjoyed Dark Kingdom the most. I'm a RPGer so this is a no-brainer and this looks to have a dungeon crawling element that is a definite plus. And I still can't believe how smoothly these games run on a tablet. It's a new, viable source of "gaming-on-the-go".

    I was skeptical. Now I believe. lol

  • Kikoo

    I choose: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II - Classics, fast and fun to play !

  • Andrei S

    I would chose Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II because it reminds me of my younger days when I played Sonic on a rusty PC! Thanks!

  • Niko

    I vote Dark Kingdoms because it looks to be a awesome looking rpg and I am a sucker for a good rpg. Also the graphics look great which always helps.

  • Braun

    Dark kingdoms ftw. We need longer games to prove this platform is a major contender for future titles

  • sedjal

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II : because I've been playing this game since my young age and I saw evolve among the years...I simply love this game :D

  • Sebastian

    I'd love to play sonic the hedgehog 4, it looks very classy and reminds me of awesome childhood times =)

  • Lori Schroeder

    I would choose Sonic the Hedgehog 4 because it reminds me of the days playing video games as a kid.

  • john

    Sonic. Always fun. Classic

  • Tarzan

    Would choose Sonic the Hedgehog 4. A classic from "back in the days". Great fun :)
    Btw: pick me!! :D

  • Sean S

    sonic the hedgehog 4 because it was a fun game to play when i was little and now a mobile platform has a full working version of it

  • ylh

    I'm torn. Hamilton's Great Adventure has a nice Indiana Jones vibe. But Golden Arrow has lens flares! Lens flares!

  • Sean S

    sonic the hedgehog 4 because it was a fun and amazing game to play when i was younger and now a mobile platform has a full working version of it that looks pretty wicked

  • Craig

    Dark Kingdom, love RPG type games!

  • Travis

    Definitely Sonic!

  • Travis

    ...Sonic because it's always a blast and I think it will look and play great on a tab.

  • Eric

    Hamiltons great adventure is my choice.

    love the adventure and solving puzzles

  • Robert Rodriguez

    Sonicthe Hedgehog 4: Episode II

    Doesn't matter where you leave off can always come back and still make sense of it

  • Marc

    All the games look interesting, but...it's got to be Sonic.

  • Rui

    Sonic man.. was there any ever any doubt

  • curtis rasmussen

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
    because i dont want to play a full role playing game while at work

  • Jolley

    Dark Kingdom - The animations looks superb and who doesn't love Diablo type Games right?

  • Tom Tucker

    gotta run with the classics and get Sonic!!

  • Svein

    Definitely Sonic - have memories of many happy hours spent playing Sonic 1 - 3 on the Megadrive!

  • Rick van Vliet

    Golden Arrow looks really cool on the image very cool graphics

  • http://www.thebkupdate.com Bryan Kesler

    Sonic the Hedgehog!!

  • AJ

    Hamilton's Great Adventure.

    I wanted to go with Sonic at first, but I already have a lot of Sonic games. The EP II graphics do look amazing though. Hamilton's looks like something new, but familiar at the same time so it appealed a little more to me.

  • virgopunk

    In a world of hyperfast gaming I look for the less obvious for my thrills. Hamilton's Great Adventure looks like the sort of game you can sink into your sofa and lose and afternoon with!

  • Vlado

    My favourite is defintelly Hamilton's Great Adventure.

  • Outlaw

    It's between Hamilton's Great Adventure and Sonic the Hedgehog. The graphics look awesome on both of them. I really like how the puzzles are set up in Great Adventure (although I did grow up with Sonic games :D)

  • Clinton Mikel

    I vote for Sonic the Hedgehog!

  • Matt K

    Hard to choose just one game, I like Sonic because of the old days but I think that I would play Golden Arrow a lot on this thing.

  • Rafay A.

    I can't wait to get my hands busy with the new asus tablet. I guess the game I would choose would be sonic because I am a big fan of the sonice series and the adventure is kinda fun to play.

  • Dale

    Sonic.. We used to play it as a family and its was fun. Hamilton's Great Adventure sounds looks an sounds interesting.

  • N.Daly

    Dark Kingdom looks like fun

  • Marco

    Dark Kingdom! Have always loved RPGs in the line of Baldur's Gate, Diablo, Torchwood, etc.

