While at the Google booth earlier today, ASUS was kind enough to let us take a look at the upcoming Transformer Pad Infinity (basically, a beefed up TF Prime), albeit a version we had not yet seen.

The TF700KG is likely going to be a Europe-only device (unless it were to be picked up by a major carrier here in the US), as it has a 4G LTE SIM slot on it, and runs on a Qualcomm S4 MSM8960 dual-core processor. The Infinity also has a 1920x1200 IPS display, significantly higher than the resolution of the Prime. However, one of the biggest changes many people noted that would be coming to the new-and-improved Transformer was the antenna window. The Transformer Prime, if you haven't heard, has nearly unusable GPS because of its aluminum unibody design. The Transformer Infinity, however, has a plastic "window" along the top of the device that allows mobile data and GPS signals through more easily. Take a look:


wm_IMG_0061 wm_IMG_0062 wm_IMG_0063

Original TF Prime is on the right in the second photo from the left

A Tegra 3 Wi-Fi version is also known to exist, but this TF700KG will likely be the only version of the Infinity with a mobile data connection. The device's pricing and release date remain unknown. To learn a bit more, check out our hands-on video, below:

David Ruddock
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  • Lon Lawrence

    screw Asus and their junk Prime and their new dual-core piece of crap/Prime replacement. (Oh, I forgot "this is not going to replace the Prime".... BS... you are not going to keep making a crippled tablet with non-working GPS... it's an orphan already)

    • Memo Landos

      LMAO is the truth tho.!!

    • musicalbox11

      this their new dual-core piece of crap/Prime replacement is wiping the floor with quad-core Tegra3 heavily - head to Anand and educate yourself...

      better battery life, performance, fullHD + 3G/4G connectivity with working GPS and stable 3.x kernel (not hit-and-try Tegra3 we-can't-get-it-to-work one)?

      a very high standard to beat - do you hear me iPad3? :)

  • Marc_Ant1

    Kind of funny when the guy said: "In theory the GPS should work"

    I own a TF201 and I didn't even tried the GPS for the simple reason that I down need it on a tablet.

    At least with more similar product we may have a better case choice!

  • SteveDoes

    Wait a minute. I've been waiting for this since the last one had so much trouble. Now your telling me it isn't even coming to the states? BS!

    • Graham

      Pretty sure they're talking about the LTE version being Europe only, not the Tegra 3 wi-fi version.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii


  • Mr. Mark

    They could just, you know, not use Aluminum?

    • Omar

      The Transformer Pad 300 Series is for you xD

  • sliddjur

    So, how does this processor measure against the tegra 3? Gaming wise.

    Do you think there will be any differences in battery life?

    I have been waiting on a transformer tablet with 3g/4g so long! When is this going to be on sale? (Europe)

    • Eggcake

      Head to anandtech to find out. Pretty equal in my opinion, significantly better on the CPU side, a little bit worse on the GPU side.

  • horstos

    If only they would put in some STEREO speakers...
    This is hilarious for a multimedia device imho.

  • Prime ex-owner.

    Since the Transformer Prime fiasco, I am fleewing away from any Tegra 3 device.

    And now Tegra3 is already outdated by Qualcomm, and soon Texas Instruments, Samsung ... and Apple.

    • Ryan S

      It looks like NVidia just cant seem to keep up in the mobile space. The Tegra2 had some shortcomings that couldnt really be fixed (primarily decoding and acceleration) and I thought they had it sorted with the Tegra3 but it looks like the quad core isnt really getting you much over a well setup dual core at this point.

  • L boogie

    And Asus has been setting the standard for tablets lately until the prime mess. I was ready to go to infinity and beyond with this and Asus is almost there.Oh well, lets see what happens when the final product rolls out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ModernRussticHomes Joe Folsom

    I have a Samsung Pad & a Droid X phone on Verizon in the states. It is time for me to upgrade and I am thinking of consolidating to a single device and have been doing research. Really like the specs for the Asus Infinity 700 but Verizon (or any other carrier in the USA for that matter ) is not carrying it. I have two questions. Been thinking of getting the 700 and using it on WiFi AND on a Verizon enabled hotspot card (Verizon Jetpack™ 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi® 4620L) AND voice enabling the 700 with Skype or some other VOIP solution. I know this means I carry a card in my pocket and the pad in my hand....but sounds like it will work fine. I want to stay with Verizon and just want the most robust pad available and Verizon Wireless only supports the ZYBoard that would be any thing close to the 700 (DROID XYBOARD 10.1 by MOTOROLA 64GB).
    Is this a good solution & will the 700 support Skype and/or other VOIP well enough to replace my Droix X Phone? Your thoughts?