We're not exactly sure why, but LG has developed a gigantic new device called the Optimus Vu. And while the growing market for "mega-phones" seems to be getting more and more crowded every day, we have to say, LG's takes the cake for ridiculousness. The Vu's 5-inch display may not be absurdly large, but it is absurdly shaped. A 4:3 1024x768 (think CRT, Windows 98, etc.) display on the device makes it ridiculously wide, and also very oddly proportioned. I tend to think this is yet another device that will end up with 3rd-party app compatibility issues due to its unique resolution - something Kyocera Echo owners can probably... echo.


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But overall, it's not too bad to use in terms of performance. While it is packing Gingerbread and LG's god-awful UI overlay, it runs relatively smoothly, and in our short time with it we found it to be glitch-free. Considering LG's past Android phones, this is a marked improvement. Still, there's also not a lot of reason to love this phone, either. LG has tried to jump on the Note bandwagon with a stylus accessory, but it's one of those silicone-tipped ordeals that's not particular sensitive or accurate.LTE connectivity is on-board, so we halfway expect a Verizon version to be in the works, but that's obviously not something we could confirm.

Really, I look at this phone and see a concept more than a product. An interesting idea, perhaps, but something I would ever consider buying? Probably not. Check out our hands-on, below:

David Ruddock
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  • Marcus

    Everybody keeps comparing the resolution and aspect ratio with CRT and Windows 98, but don't forget that it has the same aspect ratio and resolution as the iPad.

    Maybe that's a clue to LG's choice of screen.

  • Michael

    Verizon, don't pick up this shit, please get the "journal" so you can take my money

    • Jon Garrett


      I got my note on day one and its fantastic !!