  • Radosław

    Hamilton's Great Adventure
    I think that this game will be good for me- cause i like mario games:)

  • Bruno

    Dark Kingdom looks awesome, RPG are the best ones!

  • Kevin

    I'm going to go with Sonic. Awesome graphics! Great job!

  • jan

    Dark Kingdom, because I love those kind of game and graphic looks cool!

  • Edub

    Ill take the arcade classic Sonic from this batch of games. The game reminds me of my youth, seems like i can spends hours a day playing.

  • Ryan B

    Sonic, without reservation. Despite my bias towards most of Nintendo's proprietary characters from my childhood, Sonic has really grown on me over the last few years. I think it would be pretty darn sweet to rock Sonic on a tablet.

  • Nathan Timbrell

    Obviously sonic the hedgehog 4. Being able to play co op and as tails, what more could you want?

  • Eron Strong

    The Sonic Game-play looks great. The graphics look sharp. The Co-op option will surely enhance the game-play!

  • http://mitramed.eu KeisiM

    Dark Kingdom. There's no such thing as too many good RPGs... ;)

  • Danny

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2, definitely.

    Why? Because of the nostalgia. It's that simple.

  • Nader

    Sonic.. just looks sweet and reminds me of my childhood playing sonic games

  • http://raptorshoops.com Regnard Raquedan

    Sonic! Game looks good!

  • Bo Lee

    I have to say that Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II is what I am most excited about. Out of all the games it may not have the best graphics, but I've always liked Sonic and this looks fun to play.

  • iliyan iliev

    They all look nice, but Dark Kingdom is my favorite.

  • RajivK

    I'd go for Sonic. It's just one of those games that I always wanted to play as a kid but never could because I went the Nintendo route.

  • Alcantar

    Even most of the games where considerable good on graphic and design, I would say Sonic Hedgehog 4: Episode II. It never get's old even on a Transformer Prime, Thank's ASUS you are and Inspiration!

  • Knicerton

    Sonic The hedgehog 4 hands down the best of the 5. Sonic is fun and looks great, I am excited about the 720p as well. These are the games I grew up on.

  • timand

    I am choosing Hamilton's Great Adventure because this is the type of game that I like to play.

  • PR

    Sonic looks the coolest as it is a childhood game redone

  • forvins

    Sonic for sure!!
    Brings back old sweet memories, and you are never too old to play. Would love to experience this on the latest tablets!.

  • http://susurration.net Zack Matthews

    Definitely Sonic. Brings back some huge nostalgia. I had some of the best times of my life as a child playing sega on the dream cast. Undoubtedly one of the most recognizable and quality brands in gaming.

  • Vishwanath

    Love Sonic, awesome graphics to realize the potential of Quad Core.

  • klehman215

    Golden Arrow, love fantasy hack-N-Slash.

  • Paxton w.

    Eden to green looks very cool and enjoyable with it's good graphics

  • Jan S.

    Dark Kingdom - I'm not a player but its graphics seems to be very attractive !

  • JamesRamone

    Sonic, because it looks pretty awesome and fun.

  • Joseph

    Old school Sonic looks like the way to go. The family friendly rating means I would enjoy it and it would drive my 13 yo nephew crazy because there isn't enough blood.

  • Alex

    Definitely SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 4 ! I am pretty confident that the Tegra 3 will make this game POP ! Look forward to playing it.

  • Connor

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II because Sonic is my favourite gave character of all time.

  • Mosharaf C

    Dark Kingdom for me.

  • Carlos

    Loving Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II its like my Sega Genesis arose from the grave with a new sonic game and better graphics

  • CD

    Dark Kingdom looks challenging. (Okay now please hook a brother up on the Asus)

  • Kevin

    Hamilton's Great Adventure looks sweeeet!

    Love the environment.


    Sonic looks Cool Havent played it in a loooong time.

  • Ashun

    Golden Arrow All The Way

  • Ashun

    Golden Arrow Rocks Cant wait to play

  • Wink

    Wow...it's hard to choose. Hamilton's Great Adventure looks fun, but Dark Kingdom looks like one of those games that would help relieve my stress ;)

  • rufflez

    I'm a huge sonic nerd from way back when I used my GameGear in the back of the minivan. The other options look sweet, but I know I'd buy the Sonic Game. Already beat Episode I